Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ode to the indomitable Seumas Milne!

By Stanley Collymore

Hang on a bit don’t I know you? Yes of course I do! You’re
that leftist, terrorist-loving twit who likes masquerading as
a serious journalist as you strive not only to befuddle the
heads of but as well perniciously and deliberately fool
your everyday Brit while premeditatedly incensing
those of us: people effectively like me, that these
ordinary people look up to and unconsciously
quite happily, endemically and traditionally
too, class-consciously know full well and
readily accept that by Divine Right are
born to rule them. So why then as you’ve consistently done
in the past, and still carry on doing to this day, purposely
go out of your way to unnecessarily upset and confuse
them with your far-fetched, treasonous and obviously
impracticable notions, compounded by your risible
assertions of their inalienable and, listen to this,
legal entitlement to them of universal human
rights, racial and gender equality and what
you leftists vaingloriously see, promote
as, and even absurdly guarantee aren’t
only the principles of democracy but
must also lawfully, constitutionally
and permanently be enshrined as
the only practical way forward
in relation to how the people
not just of Britain, but also
other societies worldwide
ought independently to
administer their own
individual country.

I ask you! Does such political blasphemy realistically
do anything positively either for our happy subjects –
citizens I mean – or the rest of us their superiors?
Of course not! For it only causes rancorous
divisions where previously none existed
and that ideally can’t be beneficial, by
any deduction, for the overall good
of our proud and unified nation,
the United Kingdom! And looked at pragmatically
and not through some idealistic and hopelessly
ill-conceived prism liberally fashioned in an
undoubtedly bizarre cauldron of the hatred
of our people and a fanatical derision for
your own country by you and others of
your sort and that unhappily you were
quite irresponsibly and significantly
dangerously indulged in, I earnestly
believe, by media outlets like the
Guardian, is it really any wonder
then that with him now the leader
of Britain’s Labour Party you’ve
rather shamelessly opted Seumas
Milne to explicitly and firmly
align yourself with another
traitor, terrorist lover and
obsessive hater of the
United Kingdom,
Jeremy Corbyn?

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 October 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
In my honest opinion, as well as by any objective analysis one can employ, Seumas Milne is undoubtedly and incomparably not only the best but equally by far the most straightforward, interesting to read, informative and principled journalist of any gender throughout the entire United Kingdom and furthermore, I firmly believe, has been so for a considerable time now, and rather pleasurably for me I don’t see him ever being remotely overtaken in that capacity; and most certainly NOT by the vainglorious, completely and unwarrantedly full of themselves, transparently ill-educated by any benchmark that one can devise - my maternal Grandmother lovingly implanted in my mind from the age of four when for the first time I formally attended primary school that book learning should never be equated with basic commonsense or for that matter genuine intelligence – and furthermore, profoundly educationally challenged and obtuse stenographers who when not two sheets to the wind would be hard-pressed to tell you what time of day it was, so effectively brainwashed are they in other words that the making of independent decisions that normal people habitually engage in during their everyday life is a Himalayan assignment for these robotically controlled freaks who simply do whatever it is that they’re told to do.

So understandably looking at it from their skewed perspective on life people like Seumas Milne are unsurprisingly regarded by them with the utmost suspicion and not only because he’s a far better journalist than they could ever be but principally too because he’s not psychologically like them nor is he the sort of person to demean himself and his values for the filthy lucre that these useless stenographers prostitute themselves for. For whichever way that one objectively assesses Seumas Milne it soon become demonstrably clear that compared to all of the others in his line of work he is one colossal giant in every plausible way when compared to or set beside the throng of unctuous stenographers that infest the plutocratic world of Pygmyland, or more fittingly put the misnomer that narcissistically and quite delusionally sees itself as the British mainstream media. So there’s certainly no need: pressing or otherwise, on my part for me to defend Seumas Milne who is fully proficient at defending himself.

However, as a longstanding and committed supporter of Jeremy Corbin I couldn’t resist the temptation to serve up some of these morons own and unpalatable medicine to these brain-dead detractors and vilifying castigators of both Seumas Milne and Jeremy Corbyn for their recently conjoined alliance that has thankfully really got up the noses of these imbecilic pillocks. For it powerfully confirms one thing at least, if there was any doubt at all about that which there never was, how completely petrified and intensely worried these perfidious and downright pernicious “Divine Righters”, class-privileged entrenched lowlife scum and the virulent enemies at every turn of real democracy are. For why else would they unremittingly keep spewing out the same noxious vomit that they do?So forgetting them and using irony and sarcasm in this poem to ridicule them I’ll simply say to Seumas Milne on your new and superb appointment as advisor to Jeremy Corbyn, welcome on board mate! And keep giving these lowlife scum nightmares.

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