Monday, 28 September 2015

Treason at large in the UK and officially given blanket immunity!

By Stanley Collymore

The knives are clearly out and dastardly assassination
plots are being hatched by bogus “patriotic” British
Army generals; in their jobs simply by virtue of
rampant nepotism, privileged and parasitical
plutocracy, and unsurprisingly through the
courtesy and disposed facilitation of the
Secret Services, the UK police and,
of course, with the concealed
but plainly official support
and readily available
permission of
the MoD.

Perversely so by “courageous” generals and others
either painstakingly managing to conceal from
everyone but those in the know, their own
kind and hapless victims, their loathsome
activities of paedophilia, necrophilia
and recurrent sexual abuse; or else
shielding from general view
their ghastly henpecked
cowardice starkly
formulated by the imperious and dominatrix
hands of allegedly refined but dishonestly
cuckolding spouses or partners getting
them to fawningly father kids they
didn’t or just couldn’t possibly
because of their unfamiliar
history of azoospermia –
ironically military men
firing blanks in other
words – that even
in the obvious
absence of
DNA, have

Yet incredibly and by Jove there’s no holding
back either these nauseatingly perverted or
woefully cuckolded “military geniuses”
or their likeminded morons infecting
the MoD and the Security Services
for whom there’s nothing more
likely in such circumstances
to passionately stimulate
their specious machismo: somewhat suddenly and
aggressively assured, as are their non-existent
masculinity and “patriotic” resolution, than the
patently sick, delusional and fantasy dangers
they class-driven and rather dim-wittedly
perceive as arising from genuinely
patriotic, authentically conscionable,
honourable, downright straightforward
and obviously egalitarian-minded
human beings, political leaders
and social inspirants – few
and conspicuously far
between – than the
likes opportunely
of - the one and
only - Jeremy

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The Right Excellent Errol Walton “Dipper” Barrow who I’ve known all of my life and have always had the highest regard that any one human being could have for another served with the Royal Air Force – it was he who later inspired and personally encouraged me to do the same – during World War II. He enlisted on the 31 December 1940 and flew some 45 operational bombing missions over the European theatre. By 1945 he had risen to the rank of Flying Officer and was appointed as personal navigator to the Commander in Chief of the British Zone of occupied Germany, Sir Sholto Douglas.

After the war Errol Barrow studied law at the Inns of Court and economics at the London School of Economics concurrently taking degrees in 1949 and 1950. He also became the Chairman of the Colonial Students several of whom went on to become political leaders of their own countries as Errol Barrow did. On his return to Barbados Errol Barrow joined the Barbados Labour Party but disillusioned with the slow pace of change it was making in the face of opposition from the white run and led Conservative Party Errol Barrow left the Barbados Labour Party and formed his own, the Democratic Labour Party. As its leader and Prime Minister of Barbados he made massive changes in all aspects of life in Barbados and it was he that took Barbados to independence in 1966.

In the wake of the upcoming celebrations around the RAF and the total ignorance of white Britons and the fraudulent deception by the British media of the significant role that Black Barbadians and other West Indians played not only in the RAF but in all the branches of the British Armed Forces – and that while it was a white man’s war, World War II and was World War I before it, and what war wasn’t, these people who came from territories that were then under the jackboot of British imperialism and colonialism nevertheless altruistically and courageously fought, risked their lives and even died saving the ass of Britain. Not that you would ever know that as every World War I or World War II film I’ve ever seen whether about the RAF or the British Armed Forces generally has white men and women exclusively defeating the enemies of Britain. Never a Nigger in sight!

I learn a lot from Errol Barrow who was a close friend of my Dad who was also a volunteer and served courageously during the war. And every other West Indian I’ve ever spoken to and asked why they risked their lives for a country that had enslaved them, subjected them to colonialism and all the other evils they had forced upon them said this; they were fighting for Democracy and the freedom for people generally and not just themselves to live their own lives in peace and prosperity. Those were the key reasons why I would later voluntarily join the RAF.

It’s also why I’m inspired in 2015 by Jeremy Corbyn who shares the same value systems as I do; and as long as I draw breath in my body those are the values I shall always support and die for if needs be. And why I’m wholeheartedly committed to the aims and aspirations of Jeremy Corbyn. And if some mother-fuckers in the MoD, the Secret Services, Police, the media or among the plethora of dim-witted white trash assholes across the length and breadth of Britain think that I’d ever idly stand by and watch privileged, parasitical, perverted and cap-doffing class-indoctrinated nerds undermine, and get away with it, what Errol Barrow my Dad and others like them fought for, then you’ve certainly no comprehension of who or what I am!But cross me and you’ll soon bloody well find out! It’s not a threat just a categorical promise!

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