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The endemic, constant and concerted crimes of Rogue State USA

By Stanley Collymore

What business is it really of Rogue State USA’s even if President Kim Jong-Un of North Korea’s half-brother was allegedly assassinated and in some place well out of the lawful sphere of Rogue State USA’s legal or social jurisdiction.

And this justifiably and morally said, although as we all know Rogue State USA’s rulers dementedly and delusionally arrogate to themselves the sole right to run the entire world and so think that their borders and jurisdiction are limitless and global in dimension.

But sensibly and intelligently putting aside that obtuse nonsense on their part it is a bit rich coming from these rank hypocrites and blatant purveyors of rampant double standards in Rogue State USA to ridiculously jump full speed and self-righteously onto their purposefully and contrived sanctimonious bandwagon of moral censure.

For not only has Rogue State USA from its colonial days – genocide of the indigenous North American Indians and Black Slavery included – to its genesis as a supposed “civilized” country has invariably been one of a rogue entity, as the well-documented accounts of its massive form in every conceivable manner of illegality clearly shows.

A situation that’s still ongoing in the 21st Century by the way. And here’s a tiny snapshot of some of them: Malevolent false flag operations, illegal regime changes in multiple countries globally, illicit invasion wars and the creation of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

And all this combined with the routine assassination of legitimate overseas heads of state. Among them Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, Salvador Allende of Chile, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and at home their own President John F. Kennedy, as well as prominent figures like his brother Bobby Kennedy and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King.

And what well-informed person can possibly forget the world record-breaking assassination attempts by successive Rogue State USA regimes on the life of the now late President Fidel Castro of Cuba?

Then there was the blowing up at the specific behest of Rogue State USA’s CIA of Cubana Airlines Flight 455, murdering the 73 civilians and crew on board, also Rogue State USA’s warship the USS Vincennes intentional downing of the Iran Air Flight 655 causing the deaths of all the 290 passengers and crew on board that airliner.

Both planes were scheduled civilian and commercial flights, something that was well-known to the perpetrators of these cowardly, dastardly and murderous acts.

Furthermore, in the case of the downed Iranian plane the Vincennes was illegally operating in Iranian territorial waters when it purposely shot that plane down. And even more sickeningly the Vincennes’ captain together with his entire ship’s crew were subsequently decorated by Rogue State USA for their “bravery”.

And this miniature snapshot I’ve presented is indicative on a much larger scale of the kinds of horrendous savageries, and far worse, which are replete throughout the widespread genocidal, slave-encrusted and deeply ingrained, barbarous history of Rogue State USA, that simply gets more evil by the day.

So to sickeningly observe Rogue State USA frenziedly and sanctimoniously jumping onto its disingenuous and deceitful “moral” bandwagon purportedly over the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother is absolutely ridiculous were it not so serious-minded a matter as well as pathetically stomach-churning.

For throughout its brutal existence and specifically so in recent times Rogue State USA has evilly, malignly and intentionally murdered more innocent people, fought more continuous wars and engaged in far more terrorist activities than any other country.

What’s more, it has never apologized for these barbarities of its own which it has callously inflicted on others and therefore heartlessly, haughtily and egotistically heavily relies on its bullying expertise, induced fear in others and its routine employment of sheer brute force to ruthlessly cow other global leaders and countries into meekly and sycophantically doing its bidding. And so far these attitudes have worked admirably for Rogue State USA.

And so to watch a lowlife, German Nazi émigré descendant, established racist and KKK aficionado president of Rogue State USA gratuitously impose more useless sanctions on North Korea because this Rogue State USA moron thinks the Korean President had his half-brother killed, is stupidity of the highest order and rank hypocrisy to boot.

And other than a grandstanding gesture, however pointless, that we all know Donald Drumpf is keenly fond of, the only other logical explanation that comes to mind is this one I’m about to espouse here.

Plausibly that this jerk half-brother of Kim Jong-Un was a treacherous “Useful Idiot” spy for Rogue State USA and an informant on his own country who either got his just comeuppance or else from Rogue State USA’s perspective had become superfluous to requirements.

And what better way to kill two birds with the same stone! Eliminate the “Useful Idiot” spy and then both publicly and in the most vituperative and propagandistic terms possible milk the lying version of Kim Jong-nam’s death – assassination or call it what you will – for all it’s worth.

Now here’s a rather generally unknown but all the same a very important segment of history for you to reflectively cogitate on that’s pertinently relative to what has become Rogue State USA. The American Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and signed by the 13 original colonies which formed the United States of America in 1776 was largely inspired, plagiarized and drafted from Barbados’ own Treaty of Oistins.

Signed in "Ye Mermaid's Inn in Oistins, Barbados, and what was to become my cherished ancestral homeland, on the 11th January 1652, and clearly before any of these later American colonies ever existed, the Treaty of Oistins was a unique article of agreement between Oliver Cromwell and Barbados, settled by the English, and I reiterate English as there was no United Kingdom or Great Britain then and Barbados was England's richest and sole colony in the Caribbean region, apart from the island of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean, and significantly as well a self-governing colony - the Barbados Parliament having been established in 1639 a mere 12 years after the English colony of Barbados was established in 1627, and furthermore has uninterruptedly been in continuous existence ever since then, making it the second oldest ongoing parliament in the world other than the House of Commons located in London, England.

Moreover, this Oistins Treaty was subsequently acknowledged as the Charter of Barbados by the English Parliament, ending the civil war between Barbadian Royalists and Parliamentary forces.

Incidentally, George Washington, the generally acknowledged, future first US President visited Barbados, even then a renowned medical destination, in 1751, aged 19 years, with his ailing half-brother, Lawrence Washington for medical treatment and with the two of them spending some considerable time on the island, the only place outside mainland America that either of them ever visited.

George Washington would later publicly laud the excellent treatment that not only his brother but he himself received while in Barbados, stating that his immunization against smallpox in Barbados later saved his life during his military campaigns in America against the British at a time when significant numbers of his comrades-in-arms were terminally struck down by this devastating smallpox disease.

The house where George Washington and his brother Lawrence stayed while they were in Barbados has for some time now been an official national Barbados monument and additionally in 2011 it was designated an official UNESCO protected property within the World Heritage Site which comprises Historic Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital and its adjacent Garrison Savannah area, the previous and as well the permanent home for a number of centuries of the very eminent British West India Regiment – nothing whatsoever to do with the Indian sub-continent – but immediately on the accomplishment of Barbados’ acquiring its independence on the 30 November 1966 became the garrison home of the Royal Barbados Defence Force.

And it was principally and undoubtedly with him living in the vicinity of the Garrison Savannah that the teenager George Washington having become acutely aware of how the island colony of Barbados had successfully and militarily defied England and compelled Oliver Cromwell to sign the Treaty of Oistins that officially guaranteed Barbados' self-governance actually developed his own revolutionary predispositions relative to the North American colonies and what was now Great Britain. Hence, too, the unsurprising plagiarism of Barbados’ own Treaty of Oistins in relation to the US’ Declaration of Independence. And all this correspondingly with the full acknowledgement of the role that ironically monarchist Barbados had none the less, in a most principled fashion, significantly assisted those 13 North American colonies in acquiring their independence from Britain.

None of this incontestably factual, contemporaneously well-documented and also correspondingly previously outlined by me information, I'm absolutely sure, will the overwhelming majority of you out there ever come across in your definitive white history books of whatever category, irrespective of them being the “standard” variety or more usually the revisionist type. Nor, and I’ll happily stake my life on this, was or would in any normal circumstance be taught in your white schools - whether these were privately owned and exclusively administered or otherwise completely state controlled - and in every other circumstance as well consisted of colleges, institutions of further education; extra-curricular educational studies’ centres or at university level whether these studies were designed for and accordingly taught to either undergraduate or postgraduate students. And the explanation for this is quite clear-cut.

For in the endemic and perverse delusional minds of most whites and quite particularly so those of politicians, policy-makers, imperialists of whatever category, gender or social orientation and most categorically so-called white “educationalists”, nothing is of any relevance to humanity and whites themselves specifically unless in the sick perceptions of most whites it was either first thought of by whites themselves or crucially it was their race they unquestioningly assumed that “first” invented or else discovered whatever it was regardless of the intentionally lying, dishonestly misinformed or the completely implausible likelihood of anything of the sort being initially let alone exclusively having been occasioned on the part of whites.

A state of affairs that in the most steadfastly contemptuously mocking and ridiculing fashion that was customary to her in these sorts of patently absurd circumstances caused my maternal Grandmother to characteristically and logically opine that if evidently there're whites who rather idiotically wished to assert exclusive ownership and the conception of things which truthfully they weren’t responsible for and equally significantly not entitled to, then that was exclusively their problem and consequently no sensible or intelligent person should unwisely, and considering whom exactly they'd be dealing with, try to contradictorily interpose themselves at any time between such transparently obtuse idiots, their ludicrous assumptions or their ingrained delusions.

Laughingly adding, did my Gran, that she didn’t know or cared who invented the ordinary wheel and therefore from her own perspective was only concerned with the wheel's practicability. However, she none the less did go on to categorically state that she would sensibly and astutely hazard a guess that no living person was any the wiser about that particular invention. But ingeniously added that if Ford, Chrysler, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Rover or any of these major corporations in conjunction with other global ones, either jointly or individually, assertively claimed that it was actually them who had in effect invented the wheel, why on earth then, my Grandmother unapologetically postulated, should she dignify such rampant absurdity with any kind of response?

Far better she surmised to let those concerned stew in the sizzling fat of their folly, unreasonableness and haughty arrogance; since nothing whatsoever constructive or illuminating will ever deflect those who're personally accountable for the madness they’re avidly indulging in from the ridiculous course they have also asininely chosen to follow in regard of the concerted proselytization of their ingrained and completely arrant nonsense. And unsurprisingly, as you have probably certainly guessed by now, it’s a most sagacious philosophy on the part of my profoundly cherished Grandmother that naturally I have permanently inculcated in my ethical system and quite diligently followed in the daily course of my own life.

The unquestionable role that Barbados altruistically played in the 13 British North American colonies acquiring their independence from Britain was significant and full records of this are to be found in the well-kept and contemporaneously written accounts of what took place there and then. These records now form part of the extensive Barbados National Archives that are meticulously well maintained and accessibly available to everyone who wants to peruse and examine them for general knowledge, academic research as well as investigating their family history.

And in the latter case there are numerous Americans who routinely do so. Jews especially are very prominent among these groups of Americans. For it was Sephardic Jews who created the Transatlantic Slave Trade in and from Barbados, became massively rich from this enterprise as a result and then subsequently with the discovery of and the colonial opening up of what later become known as the North American continent moved there from Barbados to carry on their grisly slave enterprise in new areas and on a larger scale.

However, as a consequence of these Sephardic Jews’ presence in my ancestral homeland of Barbados, Barbados has the distinction of being the official, and in every other meaningful respect, home of the first and continuously oldest synagogue – it was actually completed in 1654 a mere 27 years after the self-governing English colony of Barbados was founded – in the Americas and, of course, the Caribbean.

This Nidhe Israel Synagogue is prominently located in Barbados’ capital Bridgetown and is a well-protected Barbados National Monument to the earliest Jewish presence in Barbados and is now owned and run by the Barbados National Trust which is itself government funded. In addition to the above in 2011 the said Nidhe Israel Synagogue and the adjacent and excavated Mikveh site were both designated as World Heritage Sites by the UN’s UNESCO body.

Historical records show that 300 Sephardic Jews from Recife in Brazil, having first emigrated there from Europe where they were persecuted only to afterwards find themselves in the same situation in Brazil by the Portuguese settled in Barbados that was the singular country across the Caribbean and the then known Americas to grant them sanctuary. Knowledgeable in the extraction of sugar from the little known about to Europeans plant called the sugar cane skills that these Sephardic Jews had enterprisingly acquired from South America’s Amerindians, on reaching Barbados and having taken several sugar cane cuttings with them on their departure from Brazil and with Barbados’s climate and soil ideally suited for sugar cane cultivation and production these Sephardic Jews passed their acquired skills in these specific areas on to the then existing Barbadian landowners.

And with their help Barbados quickly went on to become the world’s major sugar producer as well as the richest European, but exclusively and distinctly English in the process, territory in the West Indies. So wealthy in effect was Barbados that single-handedly it financed the entire English Industrial Revolution.

Crucial too in terms of the ongoing hugely significant and the constructive role that Barbados played in North America’s development was the fact that in 1670 three ships from Barbados loaded with potential Barbadian settlers founded and instantly settled what became the colony of Carolina. And so influential did Barbadians become in the major occurrences of the British North American colonies that fearful they might completely take over and ruin his concept of a future United States of America, George Washington for personal and definitely ambitious reasons of his own decided to act in order to kerb the influence of these Barbadian colonists.

For having ambitiously perceived himself to be the undisputed and legitimate heir-apparent to the presidency of a future United States of America George Washington wasn’t in the least at all particularly predisposed to having this goal and his sensed entitlement as he saw it lightly and casually snatched away from him, even by Barbadians and in spite of all that they’d done for the North American colonies, without doing whatever he could to stop it.

And rather ingeniously George Washington did manage to find a way to secure his ambitions; surreptitiously getting a number of his supporters to have a legally binding codicil inserted in the American Declaration of Independence that unambiguously stipulated that nobody could or should ever become President of the United States of America unless that individual was actually born on American soil. A prerequisite that most ironically in appreciably immigrant-descended Rogue State USA still exists to this day!

So how and why did it go so horribly and despairingly wrong for these 13 North American colonies that initially became the United States of America and that an altruistically-driven Barbados, and considering that Barbados in very marked contrast to these North American colonies was discernibly monarchist, significantly assisted in helping them to achieve their coveted independence from Britain?

An independence for this fledgling United States of America that afterwards and perceptibly transformatively for the complete world has literally become a most worrisome and enduring nightmare!

And furthermore ever since the formation of United States has evidently seen it morph into a complete monster. In actuality becoming an arrogant, demented, utterly delusional and, more particularly so as regards its own self-conceited notion of having an unassailable right to and the consummately immutable entitlement as well on its part to its manifestly twisted version of a divine American exclusivism pertaining solely to itself, a thoroughly lawless, ruthlessly warmongering – since its creation in 1776 what is now unquestionably Rogue State USA has been at war for 95% of its actual existence, in totality a staggering 225 out of 242 years, and subsequent to the end of World War Two alone has killed over 30 million people globally – and therefore in relation to its activities by those who unconscionably run and obsequiously support it is indisputably a malevolently murderous and deeply ingrained rogue state entity, totally unworthy of being characterized, let alone sensibly regarded or named as a civilized country.

And backed by loads of empirical data, years of detailed research, numerous archival material and studious hours of sleepless nights, that’s my take on as well as my unapologetic assertion with regards to Rogue State USA; and it gives me neither satisfaction nor pleasure taking into account the role which Barbados played in those original 13 British North American colonies becoming an independent state to have to arrive at this painful but even so candid conclusion on my part, while perfectly aware and encouragingly so by me that you are perfectly entitled to your own point of view on the matter.

However, as I’ve always done with every student I’ve ever taught and similarly exhort all my followers and readers to do, I likewise implore you not to just take my word on anything but to fact-check it and get into the habit of doing so with everything you’re told either by me or anyone else for that matter. I shan’t lie to you as I’ve a conscience that I’d have to deal with afterwards if I’ve lied or deliberately misled you. But not everyone is as principled or wants to be, and particularly so if such conduct is contrary to their lying, dishonest and malevolent agendas. And by fact-checking what you’re told or expected to docilely accept you not only empower yourself informatively but also become a more rounded and matured individual in the process.

So give it a go as you’ve nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain! And I absolutely sure that you’ll be a much better person because of it.

In his inaugural speech at the UN in recognition of Barbados becoming a sovereign and an independent nation my late and good friend, the Father of Barbados’ Independence and the typical Barbadian altruistic, World War II RAF hero, Errol Walton Barrow said, and I paraphrase, Barbados and Barbadians will always be truthful friends to everyone who’s deserving of our friendship but we’ll never again be slaves to anybody! That’s a Barbadian and cultural commitment, whatever you may think, that’s deeply and irrevocably embedded in me. 

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