Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Starship - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" - ORIGINAL VIDEO - HQ

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  1. Genuine belief in one’s self and one’s capabilities are formidable tools in accomplishing whatever goals you positively want to achieve. And that’s no different in relation to politics as it is to one’s personal life. Jeremy Corbyn’s second massive landslide win is proof positive that those of us who realistically and genuinely believe in a better future for all those Britons who want to see that happen by merit, hard work, goodwill to our fellow citizens and the rest of the world reinforced by our individual ability and not unwarranted privileged based on nepotism, cronyism, warmongering, mass murdering, war crimes, exploitative greed and the savage acquisition of what’s clearly not theirs, can truthfully make a world of difference!

    God Bless You ALL! And thanks for having faith in Jeremy Corbyn and in so doing creating the basis for a Britain that we can all genuinely be proud of! And as the song says “Nothing is gonna Stop us Now!!