Thursday, 24 September 2015

An Alternative Anthem For Britain

By Stanley Collymore

Let’s all strive to be a profoundly proud and worthy nation
where every citizen and resident of our country can and
will be an active participant and committed aspirant
to the highly principled notions of Democracy and
emboldened Meritocracy; and where the devious
and stultifying ingredients of embedded class
privileges, xenophobia, racism, naked external
aggression and imperialism are willingly and
resourcefully jettisoned permanently into
the past, honourably enabling us at last
to firmly eschew the sinister evils of
classism attendant with its perniciously
inbred and cancerous concept, let’s not forget,
of the Divine Right over others to automatic
birth entitlement, unwarranted privileges,
and hereditary supremacy; and thus
the ongoing and perfidious premise of
our mutually conjectured undisputed,
unchallengeable, moral and racial
superiority. Forwards then my
cherished homeland Britain
that while diligently caring for
your own, does none the less
astutely and conscionably
concede that this world
we’re most content to
live in isn’t simply
a question of choice
only for us Britons
or other white

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
With Jeremy Corbyn remorselessly, ludicrously and quite asininely castigated by those self-righteously brandishing their phony patriotic credentials for not singing a supposed national anthem that many of us out here, including myself, don’t and haven’t done so in the past – I can distinctly remember the days when one went to the cinema and at the end of the film the national anthem was a compulsory item, and knowing this to be the case there was a massive bolt for the exit doors before it came on as no one wanted to be trapped in that cinema singing a dirge they didn’t really empathize with or cared to sing, and don’t pretend now that you never did it; and it most definitely had nothing whatsoever to do with a lack of genuine patriotism for one’s country or any antipathy towards it, simply that the anthem then and now has never inspired me or others to want to sing it voluntarily.

And interestingly in all this kafuffle, relative to Jeremy Corbyn not singing, it how many of Jeremy’s critics: genuine or those dimwittedly and manipulatively orchestrated by the media and other silly prats into jumping onto what’s a contrived bandwagon against this most principled and genuinely patriotic Brit, have even noticed that the Queen doesn’t sing the national anthem either? Poor dear at 89 she must be quite sick and tired of it too as it’s all about her and she’s never struck me as being narcissistic in anyway. I leave you to work out for yourselves why not. Yet in marked contrast every other Head of State in every other country on earth, other than the United Kingdom, sings their national anthem because it’s NOT about them but crucially their country.

Anyway, enough of the British National Anthem. However, it did set me going and accordingly I’ve written what I’ve called: “An Alternative Anthem for Britain”, which could additionally be used in a more just, equitable, democratic and meritocratic Britain – the kind Jeremy Corbyn altruistically and conscionably stands for but you won’t get from the neoliberal Tory, Lib-Dems or the Labtories Nazi-Zionists that infect our hypothetically green and pleasant land. Since apparently as it appears when they’re not imbibing massively and in their characteristic debauched manner of illegal drugs; fornicating necrophilia style with dead animals – curious really to me I must admit as they’re religiously proscribed from eating said animals but apparently it’s quite okay to fuck them – or protecting their paedophile pals of both sexes, they obsessively in public school mode set about flagellating the rest of us with austerity measures while giving massive tax credits to their corporate paymasters and string pullers.

So taking a leaf out of the book of countries like Barbados, Germany and the United States, for example, perhaps this new anthem of mine could be used as an inspirational pledge to all Britons and residents of our country and most particularly so in our schools, giving our current kids and future generations a pride in their national identity and a marked recognition that other people other than those who look like them also have an inalienable right to be here on this planet we call earth and what’s more benefit as well through their own God-given talents and aspirational goals, and not unwarrantedly through privilege and hereditary birth exclusively, to a decent life attendant as a consequence of the fulfilment of their industriously applied abilities. And that’s how it should be!

Finally, if there are any of you out there whether you agree with my views or not but have a musical disposition: professional or amateur, and would like to use the lyrics employed in this poem to set them to inspirational music that could enthuse the majority even if not all of our citizenry, you have my permission to do so and let me know. Who knows, we might even become the equivalent of Gilbert and Sullivan (Smile).


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