Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Racially white Caucasian, intuitively Barbarians and ethically deranged losers!

By Stanley Collymore

How very interesting and utterly ironic that it’s the supposedly
white “civilized world” that occasions the greatest and, without
any question to all genuinely thinking minds, the indisputably
most horrendous and lethal devastations to human kind and
through this barbaric process, vilely as well as profoundly
disturbingly rather idiotically jeopardizes the earnestly
sought after welfare, indispensable security and even
the very existence of humanity! White Caucasian entities with
their delusional supremacist and western elitist notions that
are themselves compounded by irrational ideas of their
proselytizers’ absolute, they maintain, entitlement to
automatic preferential treatment and generated the
demented managers of these rogue state entities
will tell you of a sacrosanct, divinely ordained
and the irreversibly prescribed assurance of
an inimitable, immutable and exclusively
accorded to them white exceptionalism.
Granted, they enthusiastically add, in
deific acknowledgement of and also
an appreciative tribute in perpetuity
solely to their race and none other.

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 April 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
For a people who in the most concertedly arrogant and delusional fashion regard themselves as the epitome of everything that’s comprehensively virtuous and unquestionably civilized, when patently and transparently they’re not, and furthermore in their twisted interpretation of what life is all about indisputably comprise and embody by their very existence alone all the outstanding qualities to exclusively be the authentic judges, without either recourse to or any consultation or agreement with the rest of mankind, of what in every feasible circumstance is best for all of humanity, not only disdains fundamental logic and basic common-sense but also and in essence is the narcissistic encapsulation of hubristic arrogance and rank stupidity that, for all but such demented persons, constitute the height of asinine absurdity!

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