Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Champion Jeremy Corbyn!

By Stanley Collymore

My belief in you isn’t only paramount it’s also absolute;
for you represent the kind of future that I want to see,
personally subscribe to and will do my utmost: singly
and in collaboration with those of a mind similar to
my own, to ensure in every way that I humanly
and possibly can actively assist in positively
transforming these cherished expectations
I hold into markedly demonstrable, concertedly constructive
and definitively realistic acts of fruition. And towards that
hopeful conclusion people like me are quite receptively
and most happy to freely, sincerely and productively
invest our enduring trust and all our other yearned
for aspirations, plus everything that’s politically,
economically and societally important to us to
you Jeremy Corbyn, the undisputed Paladin
of our enforced economic woes, austerity
miseries and the evident multiplicity
of other pernicious, intentionally
imposed, and most callously
accomplished actions of
communal perdition.

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 September 2015.

Author’s Comments:
At this most crucial stage of our contemporary political development and optimistically a marked difference from how things are currently and for far too long have dishonestly and criminally been done in our name, I personally and most wholeheartedly think that it’s high time there wasn’t simply a revolutionary change in how things are done in this country of ours but also a distinctive and constructive shift in our individual perspective regarding how we realistically think, convincingly pre-empt and also act in response to what’s unmistakably and detrimentally being done by those elected to represent us, and who plainly don’t; and in so doing radically bring about long overdue, fundamental and permanent change for the good of us all not just in our communities but also across the entire length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

This is after all a modern and 21st Century we’re living in, and not the darkest depths of Medieval, enthusiastically cap doffing, know your place and simply do as you’re told as we by divine right your hereditary, aristocratic, privileged, conspicuously parasitical by nature and comprehensively social climbing betters know best, Britain. Or at least it shouldn’t be!

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