Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Social and Ethnic Cleansing policies of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

By Stanley Collymore

Your shared lives separately and crucially precious to all of you
endeavouring to improve your future prospects and long-term
chances in this mortal life in which we live didn’t matter
then to those who shaped the destiny of your personal
circumstances while with lively hopes and positive
ambitions you were living, and clearly even far
less so, now that through these intentionally
caused corporate and capitalist execution
strategies knowingly implemented not
only by Conservative controlled local government
administrations within Kensington and Chelsea
Borough Council’s remit and their similarly
markedly corrupt and quite nepotistically
indebted taxpayer funded agencies but
also correspondingly and importantly
sustained and staunchly overseered
by consecutive Tory, Labtory and
Lib-Dem alliance governmental
policies of their own that have
themselves continually been,
and are still very supportive
of the same sick mentality;
and from a governmental
outlook is unequivocally
facilitating towards the unwavering, perceptibly racist,
committedly social cleansing and the unambiguously
Hurricane Katrina style, thoroughly class-driven
and calculated social gentrification activities
slavishly copied from Rogue State USA’s,
and in the 21st Century still particularly
racist, New Orleans and conceitedly
imitated not only by England but similarly
the entire United Kingdom’s plushest:
South African-apartheid-era style,
local council, infesting the very
heart of our capital city; the
odious London borough of
Kensington and Chelsea.

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
With the residents of the Grenfell Tower Block and similar local government and other social housing accommodation within the location of the Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council contemptuously perceived by the Tory Nazi-Zionists who’ve consistently run that loathsome entity, as well as their likeminded pals who infest the House of Commons as parliamentarians and unfortunately the incumbent UK regime, as ethnic sub-humans at best or white Plebeians, both of whom are in the eyes of these ingrained racist, intensely apartheid mindset, and quite graspingly avaricious poor excuses for human beings regarded as utterly dispensable; Kensington and Chelsea Borough council has long desired and still wants nothing better than to see this part of London not only ethnically cleansed of its perceived undesirable non-white inhabitants but also thoroughly, socially and permanently cleansed of ALL of them as well, the better to facilitate a wilfully engineered community where money markedly matters more than human lives.

And what better than a convenient fire to kill two unwanted birds with one stone. Incinerate some of them and then force the others to fearfully and enforcedly accept the Tory Nazi-Zionist, Kensington and Chelsea Borough council’s obsessive commitment to itself to be rid of them through social and ethnic cleansing displacement well away from London and itself buttressed by Theresa May’s likeminded regime supportive action in this direction.

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