Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Nate Ruess: Nothing Without Love [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. A white British driver runs over with his lorry, kills an Eritrean man and seriously injures his wife together with their young child who were with him at the time when this tragedy occurred. All three persons were refugees in the Calais area of France and thousands of miles away from their homeland, from which for reasons I don’t expect you to comprehend, they were forced to fleeas are all the other refugees in the so-called, and quite white racist stereotypical in context and language, jungle camp of Calais are.

    Disdainfully reported in the media this particular story predictably drew a number of similarly contemptuous remarks and comments from the readers of these so-called mainstream British papers and electronic right wing media; sentiments I’m absolutely sure are also felt by a significant number of the overall white British population. With many of them openly expressing the satisfaction that the death of this Eritrean man was one less NIGGER to worry about in the world, to others stating that it was the best news they’d heard all day. But one sick remark trumped them all! In typical delusional, white supremacist fashion on writer stated that with the wife of this killed man NOT dead herself she should now be forced to pay the white English driver of that vehicle for the damage caused to the bumper of his truck during his killing of that Eritrean man as well as shoulder the full cost for having a new bumper fitted to his truck.

    If anyone was previously in doubt, this is sick Britain at its most barbaric, not that you would know from the likes of Alison Saunders DPP. And my response to that is simply this; that it’s high time these white fuckers be subjected to the same barbarity they either wish on or actually inflict on others they quite asininely, ludicrously and in the most delusional fashion consider themselves to be “superior” to. And this fight back must take place wherever this scum set foot. You can’t miss them abroad;they conspicuously stand out from all decent whites.

    High time for the COLLATERAL DAMAGE that they’re so proud of when it comes to their victims be exerted in the same ruthless and uncompromising manner on this white British scum. And I want to make it publicly and unambiguously clear that I’m signed up to that! Make of that what you will Alison Saunders, incompetent and toadying to the privileged elites, DPP-Tsar!