Thursday, 6 October 2016

Happy birthday to the immensely erudite and strikingly beautiful German princess in my life!

By Stanley Collymore

Another important date in the calendar of your
much cherished life is here richly affording
family members, neighbours, dependable
friends, well-known acquaintances and
work colleagues, numerous well-wishers and of
course me your Partner, a genuinely glorious
opportunity to welcomingly, individually
and collectively, commemorate another
illustrious event among the panoply
of those that either through your
substantial skills, capabilities,
eruditeness and charismatic
personality were distinctly
fashioned, or with intent
and most deservingly
so, Heaven sent to
a truly warm and

Impactful the accumulation of these merited
endowments as the first sip of Barbadian
Mount Gay Rum – the very first rum
ever to be produced anywhere in
the entire world and centuries
later and rather noticeably
is still enliveningly exciting –
on keenly colliding with a connoisseur’s
discerning palate; traditional German
beer on a discriminating Bavarian’s
taste buds; or as a vintage French
champagne is but only to those
who unmistakably recognize
and thoroughly appreciate
its alluring quality, just
as those who’re aware
of you My Fair Lady
completely ascribe
to and naturally
in your status
will always
fondly do.

So as the careful planning of this engaging and
fun-packed spectacular gains momentum and
inevitably leads to its eventual realization
permit me none the less, even though
I customarily and lovingly state my
feelings for you as regularly as I can, to
repeat on this specific and special
occasion how very much I do
love you and furthermore
am also reciprocally,
passionately and
enduringly in
love with
you too.

Therefore how about you and me as our birthday
guests rather predictably and pleasurably get
themselves pleasantly plastered and quite
expectedly and without reserve do their
own thing sneaking off to our comfy
bedroom, locking the door behind
us and in the total privacy that
that one act of blissful achievement will
undoubtedly bring, and signally as a
special birthday treat not only for
you but likewise for me, you
unprompted and as is your
usual wont to seductively
and passionately do in
such circumstances, vigorously,
wildly and with impeccable
daring have your wicked
way with me? Happy
Birthday my highly
prized, adorable,
delectable and

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 October 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Birthdays come and they go, and while celebrating them can and quite often is a marvellous experience for those who’re involved it’s the memories associated with them that unquestionably provide the enduring legacy on which one can draw the tremendous satisfaction and gratifying enjoyment derived from having had them set against any dire disappointment or loneliness engendered from these same personal events.

The latter and manifestly a heartrending situation was never realistically ever likely to be a case in your experience my Darling, and quite so for a number of very feasible and heart-warming reasons. So I shall simply, although I guess expectantly and understandably too more personally and intimately add my vocal, in addition to my physical, contribution to the chorus of deserving congratulations genuinely delivered to you on this your special day.

And, as I do so, will earnestly and forthrightly tell you how immensely proud I am of you, profoundly love you, and am most exhilaratingly overjoyed to be personally, lovingly and delightfully and reciprocally involved with an exceedingly extraordinary human being - who as it joyfully happens is indisputably you – and who in addition is conclusively in every conceivable way a thoroughly superlative woman and a decidedly irreplaceable Lady!


  1. Saturday the 8th of October 2016 is my Partner’s birthday, and significant and well celebrated as this birthday anniversary of hers usually is, what’s already finalized and immensely looked forward to by all concerned will additionally be spectacularly executed this year and markedly excel everything in terms of celebration and general mutual goodwill that have gone on in the past notwithstanding that what have occurred then were themselves truly fantastic celebratory occasions.

    This poem then that you’re now reading was conceptualized, fashioned and finalized by me a month ago but is deliberately and fittingly carrying my Partner’s birthdate on it, instead of the date it was actually completed, as its copyright date while its publication officially launches the several rounds of ensuing celebrations that are enthusiastically and meticulously planned.

    My Partner knows of the poem and expectantly I’m sure anticipated there would be one as I’ve instinctively, lovingly as well as inspirationally written her other poems in the past; however from a visual perspective she hasn’t seen this specific one yet. None the less she was told about it by me as she avidly reads my work online, and often before it’s placed there, and would have certainly come across it anyway, but the closeness between us dictated that I teasingly prepared her for what was to come.

    However the plain black and white version, the usual format that all my poems are presented in online and that both you and my Partner see there is vastly different in a multiplicity of ways from the one that she will be presented with at the gala dinner and dance she’ll obviously and naturally be the hostess of, and with this particular presentation occurring precisely at midnight and following the oral countdown to that magical hour – this is Germany after all and precision is very much a national characteristic just as this countdown is a delightful custom – at the start of my Partner’s birthday.

    In addition and adding their own specific sparkle to our customary German festivities we’ll as well witness a complement of other celebratory festivities from visiting relatives, friends and guests of ours who’ve flown in for the week long celebrations from Barbados, the Dominican Republic where we’ve holidayed many times as well as St. Lucia and Tobago; Canada, the US and Tunisia where for the preceding six years and on an annual basis from the 1 December to the end of February the following year up to and including the revolution in that country we’d spent our winter break.

  2. In fact we were in Tunisia when the revolution e broke out but with all the European based holidaymakers ordered by their tour companies to agree to being evacuated back home or else at their own risk face the consequences for not complying with this directive of theirs we opted to stay even though I’d suggested to my Partner that she comply with that order but she refused to and of her own volition decided to stay in Tunisia with me.

    I guess my wanting to stay in Tunisia was triggered as much from general curiosity on my part as much as the journalist in me wanting to witness firsthand a real live revolution and the very courageous lady she is my Partner willingly expressed her wish to be there with me. Ensconced in a hotel that only a very short time earlier hosted in excess of 500 guests there were now just 20 of us left in residence there and all of whom had voluntarily opted to remain. All told a very eerie situation compounded and made noticeably more dramatic and electrifying by the recurrent presence of noisy gunfire exchanged between the military and revolutionaries that staccatoed the night and allayed itself only briefly so during the daylight hours. However I took the risk of going out and convivially meeting and having conversations with the military whose tanks and armed forces ringed our hotel which I subsequently learnt belonged to a close friend of the then Tunisian President and who with his family had, as a precautionary measure, vacated his palatial mansion a few kilometres away and taken refuge in one of the suites in the hotel he owned and where my Partner and I were staying.

    But in addition to speaking with the military my Partner and I always ventured out into the streets and along the sea promenade in the vicinity of our hotel to meet with, speak to and interview a number of the several protestors, many of them students, who were peacefully protesting about what was going on in their country, and on finally leaving Tunisia for Germany my Partner and I kept in contact with some of these students and later helped a few of them to acquire visas and places at German universities to continue with their individual studies. And some of the military also became friends of ours. So it’s against these several backdrops and where for the first time a large number of these people can come together in one place that this birthday gala we’re having for my Partner is about to take place.