Monday, 6 October 2014

Thanks; but really no thanks!

By Stanley Collymore

What makes you think that I would want to
have any kind of relationship with you
when it’s perfectly obviously to
anyone with eyes to see
that we have nothing
in common with
each other?
Furthermore, bearing in mind that you’re
so obsessively and conceitedly taken
up with what’s basically your
own distinctive and rigid
selfish concerns and
to such an extent that
I’m absolutely flabbergasted and to
be quite honest with you as well
totally surprised that you
would have the inclination much
less the time to fit anyone else other than
yourself into your ongoing and exceedingly tight
and narcissistic schedule which patently and
irrespective of whatever fraudulent
posturing and portrayal you may
self-servingly conjure up,
seek to convey, and
likewise barefacedly and
hypocritically disseminate to
the contrary, nevertheless exclusively
revolves around you. So please, waste not
on me your invaluable time, but rather carry on
with my indifference the life you love and already
know and similarly allow me to do the same with mine!

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 October 2014.

Author’s observations:
The assumption that the failure to recognize and fully accept the word NO and all its legitimate connotations is a phenomenon peculiar only to the male gender within the confines of an already existing or even more damagingly so a hoped for perspective amorous relationship is a purblind fallacy.

Females, too, do controversially trespass within the bounds of such relationships, and similarly, it must be stressed, do so with equal undesirable and adverse consequences for the subject of their unrequited interest. Consequently, the golden rule in all lawful circumstances when such a problematic situation arises is to immediately, steadfastly and unconditionally assume and fully accept NO to mean precisely that!

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