Saturday, 21 January 2017

What’s it with you, and why can’t you leave me alone and in peace?

By Stanley Collymore

What is it with you, and why do you keep on gratuitously
picking on and criticizing me? For whatever things I say
or do you instantaneously jump on my case not only to
condemn what I’ve done but also, with your barbed
comments or alleged knowledgeable advice, and
totally unasked for, vociferously, patronizingly
and even most hatefully conclude how very
off-base, in your subjective point of view,
and according to you, I completely am.
Well I’m thoroughly sick and tired of it and not only
because I firmly consider myself to be a genuinely
responsible and well-informed adult but also a
person in my own right that is entitled to and
furthermore have realistic opinions of my
own which, in case you’ve expediently
either chosen to forget or are wholly
unconcerned about is none the less
my permanent prerogative to, and
additionally as I justly perceive
it emphatically stops you from
unilaterally and unduly, even
if I was indubitably in need
of advice, behaving in this
constantly confrontational
fashion of yours towards
me for no other reason
I can inference, apart
from the realization,
it so happens, that
you are my mum.

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Whatever the circumstances: natural and biologically, surrogate or test tube, in which each and everyone of us ultimately enters this world that we’re in, the clear and indispensible necessity of a human mother to assist and complete that process is inevitable. That’s the physiological part which is itself markedly different in a multitude of ways and wide-ranging permutations that can and not uncommonly necessitates a series of actions or steps taken in order to realize the particular end of raising each child that successfully makes it through conception to birth and expectantly adulthood.

A complex evolution, and not an over-statement to say so, whose development can be virtually trouble free, pretty straightforward and infinitely beneficial for those individuals fortunate to be so privileged but regrettably can also conversely be a distinctly traumatic as well utterly debilitating nightmare for those who aren’t so lucky particularly when the wilful dispenser of such angst is the one person that conventional norms dictate should never be a part of that latter equation. Yet how often do contemporary circumstances and tragic events prove us to be totally wrong? 

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