Friday, 22 July 2016

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Song of Leadership (If Everyone Cared)

Great leaders like Corbyn have always been derided by diehard forces of privileged elitism

By Stanley Collymore

A prophet is not without honour save in his own country the Biblical mantra expressly states; and while basically there’s an arguably strong element of truth to this aged-old statement it certainly doesn’t cover or explain distinctly phenomenal exceptions neither like Jeremy Corbyn nor for that matter the exceedingly and incredibly massive appetite of spontaneous support engendered for him and what he honourably stands for and does genuinely believe in by manifestly and discernibly undeniably significant numbers of people within the very domain of his own country for the noble exposition by him of several of life’s problems.

Whether these are strictly accidentally occasioned through acts of gross incompetence or negligence, avariciously motivated and clearly self-serving actions of politicians or other public service officials spurred on by acts of public service malfeasance or else, and more likely than not, are intentionally man-made through the instigated, spurious and fraudulent shenanigans of intrinsically criminally corrupt, wantonly immoral but privileged elites all the same, rapturously and brainlessly cheer led by a dissolute and highly propagandistic mindset and extremely unethical amalgamation, and most critically in equal measure, of equally mainstream corporate and likewise obligatorily publicly financed as is unmistakably the case with the BBC state media players.

Collaboratively comprising delinquent activities that are resolutely and intentionally meant to misinform, distort and deceive the general public in relation to what is really going on as well as manufacture stories that aren’t only immoral in their creation but profoundly, dishonestly and most illegally abrogate all the rules that the so-called Fourth Estate are meant to uphold and Ofcom is supposed to monitor and see that they are scrupulously maintained; but in Ofcom’s case never occurs since with that equally corrupt statutory body, its nepotistic and unaccountable to the general public members are all part of the same revolving door.

So on behalf of myself, my German Partner, our many friends our numerous relatives here in Barbados and the several officials on this idyllic Caribbean island where we’re currently ensconced and with whom among many others that I’ve been discussing you Jeremy Corbyn and the political situation in Britain, they all as do I send our very best wishes to you for your success in the upcoming repeat Labour leadership contest and commend you on your unsurprising to us imaginative speech given at your campaign launch on Thursday 21 July 2016. Additionally, I’m assiduously following what goes on tremendously carefully, and as I promised my Partner and I will be back in time to physically campaign for you. Meanwhile, I’ll carry on online as I routinely do in your specific regard.

And as those who’re deeply involved in their obscene and sycophantic acquiescence, and I’m distinctly referring to the commensurately bought and paid for Tory, Labtory and Lib-Dem “politicians” asininely persist with the antics of those we already know about in the NEC, media and elsewhere among these reactionary forces against you, I was immensely pleased to learn that when you win AGAIN there will be measures in place to ensure that there’s a statutory re-selection process for all those who want to run as Labour Party MPs and which will in future eradicate the traitors we’ve seen in action these past couple of months coupled with the unquestionably self-absorbed and self-serving villains who think that they can use the Labour Party as a convenient and a rather contemptuous in their eyes vehicle for their own selfish ends. This has to stop and promptly so. And if as they and essentially their unequivocally ignorant standard bearers that without fail and to the exclusion of all others and any other point of view appear on Sky News Press Preview delude themselves that these treacherous MPs are so incredibly  popular with their constituents and don’t need to pay any cognizance to a duly elected Labour Party leader that they unwarrantedly dislike and hold the same disdain for their constituency Labour Party why one must sensibly and pertinently ask don’t they stand as independent parliamentary candidates or join another party?

And the reason, as any sensible person knows, is that the votes which they receive in these constituencies at general elections are generated not as personal tributes to them but significantly so because of the party, in our case, the Labour Party they belong to and on whose ticket and platform they stood.

In conclusion and from a sunny Barbados – I understand there’s now a heat wave in the UK as well but here we have the Atlantic Trade Winds to temper the heat – take care Jeremy, God Bless and keep fighting for what you and every conscionable person on this planet and not just Britain honestly believes in.

Große Führer wie Corbyn schon immer von eingefleischten Kräfte der privilegierten Elitismus verspottet worden

Von Stanley Collymore

Ein Prophet ist nicht ohne Ehre, außer in seinem eigenen Land die biblische Mantra ausdrücklich erklärt; und während im Grunde ist es ein wohl starkes Element der Wahrheit in diesem Alter alte Aussage sicherlich ist es nicht abdecken oder deutlich phänomenale Ausnahmen erklären weder wie Jeremy Corbyn noch für diese Angelegenheit die außerordentlich und unglaublich massiven Appetit der spontanen Unterstützung für ihn gezeugt und was er ehrenvoll steht und wirklich in durch offensichtlich und spürbar unbestreitbar eine erhebliche Zahl von Menschen in der sehr Domäne seines eigenen Landes für die edle Ausstellung von ihm mehrere Probleme des Lebens glaubt.

Ob diese streng versehentlich verursacht durch grober Inkompetenz oder Fahrlässigkeit, avariciously motivierte und klar eigennützige Handlungen von Politikern oder anderen öffentlichen Dienst Beamte angespornt durch Handlungen des öffentlichen Dienstes malfeasance oder sonst, und häufiger als nicht, sind absichtlich nage gemacht durch die angestiftet, falsche und betrügerische Machenschaften von eigen kriminell korrupt, mutwillig unmoralisch, sondern privilegierten Eliten alle gleich, rapturously und hirnlos durch einen liederlichen und hoch propagandistische Einstellung und extrem unethisch Verschmelzung und die meisten kritisch in gleichem Maße von gleich Mainstream führte jubeln Unternehmens- und obligat öffentlich finanziert als auch mit den BBC staatlichen Medien Spieler unverkennbar der Fall ist.

Kollaborativ umfassend delinquent Aktivitäten, die entschlossen und absichtlich gemeint falsch zu informieren sind, verzerren und die breite Öffentlichkeit in Bezug zu täuschen, was los ist, sowie Herstellung Geschichten ist wirklich, die nicht nur in ihrer Schöpfung unmoralisch sind aber zutiefst, unehrlich und die meisten illegal außer Kraft setzen alle die Regeln, die die vierte Gewalt so genannte sollen zu wahren und Ofcom soll zu überwachen und zu sehen, dass sie peinlich genau eingehalten werden; aber in Ofcom Fall tritt nie da mit diesem ebenso korrupt Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts, seine nepotistic und unerklärlich für die breite Öffentlichkeit Mitglieder sind alle Teil der gleichen Drehtür.

Also im Namen von mir, meinen deutschen Partner, unsere vielen Freunde, unsere zahlreichen Verwandten hier in Barbados und die verschiedenen Beamten auf dieser idyllischen karibischen Insel, wo wir derzeit eingenistet sind und mit denen unter vielen anderen, die ich Ihnen Jeremy Corbyn haben diskutiert und die politische Situation in Großbritannien, sie alle so sende ich unsere besten Wünsche für Sie für Ihren Erfolg in der kommenden Labour-Führung Wettbewerb wiederholen und loben Sie auf Ihrem unsurprising uns einfallsreiche Rede auf Ihre Kampagnenstart am Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016. Zusätzlich gegeben ich bin nach emsig, was enorm vorsichtig geht, und wie ich meine Partner versprochen, und ich werde in der Zeit zurück körperlich für Sie zu werben. Inzwischen werde ich auf Online-tragen, wie ich regelmäßig in Ihrem speziellen Hinsicht tun.

Und wie diejenigen, die in ihren obszönen und kriecherischen Ergebung tief beteiligt sind, und ich meine damit deutlich auf die commensurately gekauft und bezahlt Tory, Labtory und Lib-Dem "Politiker" asininely mit den Eskapaden von denen, beharren wir bereits kennen in NEC, Medien und anderswo unter diesen reaktionären Kräften gegen dich, ich war ungeheuer erfreut zu erfahren, dass, wenn Sie gewinnen wieder dort Maßnahmen getroffen werden, um sicherzustellen, dass es eine gesetzliche Wiederauswahlprozess für alle, die als Arbeiterpartei ausgeführt werden soll Abgeordnete und die in der Zukunft werden die Verräter auszurotten wir diese letzten paar Monaten zusammen mit den fraglos egozentrisch und selbstsüchtigen Schurken in Aktion gesehen haben, die denken, dass sie die Labour Party als eine bequeme und einem eher geringschätzig können in ihren Augen Fahrzeug für ihre eigenen egoistischen Zwecke. Das muss aufhören und umgehend so. Und wenn, wie sie und im wesentlichen ihre eindeutig unwissend Fahnenträger, die ohne Fehler und unter Ausschluss aller anderen und jede andere Sicht auf Sky News Press Preview erscheinen geben sich der Illusion, dass diese tückische MPs so unglaublich beliebt sind mit ihren Inhaltsstoffen und nicht müssen jede Kenntnis einer ordnungsgemäß gewählten Führer der Labour Party, dass sie unberechtigt Abneigung zu zahlen und die gleiche Verachtung für ihre Wählerarbeiterpartei halten, warum muss man vernünftig und fragen einschlägig nicht sie als unabhängige Parlamentskandidaten stehen oder eine andere Partei beitreten?

Und der Grund, wie jeder vernünftige Mensch weiß, ist, dass die Stimmen, die sie in diesen Wahlkreisen bei allgemeinen Wahlen erhalten erzeugt nicht als persönliche Hommage an sie, aber so deutlich, weil der Partei, in unserem Fall die Labour-Partei sie gehören, und auf deren Ticket und Plattform standen sie.

Abschließend und von einem sonnigen Barbados - Ich verstehe, gibt es jetzt eine Hitzewelle als auch in Großbritannien, aber hier haben wir die Winde Atlantic Handel um die Hitze zu mildern - kümmern Jeremy, Gott für das, was Sie kämpfen segnen und zu halten und jede conscionable Person auf dieser Planet und nicht nur Großbritannien glaubt ehrlich in.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Edwin Starr - War (What is it good for) + Lycris HQ!!

War...what is it good for absolutely nothing

Emphatically and idiotically strident for Trident!

By Stanley Collymore

We must have Trident as it’s our inalienable right as white, British, exceptionalist Caucasians and wannabe again global colonialists and imperialists to have it by any means regardless of the expense or how utterly useless it is in fighting more likely than not conventional wars of our own choosing or the scourge of false flag and other horrendous acts of terrorism that consecutive United Kingdom regimes through their Persian Gulf Bantustan satrapies are Erdogan’s autocratic Turkey are deeply implicated in.

And just think of all the jobs we’ll be creating as well as safeguarding by carrying on with this lethally destructive nuclear capability – well not many actually as that declaration is just a figment of our twisted imagination to keep the warmongers in the political parties and overall in the country happy; for although there are jobs associated with this vainglorious, obscene and asinine absurdity they’re specialized ones, few in number and in cost terms work out at one million Pounds Sterling per person. But what the heck? What we’re doing keeps the military industrial complex, the US neo-cons and our Zionist lobbyists and paymasters happy; and financially, for graspingly avaricious, snouts in the troughs and self-serving MPs like us, having Trident in those circumstances alone is an absolute must!

Then there’s the crucial matter of Britain’s position on the world stage, our permanent seat on the UN’s Security Council to at all costs maintain, and our white Caucasian and expected of us exceptionalism role to consider and quite relevantly fulfil; while at the same time studiously and assiduously ensuring that we the white elites of this world not only have but will also rigidly maintain the absolute right to keep a nuclear deterrent while scrupulously denying that same national obligation to countries we utterly despise like communist North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran that prefer not to be our toadying allies but instead opt for their own sovereign and cherished independence. And delusional though it is to any sensible or rational person what we’re doing, it’s vital none the less to us: the privileged and the elites of Britain, that you the unthinking Plebeians fully understand and unquestioningly accept our stated explanation, and not least so because this planet Earth that we control and live on rightfully and forever belongs to none other but our indisputably superior race of white men and women!

This quite intentionally conceived work of mine is in fulsome and unapologetic praise of an inextricably coupled with my utmost and profoundly unquestionable admiration for my deeply cherished  hero and astoundingly amazing British political figure and leader Jeremy Corbyn who is undoubtedly to any reasonable and objective person and myself foremost among such persons, and of whom they’re countless numbers of them out here, the most consistently principled, consummately decent and genuinely thoughtful and caring human being one could possibly image or conceivably expect to encounter in real life.

So much so that in physical and psychological embodiment Jeremy Corby is in actuality trillions of light years removed, and in every constructive aspect one can possibly imagine, from the plethora of loathsomely self-serving and regrettably but accurately so one must say the overwhelming majority of those who currently infest and infect contemporary British politics. And all of this in a delusionally driven country headed by privileged nerds that hubristically perceive themselves as omnipotent elites, as they oversee in the most incompetent manner conceivable a has-been imperialistic and colonialist entity that having lost an empire, and quite rightly so, persists nevertheless in its self-delusional and collective mindset that it’s still a great world power whose outdated and lamentably idiotic views wholly out of sync with the realities of the 21st Century must be fully taken cognizance of  and what’s more in a markedly changed world must also unquestioningly be accepted and completely implemented by the still perceived by these white British idiots as subject races  whose lives, future and governance have to be, and forever so, the sole prerogative of the white man to do with as he pleases.

This rather ridiculous and ironic posture in a self-professed and supposedly civilized democracy called Britain that is discernibly without a written, legal or enforceable constitution and where the rules running, for lack of a better expression, the United Kingdom are manifestly archaic and a discernibly and pathetic hand me down from an era of autocratic dispensation stemming from the divine rights of kings or queens that have themselves, the rules I’m referring to, through spurious means been passed on to whoever is the incumbent Prime Minister at the time and consequently serves as the monarch’s first minister. So there’s no clear-cut constitutionality nor any authentic democracy as to how Britain or politics in it are properly conducted and the best that one can honestly say is that those who find themselves in charge make it up on the hoof as they ineptly go along, and more often than not add in the most incompetent fashion to the burgeoning calamities that are already there.

All of which is further exacerbated by the obvious fact, so utterly risible if at the same time it wasn’t that bloody pathetic and serious, that significant elements of the British public are so poorly informed about what generally goes on in their country let alone the rest of the world that it’s pathetically easy for these political charlatans and other so-called elites perniciously supported by a Nazi Zionist right wing media to not only easily dupe these apathetic, brainless and idiotic buggers who happily relinquish what minimal brain power they may have to enable them however enfeebly so to think for themselves, quite happily it’s patently clear, willingly and in the most puerile manner surrender this distinctly limited capability that they have to the very same people who don’t give a damn about them but most infuriatingly to all sensible and rational people who observe what is going on, watch these often lowlife morons gang up at the very behest of those abusing and exploiting them against persons like Jeremy Corbyn that have their true interests at heart. Now you really can’t get any more idiotic than that can you?

Then along comes testosterone-driven and closet Dyke Theresa May: manifestly racist, xenophobic and warmongering in the most extreme and trying her hardest to display her butch credentials, saying that she’ll have no compunction in instantly pushing the proverbial nuclear button, conveniently forgetting to add the phrase the United States permitting as Britain can’t or wouldn’t dare do so without the US say so, and happily and indiscriminately incinerate hundreds of thousands and even millions of innocent men, women and children – obviously not white ones of course and who’d simply as usual be labelled as collateral damage – and chillingly not give a Dyke’s fanny about the consequences that befell them. Is that why Britain like the bully it is doesn’t want for non-white countries to have nuclear weapons, since it’s easy to pick on those who don’t have WMDs nor ever possessed them at any time like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia etc and other targeted countries in the Global South; while with the energetic cooperation and assistance of the same Britain, a rogue state like Yidland, aka Israel, can have them and furthermore in conjunction with the rank hypocritical and double standards blessing of western immunity accorded to it and particularly so by Britain and the United States the IAEA isn’t even allowed to lawfully carry out its statutory inspections of Yidland’s nuclear facilities let alone impose the strict conditions of the non-proliferation treaty on it.

So who does Dyke May intend on attacking? Countries that don’t have the capability to strike back with nuclear arsenals as they would have none. No different at all from a pretty loathsome mugger with a gun pointed at you and your family who are totally defenceless against that person as his or her victims can’t retaliate in kind. And does this closet Dyke now installed as our PM really think that she can attack Russia or China with nuclear weapons and their governments will simply sit back, do nothing and say to their surviving populations: “Don’t worry; pay no heed to what’s happened as it’s just Britain playing at silly buggers?”

Unlike Theresa May I served in the British military, the Royal Air Force to be precise, and I know what the realistic as apart from the propagandistic and delusional assumptions of those like Dyke May and the male equivalent Queers who are always willing to defend their bogus patriotism to the last drop of somebody else’s blood and never their own, actually is. And there is no conceivable way, for all her nonsensical bluster, that Britain could survive a nuclear attack or any responsive action to Britain initiating one. For the realistic outcome for all concerned would be a Nuclear Winter! And in his rational response to Theresa May’s hubris Jeremy Corbyn is undeniably right and she’s absolutely and incontrovertibly wrong!