Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Worry about who you really are and just leave me to be who I am!

By Stanley Collymore

I am who I am! No less so a Briton that those
of you who not only think differently but
also asininely assume in your rank stupid-
ity that my skin colour and ethnicity
quite transparently different from
your own do consequently in
your sick, troubled and manifestly ill-
informed minds justifiably delude
you into obstinately concluding
that I am in no way or can I
ever realistically either see
my self or be reasonably
regarded as by any normal -
your twisted definition
of that word and not
in any way mine –
indisputable and
genuine Briton.

Well, feel free to foolishly think or even
believe all the rubbish you may have
perceived bout me and cheerfully
want to digest, for whatever it
is that you’ve arrived at in
your delusional, primarily white
Caucasian and deeply ingrained
exceptionalist notion of who
you in point of fact are and
thus in response consider
that I am or should be
arbitrarily classified
as in your biased
assumption of me, let me assist you
in that one chum by emphatically,
explicitly and unapologetically
establishing once and for all
that isn’t my problem but
evidently it’s yours and
worst luck for you I
shan’t ever at any
time currently or
in the future be
ever likely to
make it mine!

For let me also firmly pledge to you and just
as decisively hopefully put your terminally
depleted minds at rest my idiotic white
Caucasian, brain-washed half-breed
house niggers, Asiatic compulsive
and incestuously in-breeding, or
Arab toadying cretins and alas
for me my fellow Brit citizens
that whatever it is that you’re
most determinedly aspiring
for in your specious end game and specifically in
cases of people like me, let me unfalteringly
and unambiguously inform you that what
ever it is you’re attempting to do isn’t
by any means new; has been quite
vainly, earnestly and rather
disastrously tried before by
preceding generations of
similarly hare-brained
and feebleminded
cretins like you
and from my
personal perspective
and quite frankly
you see doesn’t
cut any ice
with me!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Racism of every sort is a consummately pernicious and invasive evil beloved of, actively promoted by and liberally indulged in either overtly or more commonly cowardly and therefore clandestinely by those who’re infected by and what’s more are also deeply ingrained with a wholly insupportable and when objectively scrutinized found to be wanting in every regard notion of what in their thoroughly twisted and utterly delusional state of mind they nevertheless obsessively regard as their inherent, inalienable, continuous and unchallengeable right to what in their distinctively madcap interpretation, exceptionalism exclusively means to them.

And moreover how it can and must in all fairness to themselves be employed to negatively impact on every single one of those whom they gratuitously despise and in whatever way they can derogatorily categorize - noticeably and conveniently overlooking their own inured penchant for and multiple acts of diverse criminality – and additionally deride as being unquestionably inferior to them.

All this with skin colour and purportedly untainted racial origin on their part – an even if the latter were true both of which ironically they had no part to play in nor could they personally or in any way have done – being the dominant and determining factors in this purblind stupid and vilely ludicrous assumption of theirs as to who they are and therefore must categorically be always regarded as by everyone else. Well there you have it and to which I happily say: “Humour them if you want to but I shan’t as frankly it’s not my cup of tea!”

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