Friday, 18 May 2018

Meghan Markle – In worthy praise of a genuine Earth Angel.

By Stanley Collymore

While it’s perfectly true and quite self-evident to any
ostensibly thinking person that the comprehensively
underlying circumstances of one’s birth and the
then instantly and wholly direct consequences
which follow thereafter are totally and thus
accordingly, will always be outside either
the control or influence of that created
child that was ultimately born, none the less the crucial
developmental process or otherwise that afterwards
result as an outcome of all births are very much
a window of opportunity for those personally
involved to seriously envisage, consciously
set out to fashion in their own image and
then essentially implement the kind of
meaningful, thoroughly empathetic
regarding other people and hence
safeguard the kind of markedly
productive, unequivocal and
entirely confident lifestyle
that that person wants to
and raptly opts to lead.

And naturally, you young lady most undoubtedly, as
has been scrupulously observed by all those with
a functioning brain in their particular cranium
and additionally is capable of and sensibly
prepared to utilize it, and moreover has
even a smidgeon of compassion and
necessary humanity in their heart-cum-psychological
system, knows intuitively that already from your
seminal years you’ve quite successfully and
resourcefully, adeptly and systematically
mastered the principled art of skilfully
garnering and skilfully deploying
the most salient, creditable and
effective aspects of humanity.

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 May 2018.

Author’s Remarks:
Much has been written and said about Meghan Markle, not all of it the least flattering, and in the latter case evidently for endemic racist reasons, since the news broke of her involvement with and Prince Harry and subsequently in the wake of their official engagement. To which I will unequivocally and unapologetically to all these intellectual retards and lowlife specimens of supposedly Homo sapiens, which I doubt very much that they are, eat your hearts out. And if in the 21st Century you consciously want to live in your self-indulgent, delusional, fictional and transparently sewer-infested environment then, by all means, be my guest.

However, for my part and in tandem with everyone whether in Britain, the Commonwealth or indeed the rest of the world who wants to genuinely wish Harry and Meghan along with those who do matter most to them the very best for their forthcoming nuptials on Saturday the 19th May 2018 and, of course, an exceedingly happy married life together.

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