Monday, 8 December 2014

Forever and committedly yours, Helen!

By Stanley Collymore

Please allow me, if may, to freely explain how
I personally feel about you romantically,
Helen and additionally what I’d
dearly love to favourably,
and also willingly, receive in return, as
well as permanently secure from the
continuance of this relationship:
newborn and admittedly in
its infancy, that you and
me are having.

That emotionally and physically I’m quite
emphatically taken with and, likewise,
am passionately in love with you
is an absolute certainty and,
moreover, a situation
that doesn’t demand nor remotely require
any convoluted explanations on my
part either for its existence or any
hoped for continuation; since for me
it’s an indelible state of affairs,
Helen that’s firmly and also
irreversibly, voluntarily
transfixed in my

Besides I’d love to marry and, significantly
too, spend the remainder of my life with
you - no wanton nor flippant pledge
that, I promise you, should you
decide and hopefully, from
my rather biased point
of view, graciously
consent, that is,
to effectively
have me.

And were that to happen I solemnly vow that in every
single one of my questingly benign endeavours to
literally do everything within my wit, power
and imagination to constantly make you
happy. Not simply because you had
elected to become my Darling
and most cherished wife,
but just as importantly
too had in the full and
incontestable knowledge regarding my
feelings for you, which I had freely
shared with you and that you’d
willingly accepted, I’d made
it unambiguously clear
that whatever else
in life I might
otherwise do, you dearest Helen
will forever, absolutely and
irreplaceably, remain
the most precious
person within
my life!

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 December 2014.

Author’s Remarks:

This poem: “Forever and committedly yours, Helen” was specifically written for and, as a result, is likewise dedicated to Helen whose family name is intentionally withheld by me to accord her the anonymity that she’s entitled to and which is quite rightfully hers; however the lady in question is perfectly well aware who the person mentioned in the poem is and crucially why she’s there; because Helen has been fully informed, even before the poem was physically created, of its impending conception.

Candidly, this poem is the author basically at his most benign, mischievously speaking, while specifically paying the ultimate in much deserved compliments to an undoubtedly prescient-minded lady who I’m absolutely certain will, with consummate humour, fully understand as well as completely and quite constructively take on board the undaunted intentions of this poem.

For the rest of you I earnestly hope that this poem will determinedly prompt a private odyssey: one involving the most intensive of explorations and ultimate discovery perhaps, in relation to your own sense and personal discernment of the deeply complex features surrounding the element of physical chemistry between diverse individuals; emotional feelings; intensive or otherwise individual experiences; and most especially so, love.

Attributes acutely pertinent in Britain’s case, it must be honestly stressed, where the noble art of wooing: the skill of  altruistically tendering genuine compliments and also intrinsically exhibiting conspicuously mutual high esteem between the two biological genders of male and female, has all but died out; and despairingly in their place the pernicious cynicism associated with only doing something merely to advantageously benefit one’s self socially, career-wise or otherwise materialistically from it, or even worst still instinctively choosing to look every gift horse in the mouth while robotically assuming that there’s a markedly hidden ulterior motive behind what are purely selfless actions, have become virtually endemic throughout the United Kingdom.

And the somewhat sickening irony of all this is, that those, across the entire spectrum of British society, who are the ones that quite bluntly would undoubtedly benefit the most from the badly needed and discernibly advisable implantation of these caring concepts, are precisely those who are the worst contributors themselves to this most appalling and ongoing state of affairs.

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