Friday, 25 August 2017

My aversion to this tiresome obsession with Queerism and Dykeism!

By Stanley Collymore

What do you actually want from me, as if I didn’t already know? But as I’ve categorically stated, unwaveringly mean and have no intention at all of ever backsliding on in any way, I’m staunchly and unyieldingly heterosexual and have no intention whatsoever of changing my personal sexual status in order, as you incredibly put it and even ridiculously suggested that I should consider the alternatives to how I’m happily living my life, to even, in your point of view, enhance my social and economic circumstances by becoming gay? Really? No way, I must honestly say!

For such Queer actions, attendant with their Dyke and Paedophile activities, are truthfully sexual deviant acts that I perceive to be utterly disgusting and, undeniably repulsive in every conceivable way, pernicious abominations to me that I don’t wat, with their tiresome and unseemly strife, to ever be remotely associated with, play any part in, or have within a billion light years of my life.

And here’s why!

I’ve no problem, or do I envisage any on my part, relative to two genuinely consulting individuals having sex with each other within the confines of their own private environment; personally understand and feel that their conduct legally embarked upon is no business of anyone other than their own unless they coercively try to push their sexual preferences down the throats, so to speak, of others whether the latter, and accosted clearly encounters, are themselves predisposed or empathetic to what these sexual proselytizers are doing.

And consequently, that the former stipulations aside and steadfastly adhered to, the preferences and or activities of these practising male homosexuals or lesbians should not, is my firm contention, be condemned per se just because of what they sexually are, any more than heterosexuals of either gender – and I still steadfastly believe and accept that they are only two such differentiations – likewise indulging in their own preferred sexual activities and doing so equally within the full remit of the law of the land shouldn’t be forced to find themselves singled out for personal abuse either by homosexuals or lesbians, or even sexual prudes, for who or what they are.

An equality of clarification and mutual distinction openly and honestly expressed from my own perspective. And this, I will add, in spite of the fact that all of my life, and for me an unquestionably unchanging situation, being the consciously staunch heterosexual that I am, homosexuality, of any form and that includes lesbianism, doesn’t, hasn’t or will it ever appeal to me personally. And for the self-evident reasons that I’m not that way inclined, cannot in any shape or form be persuaded to be homosexual, and furthermore homosexuality doesn’t hold any attractions for me, or do any permutations of it, even in heterosexual relationships that I’ve mutually and legally embarked on in the past as well as my current one ever tempted me to change my mind; and that applies to same gender sex. And whatever criticisms that anyone might care to level at me for holding these points of view, feel free to do so as you won’t change my mind, and besides just as you’re entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, I’m equally entitled to my own, my civil entitlements and, of course, my inalienable right to feel the way I do, respectfully accepting that I don’t go around proselytizing others to my point of view.

What, however, I’m diametrically opposed to as regards same gender sex and understandably from my own perspective totally abhor in all their forms are Queerism and Dykeism, which in my view bear no semblance to homosexual on the part of men or lesbianism when it comes to women. And personally, and again from my perspective, have no credibility whatsoever in my analysis of both these features any more than child abuse, rape or paedophilia carried out by heterosexuals do because they’re heterosexuals. Since from exhaustive observation on my part reinforced by meticulous and extensive research the loathsome techniques of Dykeism and Queerism that I’ve long attached to these two deviant forms of sexual behaviour are quite manifestly abnormal, sickening, and iniquitously corrupt; despicably inappropriate, and in the most contemptibly self-serving manner thoroughly and destructively exploitative.

An aberrant form of sexual behaviour whose proponents seek to mask its endemic evilness by deceitfully taking and then barefacedly and callously misappropriating the “finer” aspects of lesbianism and male homosexuality to not only put a seemingly positive gloss on their odious agenda and proselytizing approach to harvesting converts but also through their mendacious and fraudulent approaches and obnoxious pursuits vaingloriously portrayed as “normal and conducive manifestations of physical and emotional love”, and quite categorically not above intentionally and disingenuously employing in the most concerted manner their well-honed, British establishment and “privileged elites” accommodating methods, themselves extremely intimidatingly with all the political and parliamentary support and goodwill they can muster – and which to be perfectly honest is truly enormous to say the least, as this is both fertile and friendly territory for them – manipulatively and exploitatively have turned Britain “ass over head” into becoming a Queer and Dyke domain.

The resultant effect of which is that the United Kingdom has not only become a decidedly perverse as well as an exceedingly and predominantly sick society but also one in which genuine heterosexuals have effectively become a rare breed while virulently regarded by these aberrant sexual deviants as the enemy within. What a queer state of affairs!

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