Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The evil mindset that forged the British Empire, killed infant Poppi and craves more of the same!

By Stanley Collymore

Let’s face facts! The only things that significant numbers of white Caucasian and other likeminded Britons and residents within the UK of all classes and social backgrounds who’re inveterately immersed in their rank stupidity, itself concomitant with the sterile pervasiveness and damning effects monstrously ever present and clearly noticeable of their typical and ongoing dumbed down “education” system that’s intentionally coupled by those who propagandistically control them through a marked dearth of anything, even remotely newsworthy, and that is neither nor could ever , even fancifully, be regarded as the truth or considered in any way as informative, just strengthen the long and justifiably held conviction intertwined with the veritable certitude that when it comes to the issue of rudimentary commonsense enormous numbers of Brits in conjunction with their political, establishment and media controllers are manifestly lacking all credibility in what they say or do, assuming that they actually had any to begin with in the first place, in that specific area of human competence, and I’m speculatively implying as charitably as I really can in giving them the benefit of the doubt on this particular matter that biologically like the rest of us they’re actually human beings also.

For contrarily everything about them points to them being a pretty odious and rather feral bunch of detrital specimens of whatever kind among whose numerous array of pernicious demerits include their widespread, demonstrably uncontrolled and insidious capability in relation to their perceptible insensitivity and a foremost constituent of their inherent and personal barbarity that are themselves compounded by a mutual barbarism which they’re compulsively attracted to and furthermore instinctively and endemically comprise in the process irredeemable characteristics of their concertedly manipulated and most ironically so quite unwittingly blighted and feckless lives.

So how dare then any veritably compos mentis, highly intelligent, rational, consummately well informed, questioning and commonsensical person to cast doubt far less impugn the fictitious notions or fantasies of or paraded as factual “integrity” by these deluded, dumb and utterly brain-dead constituent and risibly daft members of the supposed Master Race and who intuitively in their time degenerate warp continue to infest the rest of us in 21st Century Britain?

For it’s a truth universally and knowledgeably recognized and accepted by practically all former British colonials, their proud and unbowed descendants excluding, of course, the habitual toadying sort in our midst, who are keenly aware of the obsessive and attendant Master Race perceived attachment by principally white British Caucasians – and largely those who either wittingly or else unknowingly carry on deluding themselves about the authentic circumstances surrounding their conception and eventual birth, the direct and lascivious outcome of the innumerable acts of adultery and unfaithfulness committed by their biological mothers rampantly cuckolding their own husbands and even the putative fathers of their bastard offspring to this distinctly visible - exclusively their skin colour – and specious badge of questionable honour ingloriously and barbarically canopied under the shared umbrella of colonialism and imperialism unquestionably stemming from their supposed white ancestors having devised and viciously executed their premeditated and concerted programmes of mind boggling savagery, throughout their enforced occupancy, in lands  and even continents well away from their own country and therefore assuming that these barbaric activities of theirs – for that fundamentally was indubitably what they were – de facto gave them and their “heirs” an indisputable superiority over those whom they were systematically and indifferently subjugating as well as routinely exterminating in their own indigenous homelands; a sickening concept by any analytical benchmark that is ludicrously but despite that still doggedly clung on to by today’s vile breed of similarly feral and absolutely purblind white morons who absurdly and asininely not only think but also firmly believe that this long outmoded notion of immorally subjugating other people and insanely trumpeted by their psychologically sick and discernibly pathetic racial kind should still be in vogue in the 21st Century.

Since it accords to them and all other equally deluded white supremacist aficionadas the perceived automatic and God-given right, they believe, to subjugate, exploit at will, and generally mistreat these racially declared “subject races” whom they irrationally despise and who they further believe were only placed on earth for the sole benefit of and service to white Caucasians – never mind that they were all here long before whites who were the last of the human race (?) to emerge on Planet earth – to do exactly with these “inferior” specimens of Homo sapiens as they chose to.

And how astonishingly fortunate for whites generally and white Britons specifically that these “inferior and subject” races were here first on our communal planet! For otherwise, there would be fuck all for white Caucasians to brag about owning and starting from the English Industrial Revolution completely financed by Barbados sugar slave money; the so-called British Crown Jewels: notably the purloined and invaluable Nubian and Koh-i-Noor diamonds respectively but not alone in being valuable objects of theft since all the rest of these supposed “British Crown Jewels” were similarly bloody well pilfered from other colonial countries as well; every one of the literally millions of artefacts stockpiled in the British Museum, all the other museums across the entire United Kingdom as well as the plethora of other stolen, and perpetually brutally so, priceless artefacts which are hoarded away in private and privileged collections throughout Britain and ranging from those in the possession of the British royal family to other well-heeled, and through their similarly ill-gotten gains, grasping and insidious machinations, of other long-established and persistent thieves!

In fact if Britain and England in particular were ever forced to give back to the colonies what was savagely and unlawfully stolen from them, and even without interest payments added on or penal sanctions included for their multiple thefts globally, the entire United Kingdom would not only instantaneously be bankrupted permanently from these actions but also with every single one of these stolen artefacts back in the rightful hands and the possession of their former colonial and legitimate owners the only indigenous artefact of note that would still be rightfully left in the entire United Kingdom would be the Magna Carta document!

I’ve purposely ruled out the Stonehenge monument which although physically in England nobody has been able to pronounce with categorical authority let alone any certainty how it really got there or who were responsible for placing it where it is, and during my life so far all I’ve ever heard concerning this matter are very speculative, unconvincing but none the less rather hubristic, professed explanations for the existence of Stonehenge and those who it’s claimed built it; and quite frankly I’m not at all persuaded by any of this tosh any more than I am or will ever be by the utterly nonsensical and highly offensive prattling of empire loyalists extolling the imaginary wonders of and even advocating the imperative return of the British Empire. And little wonder then that given the increasing emergence of the truth involving Britain’s former empire that these brain-dead, obdurate and white mother-fucking lunatics along with their non-white toadies are desperately, but in vain I would say, keeping up the patently deluded pretence that the British Empire, like all the other white European ones, was an outstanding force for good globally, and in Britain’s case exceptionally so politically, in civilizing terms, educationally; from a law, order, a judicial and even distinctly a moral perspective was a comprehensively altruistic entity throughout its philanthropic existence and for those reasons alone was unquestionably justifiable. In reality though nothing at any point in its sordid and murderous existence could be further from the truth!

A veritable one way street then, as it were, with Britain essentially and quite willingly it seemed carrying in the most altruistically conceived and applied manner its mendacious and very dishonestly promulgated colonials burden, rather than the other way round and what it actually was; namely that these unjustly discredited, utterly and racially despised colonials were in fact the ones who actually bailed out, effectively involuntarily and, more often that not, were enforcedly made to enrich what previously was an offshore and patently backwoodsman European country called Britain!

So either ecstatically ignorant of the real history of Britain – poor stupid sods though they are although not wholly their faux pas subjected as they were and still are to the relentless and intentional dumbing down of the British “education” system along with the intensely concerted, purposely distorted, downright lying and unquestionably intensive propaganda churned out continuously by the self-styled mainstream media including the state owned and public compulsorily financed BBC to calculatingly produce among themselves, as is their official and constant wont supplemented by their enthusiastically supposed by them “honour-bound” remit the ever-increasing flow of British morons that we now habitually see and have in our midst, or else are embarassingly forced to observe these witless prats among the plebeian masses and the epitome of purblind pillocks entirely content to carry on living in the abysmal state of denial that they’re in – breathtaking indefensible as their rank stupidity is the undeniable truth nevertheless is that they would all dearly love to see Britain, notwithstanding the quite apparent fact that we and our country are theoretically, at least, meant to be in the 21st Century untrustworthily undertake and put into effect once more the perceptibly undemocratic and manifestly immoral mission of being a repressive, racially motivated, natural resources exploitative, commensurately colonialist and a most objectionable colonialist and imperialist entity imaginable in the 21st Century.

The fact that Britain has been this particular route before and was forced to relinquish its empire; that these are the same people who want to see and delusionally desire to have an all-white Britain - never mind their ravenous craving for the resurgence of another British Empire globally where the majority populations there are manifestly non-white and don’t even remotely look like these white British clowns – simply attest to the infernal and also the deeply entrenched stupidity of these people fully compounded by their mind-boggling and incredibly predilection for astonishing acts of double standards and glaring hypocrisy coupled with their manifest incapability to acknowledge let alone accept that we’re all of us living in an entirely different era now and any attempt by Britain to asininely re-invent itself as the monopolistic world’s controller, even if it were realistically capable of doing so which it patently is not, and then rather idiotically sought to become an imperialist and colonialist entity again would be vigorously, justifiably and lethally resisted by those who were unjustly targeted for this unbecoming and insufferable undertaking of servitude that was obtusely instigated by brain-dead, white supremacist mindset cretins! And crucially I would be among those in the vanguard of that resistance movement!

But as my indubitably endearing and manifestly astute Maternal Grandmother has always judiciously cautioned me ever since I turned four years old and when I first started school full time that those without personal self-worth, and who’re in that situation for whatever reason, are and will continue to be the most easily exploited and exploitable people on the Planet that all of us collectively live on; and as virtual nobodies, even deemed as such by themselves, these credulous and rather pathetic individuals that evidently don’t even have the basic nous to do anything at all positive to improve their pitiable situations and try to become even marginally better persons than they were before or are ever likely to be if they continue as they’re currently doing and accordingly reconcile to just languishing in their bleak but familiar self-comforting zone of stupidity, opting occasionally as is their predictable wont to jump onto any bandwagon that gives the, however briefly or falsely so, a sense of belonging which enables them then to recurrently delude themselves that they’re finally a “somebody” while simultaneously, and crucially from their own warped perspective, making sure in the process that their inner demons which still remorselessly perturb them are concealed as best they can from the full gaze of a discerning rest of the world. And Britain, alas, is distinctively replete with a plethora of such people and with the vast majority of them - never mind the bloody demographics of the United Kingdom – being unquestionably white Caucasians.

Analogous then, and from my perspective, this British Empire business to the millions of 13 month old Poppi Worthingtons over centuries sadistically raped, abused and murdered by the persons supposedly there and meant to look after and protect them, but this didn’t happen in the colonies and like the real-life Poppi on British soil these completely hapless victims ended up enduring the most horrendous and traumatic deaths. For in Poppi’s case the police like the colonial “masters and law enforcement agencies” didn’t take the plight of these colonial victims seriously. And why on earth should they when these people like Poppi didn’t matter in the least? So customarily, just as with Poppi, they did bugger all to resolutely ensure that justice for this poor infant nor these global colonials was or would ever be dispensed! And adding insult to injury as we now learnt in the case of Poppi the entire heinous matter was then “legally” – immorally is my view – shrouded in secrecy to protect the abuser; common place activities in the colonies. Why? Sarcasm and cynicism very much embedded in my question!

The abuser in Poppi Worthington’s case, just like those in the colonies, not content with his heinous act which killed in the most horrific manner imaginable someone that rather instinctively he should have protected instead of sickeningly abusing, with consummate gall decided to challenge the judge’s objective findings that he was solely and distinctly responsible for his female infant daughter’s death having raped her. A conclusion by the judge that the world at large and in normal circumstances would usually not have known anything about because there was a legal prohibition order on it; but like a dog returning to its vomit, appropriately so as this was a most sickening case, this guilty and dishonest bastard and a lying scumbag to boot even so wants to be seen and even portrayed as the man he patently is not – innocent!

And when to this unquestionably contemptible scenario was added the fact that this most unfit of parents wanted to have care and control of Poppi’s surviving siblings the family court judge in question quite conscionably did what I believe he should have done from the very start and released the full details of this crime the matter eventually went public. For what occurred is a most heinous crime and ought not to have been covered up on any account whatsoever not even that of the so-called incompetence of Cumbria police force that was responsible for these alleged “blunders” – pull the other one it has bells on it - which effective means that no criminal charges will be brought against this monster. The kind of situation and far worst ones that were very much par for the course in relation to “colonials” in the British Empire; chickens coming home to roost now with the Jimmy Savile and other scandalous exposures?

My honest and unapologetic conclusions relative to all this plebeian and empire loyalist prats’ tosh about re-inventing the British Empire? Poppi Worthington for me is the 21st Century symbol of what for millions over centuries and particularly in the colonies the British Empire truly represented. And undoubtedly there was nothing that was glorious, philanthropic or redeeming about it!

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