Friday, 11 September 2015

Schliesslich und vernuenftig, wir sind uns alle Jeremy Corbyn now!

By Stanley Collymore

It has been a long time coming but now the opportunity is finally
here to constructively create and vigorously build a promising
future for all those who authentically care about and want
to witness a truly fair and just society for every one of
us Britons and other residents here to live in. One
which is demonstrably equitable, meritocracy
driven, totally obsequiously class obsessed
eradicated, politically and economically
stable; well-informed historically, internationally and communally,
that recognizes and thoroughly accepts the commensurate benefits
of obtaining a sound and relevant education with much needed
21st Century skills training but by no means just prepared to
settle for the one-off acquisition of either of these things
but instead completely and intelligently understands
the stark obligation of fundamentally attaining an
education and furthermore participating in the
ongoing process of upgrading it; and amidst
it all bringing on board a populace that
sensibly, objectively and confidently instinctively starts to
positively and consistently acknowledge that the task of
permanently changing Britain, and indeed the rest of
the world, even though he’s perfectly suited and
gifted for doing so, mustn’t be left exclusively
on the capable shoulders of Jeremy Corbyn
alone but is also a requisite undertaking,
I most categorically believe, for the
entirety of our own national and,
of course, global populations.

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 September 2015.

The Author’s Celebratory Remarks:
For those of you who don’t speak or understand German the English title of this poem is: “Finally and sensibly we’re all of us Jeremy Corbyn now!” Much more applicable in my opinion than the disingenuous and western False Flag propaganda crap: Je suis Charlie, which I didn’t accept at the time and still don’t care for now!

Why a German title for an English hero? Well, Jeremy Corbyn’s galvanizing of the Labour leadership campaign for one thing which wasn’t only enthusiastically welcomed in Britain but captivated the individual and collective interest of all my German friends and others besides in Germany too who feel like me that it was high time that the UK came to its senses and put its own house in order politically.

And as we prepare to enthusiastically celebrate Jeremy Corbyn’s justifiable and inspirational win despite the odious skulduggery tactics engaged in and employed by the Labtory slime balls who’ve hijacked and implanted themselves into the hierarchy of the Labour Party: 1 in 5 bona fide Labour Party members in London, Jeremy Corbyn’s heartland, alone didn’t get their ballot papers to vote thus finding themselves intentionally disenfranchised from having their say in this contest, while additionally we’ve also had thousands of others wilfully blocked from voting on the lame, unconvincing and totally dishonest excuse that these people, suspected to be Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters, don’t subscribe to the aims and values of the Labour Party.

What a bloody sick joke; that would otherwise have been absolutely risible if it wasn’t so God-dammed serious! For if that’s the case in the sick minds of these lowlife pillocks what about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Becket, David Blunket, Harriet Harman and the rest of them who hijacked the Labour party and distanced it as far as they possibly could from the objectives and aspirations of Labour’s founding fathers, mothers, sons and daughters?

And as if that wasn’t bad enough we had these scumbags at Labour’s party HQ incredibly shutting down a supposed “helpline” for those who didn’t get their ballot papers and doing so 48 hours ahead of the deadline to vote, on the crass and derisory explanation there were too many calls coming in. Yet these are the scum that hypocritically want us and the rest of Britain to not only stupidly see and accept them as persons(?) endowed with democratic principles but are also the best there is to run the Labour Party and by extension the United Kingdom. Dream on; but while you’re wrapped up in your pernicious delusion I would like to suggest that you get the hell out of MY party and join the ranks of the Nazi-Zionist-Tories where you appropriately and stinkingly belong!

Meanwhile, on Saturday 12 September 2015 my German friends and I shall effusively be celebrating Jeremy Corbyn’s expected win in classic German style; and among our celebratory tipple will be ample bottles of vintage Barbados Mount Gay Rum: the world’s first and oldest rum, from that glorious land of sunshine, tranquillity and my ancestral homeland, Beautiful Barbados, where rum was invented.

Cheers Jeremy! Oder auf Deutsch: Jubel Jeremy!

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