Saturday, 18 February 2017

Stuff Donald J. Drumpf the US President and fuck you Hillary Rodham Clinton the aspirant one!

By Stanley Collymore

Thankfully as a British citizen, not some bloody subject and a
terminology so beloved by significant numbers of inured
morons who infest my country the United Kingdom, I
couldn’t, nor would I ever have done even if I had
the dubious honour of doing so, have voted for
any of the US presidential candidates and far
less so the two major ones: a narcissistic,
intensely self-absorbed and white male,
racist, immigrant on all sides ancestry
bum pitted against a warmongering, embedded in the financial
pockets of the neo-cons, graspingly avaricious and overall
western Military Industrial Complex the Goldman Sachs
and the range of other Wall Street sinisterly demented
Zionist, Yiddish scroungers, who avidly believe in
the evidently self-serving dictum that boastfully
lauds capitalist and private sector profits – in
other words unbridled greed – but when in
financial trouble and the shit hits the fan
through their unsurprising and innate
incompetence unashamedly switch
in their perverse and wholly sick
mindset to the conceited tenet
of we’re alright Jack in both
situations precept securely
based on the acceptance of a national government’s
evilly recommended, supported and legislatively
instituted taxpayers’ bale out consisting of a
socialist inspired and oh so conveniently
and hypocritically employed propped
up and even completely wiped off
the financial slate corporate debt.

An undiluted position emphatically and most enthusiastically
embraced and promulgated by the other major presidential
entrant and vainglorious aspirant in this political race: a
similarly hardnosed bigot who also isn’t above using
racism for her own ends, although unlike Donald J.
Drumpf’s blatant utilization of it doing so more
surreptitiously; but, even so and by any astute
and objective analysis, or definition of the
term, nevertheless represents a truly decidedly and piss
poor facsimile of a woman in the person of Hillary
Rodham Clinton – and had I been so unfortunate
on account of my birth to have been entitled
with official authorization embark on my
civic obligation with the preference of
voting for one of them: Herr Donald
Drumpf or the “I’m entitled to it”
Hillary Rodham Clinton, would
quite certainly have eschewed
that dubious honour and the
obvious poisoned chalice
undertaking, and most
categorically in such
a precise situation
I basically would
not have done!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 February 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
The rank hypocrisies and blatant double standards surrounding the US presidential elections and following the installation of its new President and which are ricocheting on this side of the Atlantic are so perverse that I won’t insult my intellect nor waste my time discussing them. That’s for all the idiots involved and who are obsessed by them to discuss. I have my views on the matter but were I to start elucidating them in full it would take me writing non-stop to this time next year to enunciate them.

One question though that I’d like to posit. How the hell does someone with the German familial surname of DRUMPF – changed of course as these rightwing sorts always do – which I’ve deliberately used in this poem and apart from himself and his father who were born in the United States have the sheer nerve and bloody gall in a country founded on Genocide and enforced Slavery and inundated with foreigners and those of foreign ancestry – in other words IMMIGRANTS -  and where those indigenous inhabitants of the continent he’s in and doesn’t bear the name of these peoples’ ancestors, as the largely white, like Herr Drumpf’s European immigrant settlers changed it, oh and by the way all this without  any consultation with or the consent  of the people who actually owned that land and furthermore where these said indigenous peoples have no say in the immigration policies of their own homeland – think that he has the inalienable right to unilaterally say who the hell lives there because he’s been elected President of the USA.

I’d be honest with all of you and say that out of the two completely lost cases that were on show in that US presidential election I personally held my nose and wished that it was Donald instead of Hillary who won. And if he cleans up, as he said  he would do, the stinking sewers that are Washington DC and Wall Street, then good for him as this urgently needs to be done; but with so many billionaires in his cabinet that’s as realistic a situation as going to the Vatican to ask for contraceptive counselling!

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