Saturday, 24 June 2017

Salutations to the corporate murderers of “royal” Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council!

By Stanley Collymore

So there was a fire in London involving a 24 storey
high rise block of flats called Grenfell Tower;
so what? No big deal that, I say; and quite
forthrightly the evidently over-the-top
relevance now ludicrously shown in
relation to and also emotionally
conferred on it, categorically
hasn’t - I can truthfully tell
you - not at all touched,
impressed, or, in any
way, swayed me as
I clearly knew it
wouldn’t from
my manifest
about it.

For who are these purportedly and largely
accepted by many, Grenfell Tower
Block residents and allegedly
incinerated victims? No
discernible persons
that well-heeled
individuals like me can with genuine empathy
ever intuitively, conceivably or honestly
imagine had they with all of their
endemic and frustratingly
enduring social ills
and baggage
carried on living instead of thankfully
and from a level-headed, realistic
and fiscal perspective – relative
to distinctly finite national
and local government
subsidies – not acceptably and cost-effectively
ended up dying, would in a month of
Sundays have made any major or
worthwhile lasting contributions
respectively, either communally
or nationally, to this majestic
nation we call Britain or,
come to that, the
wider world

So it’s fortuitous for everyone concerned that they’re gone!
And surely you must see this; unless, of course, you’re
a Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonald, Emily Thornberry,
Diane Abbott, David Lammy, the Canary or
Momentum inured-type leftist moron,
and one who either quite like ethnic
minorities and other social
underclasses per se and
therefore, being
very supportive of them foresee no
problems whatsoever in either
wanting or actually having
them living in London,
and through their
presence there
and most
undesirably, I must say, demographically change the white
Caucasian, privileged elite and proudly selfish millionaire
composition of our beloved capital city in myriad
disastrous ways! And harsh though it may
sound to have to say this, their welcomed
departure, untimely though it was I
readily confess, will in the end,
I assure you, be all for the best.

For let’s face facts! Seeing the backs of these most
undesirable throngs of sub-humans, even if
involuntarily so as has seemingly occurred
in their situation, will quite literally,
fortuitously and significantly,
ably assist the long in situ
and tenaciously adhered
to necessary ethnic
and social cleansing
policies of the
royal in character and
privileged elite in behaviour
London Borough of
Kensington and

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:

Grenfell is a monument to Tory Britain. Neither oversight, negligence, nor malfeasance lies at the root of the Grenfell Tower fire in west London. Strip away the sickening obfuscation and platitudes, peddled by the usual coterie of confected politicians, and the roots of this disaster lie in the virulent disdain, bordering on hatred, of poor and working class people by the rich in a society which in 2017 is a Utopia for the few and a dystopia for far too many.


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