Thursday, 17 November 2016

The calculated revenge of the long-suffering US Plebeian voters!

By Stanley Collymore

The preselected, blatantly rigged Democratic party US presidential election primaries and caucuses candidature; the Zionist Banksters; Military Industrial Complex and the avidly supported neo-con fellowship together conjoined with the economically, socially and politically privileged one percent and their jointly obsessively controlled-freak, arrogant and hubristically assumed as of right, according to their absolutely skewed and utterly sick interpretative notion of that expression that was itself totally at variance with what that frequently over-used declaration actually means, didn’t manage to pull off what they all intuitively longed for, expectantly concluded would happen, and most impudently and rather patronizingly from the perspective of their deeply ingrained, personally compelling and graspingly avaricious vested interests declared was an unmistakably clear-cut issue for all of them, as they then vaingloriously took to haughtily telling not only the rest of their fellow Americans but also the entire and somewhat bemused world would be an outcome that unquestionably was an already foregone conclusion.

Namely, that the utterly corrupt and US presidential candidate of their collective choice who was buried deeply in their massive financial pockets and also like them was decisively and unconscionably without a solitary care in question for those whose side she too routinely, lyingly and self-servingly professed to be firmly on, would automatically, and without the least bother or any realistically possible concern, amble on her journey all the way to easily and decisively winning the US presidential election. An outcome that would enable this bevy of narcissistically, privileged and endemically, criminally corrupt elites along with their likeminded billionaire co-sponsors in this inimical enterprise to be quids on in terms of garnering a bumper harvest from the money and likewise the media propaganda they were quite keen to invest in their protégé’s success.

While at the same time absolutely convinced that their entirely selfish actions constituted both personally and financially a clear-cut as well as a uniquely win-win situation all round for each and everyone of them to advantageously and fully exploit to their hearts’ content; but miserably failing in this hubristic euphoria, rampant egotism and superior presumption on their part to perceptively detect the storm clouds that were menacingly gathering within the US electorate; and where significant numbers of ordinary Americans either astutely or cussedly with the hump had already decided to ditch the prematurely acclaimed, confidently waiting to be anointed Madam President and the all along Establishment preferred candidate in this vitriolic contest, and go instead for the political establishment’s sworn and openly stated nemesis Donald Trump!

A load of bullshit is being written about Donald Trump in the aftermath of him winning the US Presidential election in a transparently open, free, fair and democratic political exercise by the US electorate. A state of affairs that’s being vitriolically used by some as their verbal diarrhoea to spew out at him and specifically so by the Zionist so-called mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, their rent-a-mouth and brainless pundits, the narcissistic and completely full of themselves risibly referred to as celebrities; the plethora of dysfunctional hardcore, quite inured male-hating, discernibly acerbic, observably bullying, controlled-freak Dykes and their effete Queer friends, associates and sympathizers enthusiastically conjoined with the damnable fellowship of deluded and inane feminist scum, seems set to carry on for sometime and with an increased intensity.

A collective of delusional morons, who asininely and sinisterly think and even firmly believe that being a woman, and that category alone, is in itself sufficient justification and even more ludicrous on their part in their exposition of this fraudulent concept is the sole exposition and qualification required for ruling the world. No place in this totally idiotic supposition of theirs and where women are concerned for salient characteristics like character, principles, suitability and qualification for the job or any sort of professionalism for the position they envisage should be theirs exclusively; nor for that matter any utilization of realistic and workable ideas which can either constructively change let alone enhance in anyway the much yearned for role or status quo that they’re railing against.

The honest pledge of a full commitment and not just propagandistic or populist grandstanding lip service to the concepts of democracy and being mature enough to graciously accept the free and voluntarily expressed will of the country’s legitimate voters when their collective decision is publicly and legally made known and not resort to using a discredited power base, or any other for that matter, to surreptitiously, loathsomely, sinisterly, illegally and undemocratically either attempt to conceitedly and criminally undermine or covertly and superciliously embark on overthrowing the lawfully expressed will of the electorate simply because its decision is one that both you, as a perceived or actual woman, and your transparently well-heeled, inveterately corrupt, conspicuously mind-bogglingly self-centred, graspingly avaricious, endemically and pathetically narcissistic, hubristic, utterly self-serving and markedly criminal vested interests sponsors and supporters, just as you do, don’t favour what the voters have done.

Nobody, in my view of things, whether a man or a woman, has or should ever do an automatic and exclusive right to anything other than their own life, and even then there can be restrictions on that depending on how constructively or inimically from a consensual societal perspective the individual concerned actually chooses to live theirs; and that’s why there are prisons and in some countries as well the death penalty to ensure that lawful and moral aspects of that society are basically protected and not subjected to the capricious whims of barbarians or their barbaric and totally unacceptable practices. And I most categorically believe and will always affirm that when it comes to public office positions such an egotistical point of view is a no-brainer and should at all times be firmly and unremittingly stamped out.

And particularly so when that public office role is the highest, most influential and also as well the most powerful in one’s own country and its attainment is legally prescribed through the very explicitly stated method of free, open and democratically held elections that accord to a registered electorate the inalienable right to legally and unrestrictedly express its lawful constitutional entitlement to unreservedly make that decision. And while it’s perfectly in order for anyone with whatever conventional or contrary opinions they may have to either declare or have themselves nominated for such an influential job it’s none the less stupidity of the highest order for them to not only assume but also expect that they’ll automatically triumph in their quest and that if they don’t then they, their backers, sponsors and supporters are entitled to get all upset or even shirty about their loss and what’s more to then embark on a spate of devious and highly illegal ways to thwart what is unquestionably a legitimate outcome. Something you can be absolutely sure that neither they, their bevy of sponsors, backers or crowd supporters would in the least countenance far less so tolerate nor accept if the situation was the other way round and very much to their disadvantage.

Therefore the sane, undeniably sensible and straightforwardly intelligent manner to approaching and effectively dealing with any situation that entails anyone aspiring for a public office job and especially when that position is an elected one, is for that individual and their backers to have a clear-cut plan as regards what they actually have to offer the public generally and the electorate in particular that they themselves truthfully and practicably consider to be infinitely better than that of their political opponents who’re vying for the same job and even more significantly that they likewise feel that they can and will be persuasively able to completely convince a majority of voters that that is most categorically the case from their perspective.

Not, and as is happening in the Donald Trump’s detractors case, to arrogantly assume in your completely subjective and biased point of view because you either see or perceive yourselves to be a part of the Establishment structure, or a component however big or small of a powerful, influential and privileged elite and as such are consciously aware that you have the unstinting endorsement: money, media and propaganda-wise, of the wealthiest and most influential in the land, both in terms of billionaire private individuals, major banks, other premier financial institutions like hedge funds and, of course, the massive and monstrously greedy multinational corporations, that you MUST necessarily win! And if you don’t then in spite of how untainted and unambiguously free, scrupulously fair and thoroughly and quite spotlessly democratic that election was, nevertheless in your warped and bitter mind as well as those of your unprincipled supporters that election sickeningly has to be declared null and void. For if it isn’t then you and your supporters will do all you can, other than to act maturely and accept the voters’ verdict, to illegally make the electorate’s principled and lawfully enacted decision unworkable. Hardly in the stated circumstances what can logically be called either democratic or grown-up behaviour is it?

And the stark irony that’s totally lost on all these egotistical but thoroughly brain-dead, lowlife nerds and their throng of evidently brainwashed or gullible supporters is that these are the very people who have enthusiastically and consistently cheer-led for regime change in many Global South countries and others well beyond and notably including sovereign and independent states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, Brazil, Sudan, Egypt, the Ukraine and even Russia among them on the basis that they either were or still are in those cases where they haven’t been successfully regime changed as their antagonists hoped for, very totalitarian regimes in nature and the wilful deaths, chaos, trauma to their hard done by populations and barbarously instigated refugee situations that NATO, western countries and their terrorist allies are either directly or indirectly causing - just like the over ONE MILLION Iraqi children that needlessly died because of unwarranted sanctions placed on Iraq by the west at the specific behest of the USA that prevented indispensible medications being sent to that country for them and who in the words of a loathsomely sick US immigrant Madeleine Albright, at the time the US Secretary of Sate, were according to her worth it - are also very much worth it now in order to usher in dishonestly and fraudulently perceived obligatory and much need democracy in these targeted countries. Never mind that the entities that the United States and its western allies are quite happily in bed with in pursuit of these barbaric and illegitimate self-interests of theirs: Bantu Saudi, Qatar, Pakistan, Egypt and Yidland among others, haven’t a solitary clue what democracy is and sure s hell don’t practise it at home or anywhere else come to that.

And as the old saying goes you couldn’t make stuff like this up and get any rational person to seriously believe you if you tried; but like it or not it’s still an everyday factor in the equation of an inveterate imperialist, colonialist and hegemonic mindset and so-called western civilized way of life.

For how else can you sensibly explain that while these utterly repellent bastards and bitches are most keen to enforcedly take their quite sickeningly warped version of democracy to countries that didn’t ask for it, need it and most categorically do not want it, and furthermore with all the attendant problems for them and their citizens if their legitimate leaders refuse such demanding and coercive overtures; yet in the United States of America, and a principal perpetrator of such aforementioned activities, we have the quite laughable, if it wasn’t so bloody serious a matter, spectacle of these self-same privileged elites who are always in the vanguard of such behaviour globally, resolutely refusing, and most disdainfully and publicly so, to accept the transparently open, free and fair result of a democratically held presidential election there and all because the rigged Democratic presidential nominee and preferred likeminded neo-con and warmongering puppet candidate of theirs, Hilary Rodham Clinton – in their shared sick minds the indisputably divinely chosen 45 President of the United States of America barring her official acclamation, general anointing and the endorsed shouting associated with this and all paid for by them – did not win?

There is never a guarantee that any politician, and regardless of who he or she might be, even in the most efficiently conducted and assiduously functioning democracy, and much less so in the absolutely flawed ones to be found in countries like the United States, Britain and several other exclusively white Caucasian run and controlled entities will actually deliver on the many promises that they invariably quite liberally and not infrequently rather fraudulently, quite dishonestly and even lyingly made during their election campaign. Since at the time and even as well premeditatedly their main priority is to get themselves elected to whatever office that they’re running for; and if the voters are either too ill-informed, gullible, easily persuaded or just simply too dim-witted when it comes to working that out for themselves, whose fault or more crucially whose problem is that? Put bluntly, no one else’s but their own!

Simply put democracy as I see it is like a budding relationship that the two persons involved want to take onto a more serious level and while it’s their right and privilege to do so it’s also their firm responsibility to maturely work out where they want to go with that relationship, and should they screw up at any stage sensibly they should take cognizance of what has happened and try to rectify matters. But if they don’t and for whatever reason don’t go down that path of sensibly and rather intelligently tackling what, not only to them presumably by other observers also is a major problem for them, as adults the complete consequences of their cock-up must be theirs entirely and not laid at the door of anyone else. Some politicians sensibly recognize this and act accordingly, but there are others who don’t because in their utterly feral and narcissistic manner they think they’ve above everyone and why should they condescend to listening to the views, opinions or suggestions of those they not only consider to be decisively beneath them in every conceivable way possible but in productive terms serve only the one purpose from their self-centred and egotistical perspective, and that’s simply to be election fodder whenever such elections come around. Well bluntly significant numbers of voters have had enough of this, and who either logically or intelligently can blame the?

Donald Trump did precisely what politicians of every political hue have repeatedly done in the past and for the most part still continue to at present when on the stump and told the electorate what they wanted to hear.But in the same way that if someone sets out to woo you romantically it does make sense to properly check out where they’re coming from and what their real motives are and not accept everything, if anything at all, at face value. And if you don’t and get burnt, then honestly blame yourself and hopefully learn from your mistakes. Because if you don’t you will continue to relive them! The principal difference with genuine democracy is that come the next elections you can vote differently and assist if you’ve a mind to in the laudable process of turfing the deceiver(s) out, not always so easy in personal relationships. As for me, I don’t, have never done, or will I ever judge anyone by their words alone, if ever! Since for me the proof of the pudding is always in that person’s actions; and as such that’s how I’ll treat Donald Trump, his US Presidential election victory and what follows it! And so I wish him well!

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