Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bottoms up Sochi!

By Stanley Collymore

Having expended a great deal of energy, commitment, hot air and much wilful misrepresentation vilifying the democratically debated process and decision that led to the passing by the Russian parliament of the legislation thereafter signed into law, as is his constitutional remit, by President Putin which outlawed the proselytization of homosexuality to minors or vulnerable young people within Russia by either individuals or groups, local or foreign, hell-bent on doing so, see the article: “Elena Isinbaeva and the west’s self-righteous penchant for creating bogus enemies.”

A law which incidentally is no different from that found in the UK, EU, USA, the rest of the western world and even their Persian Gulf Arab satrapies, western governments and their compliant media wasted no time or manufactured opportunities to publicly, hypocritically and lyingly lambast, without presenting a shred of concrete evidence to support their spurious claims, that the Russian Federation and its President Vladimir Putin are inveterate and pigheaded homophobes.

A dishonest proposition they also posited in their infantile and spiteful bid to at least tarnish the then upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics hosted by Russia and at the very worst encourage competing countries and athletes alike susceptible to their irrational and ideologically paranoid ranting to boycott these games; without any success it should be pointed out. However this didn’t stop the so-called Fox News broadcaster, CNN and the rest of these corporate institutions from persisting with their vitriolic campaign against Russia.

So-called media outlets I must emphasize that have as much credibility and veracity about them as if a government minister with the authority to do so nevertheless despicably abused it by putting a well known serial and convicted paedophile of the calibre of the late Jimmy Savile completely in charge of his country’s National Children’s Welfare Department and then had the breath-taking nerve and sheer audacity on TV and in the presence of this appointee to unconvincingly seek to persuade the populace at large that what was done was the right thing.

No sensible person would take either the respective minister or their appointee seriously; would conversely demand the immediate resignation of the minister concerned and along with that the instantaneous sacking as well of the minister’s preferred choice for that children’s organization job. In short justifiably treat them both as the prime assholes they are and the consummate pariahs they ought universally to be regarded as.

The identical contempt that should instinctively be meted out to the comparable slime balls that own, run and determine the twisted agendas so beloved by these purported western media corporations like Fox and CNN. With no traction, other than that manufactured by themselves, independently derived from their concerted endeavours relative to their crusade against an alleged Russian homophobic bias hope sprang eternal for these jerks when it was revealed that the Sochi venue had twin toilet facilities, namely two lavatory bowls next to each other in the same toilet cubicle.

Quick as a flash this was jumped on by CNN, Fox and the rest of them as classic example of Russian inefficiency, never mind that Russia is no longer a socialist state, a concept which these cretins passionately and obsessive hate as do most Americans. But ask yourselves if these so-called western media are as honest, vigorous and committed as they claim to be not only to promulgating but also actively pushing homosexual and lesbian equality to the same level or even beyond that of the kind heterosexuals of both genders take for granted shouldn’t this Sochi development be warmly welcomed and hailed as a major breakthrough for universal sexuality?

After all twin toilet bowls cubicles might just be the thing as well as a rather refreshing trend towards cementing homosexual and lesbian bonding respectively in what is after all one of the most private and dare I say exceedingly intimate and absolutely necessary pastimes indulged in, other than perhaps the physical act of sexual intercourse be this heterosexual, lesbian, homosexual or personal manual stimulation also known as masturbation, by us Homo sapiens. But I doubt whether the endemic morons ensconced at Fox, CNN, ABC, the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and the rest of them have the perspicacity to even humorously see it that way.

Not least so because they’re professional whingers, spoilers and doomsayer addicts who literally get their rocks off by constantly complaining and usually doing so about things they know absolutely nothing about and to compensate for that and because they love nothing better than the sound of their own voices create their own asinine narrative which they then pass off as objective analysis; in other words the classic behaviour of the consummate and endemic moron. Do read my poem: “Exposé of the consummate endemic moron!”

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