Saturday, 22 April 2017

Free speech and freedom of expression the bugbear of Nazi Zionists and western megalomaniac politicians.

By Stanley Collymore

I’m a firm believer of unrestricted free speech and the
absolute freedom of expression regardless of who
voices either of them or the initial source these
stated expressions or comments emanated
from. And while I’m fully aware that
such pronouncements might very
well be highly inflammatory, distressing, insulting
or even offensive to the beliefs or convictions
of many who either hear them or are the
subjects of such possibly irritating
or upsetting statements, as long as no legally proven
action of wilful defamation, fraudulent character
assassination, libel or intentionally threatening
behaviour can’t be categorically determined
against the purveyors of such purportedly
offensive conduct but even so exercised
within the strictly specified parameters
of the law - as explicitly and, what is
more, universally delineated in the
archetype of a politically secure,
judicially neutral and crucially
an unsullied socially created
and transparently advanced
democracy that comprises
the combination of all of the
aforementioned basics and
vouchsafed guarantees –
then truthfully I’ve no
problem with or any
gripes against the
exercise, albeit
of any such

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 April 2017.

Author’s remarks:
In a competently organized, successfully run and correspondingly a genuine democratic country the cardinal principles of free speech and freedom of expression ought to be, and I’ll further add must be, the inalienable right of every citizen and resident who lives there and what constraints there might be against this commendable situation should be openly aired, freely discussed and objectively debated at will, and furthermore what measures that are eventually taken must themselves be comprehensively endorsed by a minimum two thirds majority and binding vote in a nationally held and independently supervised referendum, with the outcome subsequently passed into legislation by that country’s duly and democratically elected parliamentarians.

But what we, the general public, routinely observe and abhor are pseudo-democratic and even clandestinely self-serving and bogus proselytizing so-called democratic states whose barbaric, graspingly avaricious, megalomaniacal and warmongering controllers that clearly have no interest whatsoever in democratic values repeatedly usurp the principles, norms and creditable goals of free speech and freedom of expression to advantageously for them and very detrimental to their selected victims rein in legitimate critics of themselves and the vile regimes they run, while equally, hypocritically and in the most naked display of their arrogant and hostile double standards promote their own twisted, one-sided and malevolent agendas to the detriment of everyone but themselves and their own kind, and most especially so those whom they virulently, albeit unwarrantedly, disdain and discredit with a passionately induced revulsion and psychopathically executed enmity.

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