Thursday, 16 February 2017

The ridiculous mind games of a narcissistic lover

By Stanley Collymore

If as you say you’re reciprocally in love with someone and
additionally an quite ostentatiously make that personal
declaration of yours well known, why then do you
feel it incumbent on you and therefore necessary
too to demand of that allegedly special person
an unqualified explanation of, if and why it
is that that particular individual still loves
you? Since reciprocation, the noun form
of the adverb reciprocally that you’ve
openly and freely used in relation to this supposedly
special person, unquestionably means that you and
whoever it is that you’ve partnered with have of
your own volition voluntarily embarked on the
relationship you’re sharing. Which prompts
the obvious question then, and not least so
from the concerned perspective of this
involved person as well as the uneasy
opinion of anyone who’s vaguely in
the least interested in this clearly
narcissistic discourse that you
are pandering to about your
love; what the precisely is
it you’re trying to prove?

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 February 2017.

Author’s Comments:
Yes! There are sadomasochists involved in practically every aspect of everyday human life: persons wholly lacking in self-worth, devoid of any noticeable acquisition or demonstration of commonsensical behaviour much less so discernible intellectual acumen but, all the same, whose activities, both individually and collectively, can and do cause irreparable harm to those whom they overtly or even surreptitiously indulge their brainless, self-dependency leanings, wanton and avaricious yearnings along with their pernicious activities overall, gratifyingly with.

Personal indulgences you might say; and therefore are perfectly permissible among consenting adults in the privacy of their homes or private lives and certainly alright within the environs of a vibrant and progressive democracy and its objectively thinking and pragmatically practising citizens, in relation to what other people quite lawfully do with their lives inside that that country; and I wholeheartedly agree.

However when demented sadomasochism combines, I believe, with compulsive control-freakism, that’s altogether a wholly different matter regardless of what society that they emerge in and manage to ingratiate themselves in. For I firmly believe that in such vile and threatening situations they mustn’t, with their undercurrent of moral and societal aberrations and their attendant consequences, be so easily, glibly and broad-mindedly be accepted much less so encouraged.

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