Saturday, 1 October 2016

Haddaway - What Is Love [Official]

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  1. As I’ve stated and vigorously maintain Britain is a sick country in which the contagion is so great that many people rather than face reality and urgently seek the inevitably proper treatment they need either in a state of ingrained apathy in order to shut the invasive illness that’s afflicting them pretend that it doesn’t exist or else continue to rely on their quack “doctor” physicians to cure their problem totally oblivious of or even worst still brainwashed into believing that the very people who are directly and cynically responsible for their illness can curse them?

    Not dissimilar from a brutally, psychologically and physiologically battered spouse or partner kidding themselves that the individual who is causing them that harm is doing it out of love and that the occasional box of chocolates or flowers when things have spiralled out too far even for this monster is confirmation of that. That’s how the careerist politicians and the privileged elites treat their cap-doffing morons – the equivalent of the battered spouse or partner – in the UK and routinely get away with it. And even more sickeningly is that when someone comes along that can fundamentally change their position for the better, assuming they’re willing to give up the life-style they’ve been subjected to for so long they still allow that brute of a monster to sway them that he or she is really their saviour and they should reject the real chance to be really FREE and actually respected!

    How more sick can you get my fellow Brits?