Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Bestiality within! The uncontrollable, white Caucasian obsession with Animal-Sex.

By Stanley Collymore

If previously in doubt the entire world rather than just a relative few of its global inhabitants now know, or should do, why comprehensively odious and utterly psychological human fuckers, in the most debased form of that terminology, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Jens Stoltenburg, erstwhile prime ministers of Denmark and Norway respectively and the two of them as well effectively and literally the consummate embodiment of the widespread animal abusing sort, bearing in mind their exceedingly prominent political roles in the depraved societies that spawned them and the highest social status which they widely commanded within them, were intentionally courted and basically head-hunted for the post of Secretary General of the NARSISIES, the white Caucasian created and exclusively controlled premier global, terrorism organization.

Perversity in extremist though these decisions undoubtedly were; looked at, however, through the eyes of those making these crucial decisions and in view of their deeply contaminated and outright calamitously sick perception, what they were doing was to them perfectly feasible; since anyone who could quite knowingly condone by human beings the rather sickening sexual abuse of dumb animals, allegedly indulge in such conduct themselves and significantly too make a very profitable and highly successful career out of it by wilfully and complicitly pandering to, making excuses for, and even actively encouraging the bestiality not only of their respective constituents but equally as well that of the entire population of the country to which they belonged fittingly possessed, it was loathsomely argued, all the requisite characteristics to be Secretary General of the NARSISIES – since methodically and intentionally fucking up the minds of millions of people globally and, in the process, gratuitously killing large numbers of them as well, as the NARSISIES customarily do, was essentially a piece of cake.

And who better than these Scandinavian animal fuckers concomitant with their deeply ingrained, overpoweringly obsessed with and systematic abuse of a diversity of so-called domestic and other animals, these sickening activities looked at through the lens of their longstanding and completely dubious pedigree of national-condoned and rather emphatically encouraged bestiality, to lead the NARSISIES’ terrorist charge against human beings per se and specifically those truly independent nations outside the west’s hegemonic sphere of influence that resolutely refuse to be drawn into it and likewise intractably refuse to either acquiesce in or conform to the west’s downright depraved cultural agenda bald-facedly, sanctimoniously and most unbelievably dishonestly masqueraded as humanitarianism, human rights, the promotion of democracy and, of course, the implementation of so-called western “civilized” values and standard of conduct; or even all of these things. Oh really?

Lectures on such important matters from those who specialize in and definitely love nothing better, other than money perhaps, than sexually abusing animals?

Amid this terrifying backdrop and the rather belated announcement that Denmark in October 2014 is contemplating outlawing humans having sexual intercourse with animals in a country where this activity is absolutely widespread anyway and as standard to Denmark’s inhabitants as breathing in air is to them, the Danish Food and Agricultural Minister – what a most odd portfolio to be dealing with something inherently moral and sociological, unless the minister concerned, Dan Jorgensen is profoundly concerned about the devastating effect on the sales of Danish bacon, for example, now that the significant extent to which bestiality in Denmark has been brought to the wider knowledge of the genuine international community – basically said that the move to ban human beings having sex with animals was principally because the animals concerned could neither give nor refuse their consent to have sexual intercourse with them as they couldn’t speak. Nothing about the morality or odiousness of the activity mark you from this intellectual moron and likely animal pervert. So now we know!

So in effect any legislation in Denmark on this issue will not tackle the utterly abominable state of affairs of humans per se and Danes specifically having sex with or otherwise sexually abusing any animal they choose to, as it’s actually all about the animals involved not being able to outline what they either want or don’t want to engage in. Comparable in other words, you might logically argue, to an absolutely drunk or drugged human female not lawfully able to assent to consensual sex and were her sexual abuser to ignore this fact and still have sex with her his actions would undoubtedly constitute rape. So in one fell swoop this accomplished Danish cunt – in actual fact aren’t they all - Dan Jorgensen is absurdly and quite intentionally elevating sexually abused animals to the level of sexually abused human beings. No wonder then that he and others of his ilk in Denmark, which in effect amounts to the overwhelming majority of that country’s population, see nothing wrong at all with human beings generally and Danes in particular sexually having it off with animals; and thus this proposed legislation if ever it’s introduced at all that is, will plainly be for cosmetic purposes only, since Denmark quite literally makes millions of Euros annually out of animal sex tourism!

However, Denmark isn’t the only culprit country where human beings licentiously having sex with animals is endemic or where this activity has always been condoned. Norway I’ve mentioned before. And it was only in 2011 that that country reluctantly introduced laws ostensibly outlawing humans having sex with animals. Germany followed suit in 2012 and Sweden opted to do the same in 2013. But these laws mean bugger all, and this nasty outrage still goes on unabated, and officially and legally winked at in these countries.

So where does the UK stand in all of this? Well you might be surprised, or not, to learn that here in the UK humans having sex with animals is alive and kicking and has been for centuries. Yes there are laws that allegedly outlaw and punish such activity but among our immune and untouched upper classes it’s more than just a personalized cottage industry I can assure you. Why am I specifically singling out the British upper classes and aristocracy? Because they are the chief culprits; that’s why!

The men, for lack of a better term, from these social strata in our society customarily go off as very young boys to their all male prep boarding schools and then their public ones. And as a direct consequence of this they grow up having a very dysfunctional relationship with members of the opposite sex; women in other words who they rarely see or regard as sexual entities, much preferring to have their sexual relationships with members of their own gender, and with their womenfolk literally serving only as a dishonest public façade and fig leaf to hide their endemic homosexuality through their socially engineered and arranged marriages and simply engaged in their lives to provide the heir and spare to the family fortune or estate.

The women concerned know this rather well and what roles they’re expected to play as they’re not only bred into this loathsome system but also scrupulously raised in the very same sick upper class “culture.” Significantly too, both genders among these privileged British classes are brainwashed from an early age not to rat on the system let alone rock the social boat of their existence and predictably no dissent is ever tolerated and anyone from within who tries to buck the system is readily vilified and also hurtfully ostracised; so quite understandably the inclination to intentionally put one’s self in that position is virtually non-existent. But even the upper crust has sexual needs, urges and even their own sexual perversions that have at times to be satisfied. And white Caucasian women of the British upper class kind, although not exclusively so, have been known to be very inventive in this regard.

On the sugar plantations of the Caribbean they could clandestinely satisfy their sexual lust through having sexual intercourse with black male slaves to compensate for the lack of sexual attention that their white Caucasian husbands showed them, especially after these husbands had secured the heir and spare that they decreed should be theirs and was their inalienable right to have them. After that these women were left completely to their own devices. However, having sex with their black male slaves while erotic and evidently satisfying for these deeply and quite sexually frustrated women it also had its inbuilt dangers; among them the risk of pregnancy and the conception of a distinctly mixed race child; or being found out and publicly ostracised by the rest of the white community even though they were invariably doing the same thing.

Even so, however consensual such a sexual relationship was even the most ostracised white female could claim, and was expected to do so to save her husband’s face and stature, that she was raped. And to this specific end the hapless black male who was damned if he had consensual sex with his white mistress and damned if he didn’t – since to refuse her was seen by her as a rejection that as a white woman she couldn’t stand coming from someone who was meant to be her inferior and so revengefully she reacted by claiming that he had either raped or attempted to rape her – either way the Blackman, slave or free man, was publicly lynched and the white husband in the eyes of his peers exonerated.

Of course, some of the white women on these Caribbean plantations took to having lesbian flings with their in-house female slaves who domestically looked after them and their everyday needs. But there were those who using the old tried and tested method from back home in Blighty – England to the untutored – routinely used their pet dogs to satisfy their sexual cravings. In fact so widespread was the habit both in Britain and among its white Caucasian females in the colonies that the expression lapdog came into common parlance. Dogs that these covert but none the less sexually active women either used to perform oral sex on them or else went the full distance and had these dogs perform penetrative sex of their vaginas and or anal orifices.

And it’s a recurring practice irrespective of the breed of the dog; be it Yorkshire terrier, Alsatian or the more fancied Corgi which still goes on throughout the shires of our green and pleasant land. So much so that perhaps we ought to consider amending the common expression a dog is a man’s best friend by realistically updating it, long overdue in my honest opinion, to a dog also being the white Caucasian, upper class woman’s sexual friend as well.

And this is the same white Caucasian race unbelievably imbued with its tendentious and fraudulent white supremacist tenets that feels it has a discernible and unchallengeable right to teach the rest of the world morals. Give us strength!

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