Friday, 24 October 2014

Lynda Bellingham worthily and fondly remembered!

By Stanley Collymore

Life can at times be such a vexatious conundrum
periodically testing our mettle and always
checking to see if we can properly
cope with what it presents us
with or even efficiently
deal with them while
firmly chiding us for either squandering
the opportunities that it sends our
way or else through our short-
sightedness and evident
inability to think beyond the present day that we
find ourselves in ignoring them altogether,
because such an attitude is a lot easier
to readily adjust to and rather
regrettably does often for
some tend to carry
great sway.

Either way Life’s ventures do set a tangible, quite
positive, as well as a durable benchmark whose
challenges, presented as such, we’re then
left at liberty to willingly take on
board or otherwise voluntarily
dispense with in the full
knowledge that whatever choices we
decisively opt for and of our own
volition do make are the ones
best suited to meet and
properly fulfil our
most personal

And throughout your consummately gratifying,
tremendously fascinating, spiritedly
courageous in the face of death
and commendably diverse
life as an accomplished
actress, loving mother and devoted wife,
you’ve undoubtedly been the truest
epitome of what’s inherently the
very best in us mere mortal
human beings, Lynda

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 October 2014.

Author’s Condolence:
In thankful appreciation for the wondrous joy and inner satisfaction that you instinctively and artlessly brought to so many millions of us Lynda, interposed with the humility which you so commendably inspired in countless others as you stoically accepted, courageously and uncomplainingly faced up to, and with not even a hint of self-pity made light of and even unaffectedly embraced the inevitability of your impending death.

Truly a remarkable inspiration as well as a phenomenal role model to us all who already miss you sorely, will continue to do so, and enduringly make sure for the rest of our own mortal lives that you’ll be fondly remembered; so no goodbyes, just a heartfelt farewell from me.

With that in mind and together with all the many millions who loved you individually and cherished your amazing charisma and abilities I extend the fervent wish that you rest in eternal peace, Lynda in the firm awareness on our part that you’ll equally and just as successfully brighten up your permanent celestial home every bit as you did your temporary and earthly one.

Notwithstanding that, I’d additionally like to express my deepest and sincerest condolences to your immediate family members and closest friends for their sad loss.

Lynda Bellingham: Born 31 May 1948 died 19 October 2014; age 66 years. Occupation: Broadcaster, Actress, Author.

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