Thursday, 18 December 2014

You’ve got what I desperately need; so let’s be having it!

By Stanley Collymore

I know you want my body and I’m quite willing to give
it to you! For in the current circumstances it seems
to me to be the most desirable and natural thing
in the world for me to do, bearing in mind
the extensive manner in which you so
instinctively turn me on each time I look at
you, even when temporarily setting aside
the presence, I readily confess, of
that adorably enormous hard-on that
you’re nurturing, possess and delightfully
too evidently sporting; and itself quite
purposefully lurking within yet
conspicuously somewhat difficult
to conceal, I’m sure you’ll agree
with me, inside those rather
tight trousers of yours
that additionally and
quite temptingly
that you’re

Located in which is a Penis whose discernibly revealing
promise swiftly conjures up in my dizzy head through
these scrutinizing eyes of mine how very much
better that imposing and consummately
imploring erection of yours lovingly,
skilfully and appreciably set free
by someone like me from its
present, pointless and restrictive isolation could
alternatively, by merely operating externally
rather than being confined internally, be
more profitably, mutually beneficially,
enduringly and, decidedly, privately
recruited to assist – just by being
literally outdoors and effectively free –
the much needed catalyst, expectantly
and wholeheartedly wished for, to
expediently and pleasurably
liberate the coital bliss
profoundly yearned
for by yours

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 December 2014.

Author’s remarks:
True sexual liberation is not a one way street whose usage is or should ever be exclusively permitted or allowed to morph into becoming the sole prerogative of just one gender. Rather, it’s more of a dual carriageway where both participants should always be completely at liberty to openly express their specific sexual needs and preferences, hopefully be able to consensually fulfil them, or else have it honestly explained to them in a mature and sensitive way why their expectations can’t be realized. Anything else is sexual exploitation and should be sensibly avoided!

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