Saturday, 10 October 2015

Government Secondary Schools of Barbados - Alleyne School

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  1. This is the Grammar School I happily and most beneficially in every conceivable way attended and to which I owe so much educationally, morally and in many other constructive ways. Principles and teaching techniques too that I would myself borrow, emulate and readily utilize in my own teaching and lecturing career.

    This tribute is posted in loving and commemorative memory; enduring adoration and most grateful appreciation of the exceedingly outstanding mentoring and superb work done on my behalf and that of every other student he taught during his long and distinguished teaching career by my then English, Latin and Geography Master, Mr Kenneth G. Doughlin: a truly inspiring and a profoundly principled man, who subsequently became the Headmaster – and the first old boy of this educational institution to do so - of this illustrious School that I and many others I personally know and who also attended the Alleyne School are tremendously proud to call our alma mater.

    Predictably very popular and deeply respected both as an academic and a superlative human being Mr Doughlin, as he was always respectfully called even by his closest friends and admirers, was a longstanding friend of my family, particularly my Dad and others whom he grew up with in the same Scotland District of Barbados and was also a friend of mine from my school days into adulthood and until he sadly passed away. Rest in eternal peace with the angels Sir and thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything you did not only for me but also everyone one whom you taught, mentored and befriended. A great loss to humanity but a welcome prize to eternity!