Friday, 17 January 2014

Exposed! The criminal and murdering tendencies of British governments and their military top brass.

By Stanley Collymore

First let me commend the human rights lawyers in the UK and their colleagues who are members of the German human rights organization that handed over the dossier to the ICC detailing the thousands of human rights violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed at the behest and in the full knowledge of their most senior commanding officers, the likes of Peter Wall, Defence Chief, the MoD, the Defence Secretary at the time Geoff Hoon and other principal players in our civilian and military establishments and gratuitously carried out by British armed forces members serving in Iraq specifically between 2003 and 2008.

At its very best the British Armed Forces are among, if not the best militarily disciplined men and women in the world. I know as I served with the RAF. But I’m also well aware that in general no serving serviceman or woman would or could act in this comprehensively savage manner as the dossier submitted to the ICC graphically outlines without the knowledge, approval and instigation of the likes of Peter Wall or Geoff Hoon. That’s why I’m absolutely convinced that these feral, sociopathic bastards: and I’m referring to the military top brass as well as their civilian counterparts, who ran our armed forces at the time and have subsequently and increasingly continued to do so, and aren’t remotely a patch on their virtuous predecessors, certainly not those in charge when I was in the RAF, and are given their positions not on merit or integrity but largely through political cronyism, are as guilty as hell as this dossier handed over to the ICC clearly substantiates and fall into the same category of mass murderers where Tony Blair, their leader who premeditatedly, lyingly and venally took us into that illegal war in the first place, definitely belongs.

So the arrant nonsense coming from William Hague that Britain doesn’t have a case to answer and what took place, if anything, doesn’t warrant being submitted to the ICC is in effect a load of crap. This from a man who wastes no time in wanting everyone that he and his incompetent regime don’t like elsewhere globally, outside of the west that is, to be publicly lumbered with every stitched up human rights crime or violation he and his ilk can muster and thereafter sent off to ICC. Notwithstanding that the current UK Con-Dem regime of which he is a principal member together with Bantu Saudi and Qatar are among the most incorrigible sponsors of terrorism globally. Notable examples outside of Iraq being Libya and Syria.

But it shows the arrogance and exceptionalism of this man and his ilk that as rulers of Britain which was most instrumental in setting up the Nuremberg Tribunal, the protocols that governed it, and other such tribunals subsequently across the globe; was especially influential and active in prosecuting post World War 2 German war criminals and others; was foremost in the creation and implementation of the Geneva Conventions and of course the ICC, of which it’s a signatory as it also is to all of the aforementioned internationally ratified treaties and human rights conventions, while it’s perfectly okay it seems to drag others who they disapprove of before these bodies, whether their victims are guilty or not, when irrefutable evidence of the UK’s own premeditated and murdering wrongdoings come to light these must be ignored and Britain allowed a blank cheque to carry on doing as it damn well pleases.

To which end British rulers like William Hague can dupe the rest of world by pretending that they’re doing something to rectify these wrongs and punish the criminals who’re responsible when they clearly aren’t; playing on the notion that the UK is a civilized country with an impartial judiciary, when the latter isn’t the case, and consequently kick the matter into the long grass and keep it there in the successful, so far, hope that people will either lose interest or eventually forget; and so nothing will ever be done to right these monstrous and murderous travesties. The human rights lawyers and the German human rights organization that have taken the UK to the ICC know this all too well and that is why totally fed up with this ongoing prevarication by Britain, they have courageously in my view decided to act.

And as they succinctly pointed out Britain has had over 10 years to resolve this matter and has evidently shown no intention whatsoever of dealing with it in any satisfactory legal fashion. Significantly too William Schabas a Human Rights professor drawing full attention to the fact that only Blacks are prosecuted by the ICC never white Caucasian Europeans regardless of how heinous their crimes are as in the case of Tony Blair for example, and where one does witness the most perverse situations occurring there. Take for example the cases of two former heads of state, respectively of Kenya and the Ivory Coast both African countries, currently being tried by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This, says Professor Schabas, despite the known fact that neither of them did anything wrong. Their hands aren’t dripping with blood nor have they ever commissioned any crimes; let alone done anything that remotely warrants them being at The Hague. But they are there because of the actions of a crony, so-called ICC prosecutor acting on instructions from western governments, including Britain’s and the USA, which isn’t even a signatory to the ICC. And all that the ICC can come up with for prosecuting these two men is that even though they didn’t commit any crimes they were in charge of their respective country where such crimes were allegedly committed, so the buck stops with them.

Why Professor Schabas asked, and I reiterate the same question here, isn’t the same principle applied to Britain where the hands of Peter Wall, Geoff Hoon, Tony Blair and multiple others are dripping with the blood of innocent Iraqis and others? If it’s good for black African leaders the only ones since the creation of the ICC, which has a global remit lets not forget, to be hauled up before it in this way, indicted and prosecuted why not murdering white scum whether they’re British or not? But when a brain-dead and so-called defence correspondent for Sky News on the very day that the dossier on these thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity by Britain were submitted to the ICC could arrogantly and smarmily declare to Sky viewers that the ICC’s prosecutor will “take her time” then “politely decline” the request of these human rights advocates to investigate Britain, its criminal politicians and military leaders, one knows instinctively if they’ve a functioning brain in their head that that particular decision is already done and dusted.

For let’s be blunt here. The ICC is a political tool of the west that is dishonestly used to give so-called credibility to the west’s ambitions. Its decisions don’t conform to the rule of international law but instead concentrate on the political objectives of the west. We saw this clearly, for example, in Libya where the ICC’s ploy of indicting those the west didn’t like, for no other reason than they stood up to the west’s bullying, with fake crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes promoted the idea that those the west and ICC were accusing were highly dangerous people who had to be indicted, put away or killed. The so-called Libyan National Council had no legitimacy as current events in Libya spectacularly demonstrate, and what it dishonestly derived came from the efforts of the ICC. And once again the same perfidious scenario is being played out in Syria.

I’m against the death penalty not exclusively for ethical reasons but largely because it’s the poor, disadvantaged, marginalized and racially picked on who invariably end up on Death Row; never deservingly so the highly privileged killers, mass murders and those who orchestrate or commit abominable crimes against humanity; and the political and military sewers in Britain are replete with such people. And that’s why, not only Tony Blair but Geoff Hoon, Peter Wall and the rest of these sewer rats need to be arrested and tried in a genuinely impartial criminal court, and I’m not referring to the ICC unless that Agean Stable is first thoroughly cleansed out, convicted and imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives, and also comprehensively stripped of all their material assets including those they’ve salted away in offshore accounts or passed on to relatives or lovers; for they are GUILTY of the crimes of which they are accused. And in the event of this not being done then those that are either directly affected by the activities of these sewer rats or conscionably think that something should be done about them, should look no further than Woolwich for their answers and redemption.

The late John F. Kennedy was assassinated; subsequently Ronald Reagan nearly lost his life from a would-be assassin’s bullet. Both men were President of what was then and is still now the world’s most powerful country. So if they weren’t safe with all the security paraphernalia around them what could logically make any sensible person think that these feral and sociopathic British Lilliputians are any different? Grotesque Pygmies in character who’ve abysmally betrayed not only the men and women under their command in our Armed Forces but the entire UK too. With significant numbers of our Armed Forces having returned home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the dreadful experiences they occasioned from these manufactured wars that the likes of Geoff Hoon and Peter Wall are so fond of; and are more likely than most to end up homeless, out of work, living on the streets and even in jail on being released and discarded by the said armed forces to which they gave everything.

And all the while these prime assholes who’re the fulcrum of their nightmarish problems condescendingly scurry around in their white Caucasian sewers passed off as privileged enclaves deluding themselves that they and theirs are impregnable. Dream on! Personally I think that jail, even for the rest of their miserable lives is too good for these loathsome scumbags and maybe as I write there are sufficient conscionable persons out there who think likewise; and who knows might cleverly, ably and willingly assist them in patronizingly keeping up the pretence of their invincibility until that crucial moment when they strike.

John F. Kennedy clearly thought he was safe, though regrettably in his case his death was a great tragedy and additionally an incalculable loss to humanity that was mourned globally, which those of these British scumbags won’t be, as he was a good man; something which by no stretch of the imagination these slimy and recalcitrant bastards couldn’t possibly, not even remotely so, lay claim to.

In conclusion, since I know that those of you who are most fond of disregarding and breaking the law with impunity are without exception the very first ones to seek it out when you find others standing up to you; so do feel free with my blessing to get your smart arse lawyers to sue me for libel or perhaps defamation of character – that in your case would be the equivalent of supporters of Jimmy Savile saying he was misunderstood or even wronged - or whatever else you may want to have a go at me for. I’m up for it! Since from my perspective I really don’t give a fuck what you think or do for that matter, and would in those circumstances in court not retract a word of what I’ve already said and you can bet your dumb asses I’ll say considerably more than the 140 characters per tweet allowance that is granted to me on my Twitter page.

For upon thorough and constant scrutiny of you: namely our governmental, principal ministerial, military top brass and the close and even intimate circle of other odious and highly privileged scumbags that you belong to and almost exclusively associate with, none of you discernibly in my opinion has or is ever likely to acquire any kind of genuine reputation worthy of the name that is either remotely worth defending or can in the least be logically or realistically defamed. Since with your lot it’s all smoke and mirrors, ideal for deluding our na├»ve, educationally dumbed down, intellectually challenged, brainwashed or apathetically brain-dead morons who you cynically exploit at will, but not those with functioning brains in their heads; that’s why you’re so shit scared of the latter.

So go on make my day; you despicable, bullying and cowardly bastards who like your kind universally relish nothing more than venting your feral and sociopathic tendencies on those who either can’t or are too frightened of you to hit back. Sadly for you I’m not one of them and never will be!

There’s a tendency in Britain for the authorities of whatever description or level together with their not insignificant bands of unthinking and sycophantic supporters to at every turn presented to them to seek to belittle anyone who, in their twisted view, dares to legitimately challenge the arbitrary diktats or even the immoral practices of the powers that be by scornfully suggesting to these critics that if they’ve nothing to hide then they’ve nothing to fear.

How very ironic then that the current Con-Dem coalition regime in London and its spokesperson William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, who’re fully paid up members to this doctrine don’t practice what they preach to others.

Particularly so, and as the world is equally fully aware, that the UK has been referred to the ICC for a plethora of war crimes, crimes against humanity, sadistic tortures and murders that if these charges were being levelled against any other country that these rulers of the UK didn’t like, they would be openly, vociferously and unrelentingly be demanding that immediate action be harshly and without pity be taken against these people. How’s that for white Caucasian excecptionalism?


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