Friday, 2 September 2016

3 Hour Relaxing Guitar Music: Meditation Music, Instrumental Music, Calm...

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  1. Voluntarily entering into any personal relationship is a game of chance made even more exciting or perilous dependant on the circumstances in which it’s taken; but just as you won’t permanently confine yourself to staying in doors for fear that if you ventured outdoors you’ll probably, without any actual evidence to support that contention, be physically attacked, robbed or even mowed down by a proverbial No.9 bus hijacked and driven dangerously by a rogue transport driver with a bloodlust, there’s no reason either to automatically suspect that entering a new and/or amorous relationship that catastrophe is laying in wait for you and therefore you must at best be scrupulously cautious or even worse eschew at all costs such a relationship for your own self-preservation.

    And my suggestion for what it’s worth is that you employ your own judicious observation, judgment and commonsense in such matters and if as a result you’re neither encountering, realistically expecting, nor likely to experience any problems in your new relationship, why then manufacture fanciful ones rather than throw yourself fully, excitingly and encouragingly into what you’re undertaking and as a consequence unreservedly have fun?