Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Divide and Conquer! The real National Anthem of Britain.

By Stanley Collymore

In February 2003 Tony Blair, his Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell collaboratively and with a massive and quite unashamedly fabricated input from the British Security Services, courtesy of the barbaric dessert rats Bantu Saudis and the Zionist apartheid Israelis and all of them with their specific and utterly pernicious vested interests to get rid of Saddam Hussein, the then President of Iraq, and callously conjoined with the firm commitment which Tony Blair had previously and committedly given to George W. Bush on a visit to the United States to affect illegal regime change in Iraq, a plot given the dubious “legal” go-ahead by Charles Faulkner then the British Attorney general but crucially as well Tony Blair’s close friend and former flatmate.

The same Charles Faulkner who quite appallingly in my view, as he’s equally the same mass murderer as Tony Blair and the rest of his gang are, is now incredibly one among a number of dangerous Trojan horses in the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet and even more extraordinary holding the Attorney General portfolio, albeit in a shadow capacity, that he held for real when he was Tony Blair’s legal henchman; and between all these aforementioned warmongering players the consensus was arrived at whereby the British public and the rest of the world would be told the monumental and concocted lie, which Tony Blair delivered in the House of Commons, that Saddam Hussein had in his possession weapons of mass destruction that could be disastrously deployed against Britain in less than 45 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, all the British media willingly touted the same lie, fully knowing it to be a lie; MPs too in jingoistic, full-blooded imperialistic, colonialist and xenophobic mode voted for the supposed counter war measures that Tony Blair dishonestly peddled and categorically stated were necessary to combat the insidious imperialism of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black - that in actual fact hadn’t previously and most certainly then didn’t pose any threat whatsoever either to the United Kingdom or anyone else for that matter, and despite huge and earnest demonstrations in London protesting strongly against all military intervention by Britain in relation to Iraq, it all fell stonily on deaf ears since Tony Blair having made his resolute promise not only to George W. Bush but of course the several multinational companies he would handsomely benefit from the massive kickbacks he was promised and are still in 2015 in receipt of for what was then and still is intrinsically public office malfeasance of the highest order and the most insidious feature of brazen treachery and the betrayal of trust by a British Prime Minister of the British public, nevertheless with his obsessive venal propensity and that of his wife uppermost in his mind Tony Blair went ahead and unsympathetically took Britain into an illegal, and most catastrophically for that Middle Eastern country, war with Iraq.

A distinctly monetarily motivated and self-serving decision that in its wake triggered both the invasion and occupation of Iraq that began in 2003 and lasted till 2009: two years longer than World War I lasted and went on for the same duration of time as World War II did. However, during all that time no WMDs – the lying excuse publicly given by Tony Blair and also stated categorically by him in the House of Commons for the necessity to attack Iran were ever found in Iraq, because there were never any there to begin with as Tony Blair, his British conspirators and of course George W. Bush and his vice president Dick Cheney who correspondingly stood to benefit handsomely from the multiple backhanders and the rich vein of deposited numbered overseas bank accounts in safe tax havens overseas knew from the outset of this stage-managed charade, as it was they who’d fabricated the entire lie in the first place.

Furthermore, the ludicrous fallback pretext when these lies couldn’t produce any weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that these pathetic and pathological western liars had quite openly declared to the world that Saddam Hussein had aplenty they then switched to another lie that Saddam had harboured al-Qaeda in Iraq: the terrorist group that was deemed responsible for 9/11; but this too quickly fell awry and was conspicuously shown to be similarly a blatant lie. Not least so because it was well known globally that there was no love lost between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. For the simple reason that Saddam Hussein ran a secular government in Iraq which was itself and unquestionably so a secular state and therefore had no time for or any truck with the likes of al-Qaeda that was an ultra-Wahabi, rightwing, Bantu Saudi indoctrinated and supported, western terrorist organization, as it still is in 2015.

So there was distinctly no al-Qaeda in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in charge of his country. However, the gratuitous dismantlement, and crucially too the disbanding of Iraq’s armed forces quickly paved the way by the west for the emergence, for the first time ever, and rapidly so of al-Qaeda in Iraq and afterwards likewise spawned the genesis of ISIS, also created by the west and NATO. The general global awareness of which was that another western lie and fraudulent pretext for the US and Britain being “legitimately” in Iraq – there’s nothing legitimate, even in terms of their parentage I would argue of those who obsessively feel they were born to rule in the UK and possibly the same also applies to their counterparts in the United States - as they as these liars claimed was definitively debunked. Importantly too 9/11 was an insider US-Zionist apartheid Israeli false flag operation with the purblind and quite Useful Idiots within the ranks of al-Qaeda more than happy both for propaganda as well as their sadistic recruitment purposes to take the kudos for something they patently didn’t do.

Fast forward to 2011 and David Cameron’s abuse of an anodyne UN no fly zone over Libya to affect an illegal regime change there with the avid assistance of his NATO partners and leading to the unlawful overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, attendant with his barbaric assassination and the savage transformation of Africa’s richest country, Libya into a noticeably anarchic as well as a discernibly failed state, and a welcoming haven for the terrorist insurgents that David Cameron and his NATO buddies in concert with other EU members had infiltrated into Libya to do their dirty work on ground there for them.

Previous to Libya Britain had also arbitrarily done the same sorts of things in Afghanistan and prior to 2011 David Cameron had personally ordered clandestine operations with the SAS and British security forces, that are still ongoing in 2015, inside Syria with the specific purpose of fomenting disorder in that country, triggering a fabricated “civil war” with the help of British trained, armed, funded and logistically supported foreign jihadists that Britain had transported to Turkey and Jordan, neighbouring states of Syria, for these ends and with the ultimate intent of killing President Bashar al-Assad of Syria primarily on the behalf of Zionist apartheid Israel, for whom David Cameron is a committed Israeli agent and UK fifth columnist in collaboration with his likeminded Labtory and Lib-Dem allies of that nasty, pariah status, Palestinian ethnic cleansing and genocidal perpetrating and Middle Eastern white Caucasian interloping entity.

Now with significant sections of these loathsome British traitors pernicious plans having most spectacularly backfired on them and triggering in the process a massive and wholly unexpected for them – as they’re much too dumb to foresee the consequences of their repugnant activities - refugee problem for Europe, David Cameron, his vile Zionist, Nazi Tories and the disgruntled Labtories in the Labour Party having been swept aside like the flotsam white trash they are by the mammoth tsunami of Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour leadership campaign together with the rump Lib-Dems trying to curry favour for themselves having been kicked out of government after the last general election held on the 7 May 2015 are collectively and quite nastily gearing up to assist the 24% Tory regime, the complete antithesis of everything Jeremy Corbyn as the principled person he unquestionably is stands diametrically opposed to, in giving this man whom inwardly they’re all genuinely fearful of a proper vindictive kick as they see it.

And how do they plan on doing this? Well aware of Jeremy Corbyn’s principled stance against waging another western imperialist and hegemonic war against a Global South Country David Cameron and these treacherous collaborators of his are preparing plans and using the media to propagandize their objectives favourably to a basically stupid, poorly informed, endowed with pretty short attention spans and even shorter memories and consequently always willing to take in and incredibly unquestioningly believe whatever insidious and mindboggling crap the vested interest British media tell them, that the only likely way to successfully stem the surging flood of refugees to Europe and therefore safeguard Britain from being swamped by them is to bomb Syria, actions which will also deter these “migrants – never refugees as David Cameron and his ilk have resolutely refused to accept the glaringly obvious fact that it’s they who’ve created the situation in the first place with their illegal wars in these peoples’ countries – from risking their lives on the perilous journey they’re now making; as if they really fucking well care about that! When their only raison d’ĂȘtre is determinedly a racist and xenophobic one, namely to stop at all cost these people from essentially reaching Europe’s, and especially Britain’s shores, and in the process of doing so build up more political kudos for themselves among their likeminded white trash constituents.

All done on good old-fashioned, white hypocritical and double standards humanitarian grounds of course, when the actual purpose of theirs is to affect what they’ve always aspired to do from the very onset of their deviously monstrous and completely dastardly, Machiavellian scheming: bring about additional regime change in this Global South region, and with Syria and President Assad this time the sacrificial lambs of their murderous outrages while massacring a number of innocent civilians and similarly several hapless refugees, then true to their sickeningly sadistic modus operandi wilfully and fraudulently blame their intentional slaughter on President Assad, so that when he’s eventually assassinated or even convicted if captured and tried in some show trial or other and with the inevitability of the death penalty summarily handed down to him, the western mainstream media and these loathsome murderous politicians like David Cameron and Tony Blair with the blood of the innocents not only discolouring but likewise liberally dripping from their white trash hands can all chorus in harmony as they energetically did in the cases of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi that this time too President Assad got his just desserts.

In the meantime, to keep the completely self-engrossed, virtual reality TV fixated and purblind dimwits in Britain under their control, the Tories, Labtories, Lib-Dems and the British security forces can more easily and effectively, in these manifestly perverse circumstances, re-energize David Cameron, his neo-liberal, Conservative Nazis and their likeminded pillock supporters in the Labtories and also the Lib-Dems to reintroduce the British Snoopers’ Charter, tell a largely manipulated and stupid public it’s necessary to protect Britain from terrorist attacks, several of which have already been foiled they’ll also be lyingly told, but that more still needs to be done and that’s where the Snoopers’ Charter will come into its own. A job insidiously well done and a totally brain-dead public quite literally bowled over with yet more spin conjoined with many more lies and others to follow, as usual! But since when have these lying privileged bastards, their toadying fellow travellers or social climbing emulators in essentially Medievally-stuck and discernibly class embedded and actually loving every minute of it, but none the less 21st Century Britain, ever told the truth or more significantly even know how to?

Gott schuetze die Koenigin! Und warum nicht sie zu begruessen auf Deutsch, da das ist, was ihre Abstammung ist!

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