Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Good Riddance 2016!

By Stanley Collymore

To say that 2016 was an absolutely dreadful year
would be a gross understatement on my part,
and to me it’s abundantly clear that that
concise evaluation of it isn’t by any
means a gratuitous exaggeration
of what the at last fortunately
expired year that was 2016 actually and quite
personally represented for me. For sadly
throughout its entire existence I was
hurtfully obliged to observe with
my very eyes the inconsolable
demise of numerous people
who throughout my life
in many and tangibly
constructive ways
have inspirationally fashioned the educative
backdrop as well as permanently laid the
firm foundations for me to positively
embark on, additionally creatively
develop the relevant means, and
most essentially competently
put in place the necessary
mechanisms whereby
I was resourcefully
capable of being
the person that
I gladly am.

So many funerals in a single year of genuinely
non-media hyped, often unknown and even
unheard of by the MSM and as a result
not the customary fare of fabricated
media spin but all the same valid
celebrities, as distinct from the
standard spurious, so-called
famous and socially invented and jumped up
nonentity types, whose collective, most
demoralizing and truly disconcerting
passing truthfully made their quite
grateful recipients of unstinting
hope and dedicated admirers
keenly wishing to go with
them all on their Celestial journey
home to be in the company of
their gracious Saviour and
Almighty God; and me
yearning, though not
in any way feeling
forced to take my
own life which
religiously to
me is a serious mortal
sin, that I too could
in actuality be a
part of them!

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 January 2017.

Author’s Comments:
With each year that passes those of us who’ve survived the outgoing one’s demise and accordingly acknowledge the incoming one with a mixture of emotions ranging from joy, huge expectations and even trepidation, the previous and now defunct year is itself invariably viewed by many with its own amalgamation of enlivening nostalgia, sorrow or regret at its passing and even considerable relief too that what they regarded as a pretty dreadful year is no longer here.

However, there’s no escaping the fact that in terms of calamities, personal or otherwise, 2016 won’t be easily forgotten and for many globally will always conjure up very painful memories. Let’s hope therefore that if you’re among the latter the passage of time will be for you a healing balm.

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