Friday, 2 September 2016

The Proposal

By Stanley Collymore

You clearly make me feel extra special and totally out of
this world as a human being if it’s not a contradiction
in terms of what I’m saying; but I’m positive that
being who you are you doubtlessly know and
completely understand what I’m lovingly
and honestly communicating to you
and therefore won’t require of me
any fancy or otherwise complex
rationalization my cherished
Darling. Except, of course, to distinctively
clarify that with you having in the most
exciting, rewarding, inspirational and
fulfilling of circumstances I could
ever have truthfully hoped for,
and furthermore doing so of
your own volition – well
in effect with a little
helpful persuasion
from a specified
Special Person – I would have had
to be an absolute fool, wouldn’t
I, not to personally strengthen
that undoubtedly enthralling
and entirely advantageous
situation which we were
in by most pleasurably
and shrewdly asking
that you marry me,
and consequently
turning out to be
the focal point
of my life: a
and indeed
great wife!

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Everyone in Britain and several others beyond the UK’s borders unless they’re recent immigrants from some planetary system in the remotest outreaches of the Universe’s galaxies - and even there I’m positive they not only have heard of but also know quite a bit about Jeremy Corbyn too – must be aware of the absolutely vitriolic, demented  and malevolent attacks, smears, outright lies, fabrications, childish propaganda campaigns and the undoubtedly spiteful character assassinations – everything bar calling him the proverbial Christian or the principled human being that he undoubtedly is – idiotically orchestrated – these moronic buggers even collectively couldn’t manage to unassisted navigate their way out of a sodden paper bag - and viciously directed against Jeremy Corbyn.

But amidst all this and as I’ve valiantly and will continue to fearlessly and vigorously do fight the cause of this noble man and worthy human being Jeremy Corbyn I haven’t once overlooked or ever endeavoured to do so, and deeply and reciprocally in love with my absolutely gorgeous: both physically, intellectually and quite conscionably, German partner as I am, the impact that all of this has had on Jeremy’s adorable wife Laura, who has herself with dignity, fortitude and civilized graciousness – something that categorically can’t be said of these detritus lowlife specimens of purported humanity; verminous scum too is also a phraseology most fitting for all of them – weathered this tsunami of calculated and despicable hatred ferociously directed at her husband.

And it’s with this very much in mind and complimentarily too that I’ve happily written this poem from the prospective of the proverbial fly on the wall and additionally giving full licence to my artistic capabilities and distinct leanings in this specific case decided to take this outstandingly remarkable married couple back to their celebrated courting days, the proposal of marriage, and their subsequent wedding. But please feel at liberty others of you who this poem either romantically or nostalgically touches to embrace it also as a tribute in your own personal situation.

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