Saturday, 4 January 2014

The greatest stimulus to self-confidence is honesty with one’s self!

By Stanley Collymore

Though you assume the right to moan often but
usually in private about the difficulties you
regularly face the stark and challenging
truth is that you seldom, if ever, like
so many others do rarely bother to
scrutinize the possibilities of why these
difficulties are there in the first place
and, as such, thoughtlessly rule out
the legitimate likelihood that you
and your activities might very
well be the magnet if not the
material catalyst of many of
your pressing concerns.
And so it isn’t that
difficult to fully

Home truths like awkward relations whom you
don’t much care for but quite reluctantly,
embarrassingly and perhaps even
painfully are forced to grudgingly recognize
as very much a part of you, although you
wouldn’t contemplate let alone freely
make a point of advertising that fact,
are nevertheless things that you
simply can’t or shouldn’t try
to wistfully wish away
and pretend they
don’t exist.

For to persistently live a significant lie
long-term, while secretly dreading the
prospect of exposure, carries with it
on being eventually found out
the far greater risks of ultimate
humiliation and certain rejection
at the hands of those that you
either foolishly or else
naively endeavour
at all costs to

So why not aspire instead to be your true self
at all times, and rather than timidly or
even sycophantically seeking to
please others who you think you must impress;
pandering continuously to their every whim
and fancy while inwardly deliberately
ignoring or failing to heed the signs
that on their part their loyalty to
you, if such a commodity
does exist, is ephemeral at best and
without any bonds of consistency;
that what in effect you should be
doing is to impress upon everyone,
whether they genuinely care for
you or not, to either accept or
reject you as you are, warts
and all, rather than willingly
being complicit with any
of them in what, after
all, could very well
presage your very
own inevitable
and perhaps

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 January 2014.

The herd instinct may very well be quite suitable for some species of animals; as human beings however and supposedly at the apex of this particular food chain I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to expect something much more imaginative from homo sapiens. After all, that’s why we’re individually endowed with our own brain. So why not use yours?

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