Thursday, 31 October 2013

If ever there was a just case for blowback the antics of the Energy Six is such a one!

By Stanley Collymore

You plainly don’t care, do you? And realistically why should any
intelligent person choose to imagine that there’ll be any concern
on your part for the financial woes of your customers which
you’ve premeditatedly, gratuitously and greedily created
and lumbered them with because you clearly knew
from the start that you could get away with
doing so; obviously seeing these faceless people, whom you
provide gas and electricity to, solely as profitable milch
cows and nothing more, to be loathsomely fleeced
in the onward, abhorrent and avaricious march
of your ungovernable and unaccountable
pursuit of ever escalating personal
and corporate aggrandisement?

Vulnerable people like old-aged pensioners, single
mothers and the unemployed with no effective
or genuine alternatives to turn to or replace
you with, since everyone, except the
utterly credulous, fatuous or totally brain dead knows
full well that with the covert and keen approval of
Ofgem: the fancifully misnomer named energy
regulator, which is anything but a credible
watchdog; the government, influential MPs
and House of Lords lawmakers, all of whom are
themselves venally, deeply, willingly and corruptly
either implicated themselves in consultancy roles
with you or else deeply embedded in your huge
and limitless financial pockets and therefore
deliberately turn a Nelsonian eye out of
their own financial interests to what
you’re doing, that no one in power
will do anything to rein in and
ultimately eradicate this
travesty of justice that’s
being inflicted on the
British people.

Instead what we witness them all repeatedly and cynically
doing is mouthing well rehearsed and totally meaningless
platitudes of contrived outrage, the hot air emanating
from which if skilfully harnessed would instantly
solve all our energy problems well into the future. But other
than uttering populous words and phrases exclusively for
public consumption and to take away the incandescent
heat of a justifiably irate public from their singed
asses, the powers that be: because they too are
deeply involved in this criminality from which they’re
also handsomely profiting, will not seriously essay
to let alone effectively retrench the all-pervasive,
insidious and damnable perniciousness of the
energy utility companies that operate in
the UK, and which indisputably are now
the primary contributors, even more
so than the banks, to the perpetual
hardships that the vast majority
of us are unconscionably
and quite indefensibly
being subjected to.

EDF, SSE, Scottish Power, British Gas, Eon and N-Power:
a powerful cartel of criminal elites, whose names and
crimes should be inscribed forever in a prominent
Rogues Gallery for all to see along with those
of their craven Chief Executives; the latter
though brazenly arrogant to the core and with a robust
disdain for the British public generally nevertheless
like the bullying yet cowardly bastards that they
are were evidently too shit scared to appear in
person before a House of Commons Select
Committee to face the music they’ve consciously orchestrated,
far less explain and justify, because they knew they couldn’t,
their exorbitant price hikes that are well above the average
national rate of inflation when everyday wages are also
in relative terms drastically falling for everyone else
but them, or disclose what they actually fork out
for the gas, would you credit it, that lacking all
measures of transparency that one can logically
think of and is hardly conducive to any kind
of competitive environment or ethical
state of affairs if you ask me, they
monopolistically purchase from
and then sell to each other.

Leaving that demeaning chore, as they saw it, with its
associated insult to a long suffering and enormously
ripped off British public of not actually attending
in person that House of Commons Select
Committee hearing to their identically PR coached
lackeys to obsequiously, and all too eagerly but
unconvincingly, do their dirty work for them;
while most of our nation, utterly confused
by it all, helplessly stand by and watch.

The monstrously inflated gas and electricity prices that the
UK’s public are currently being subjected to we’re told
by a complicit and far from trustworthy corporate
media will be a vicious battleground come the
2015 British general elections with the various political
parties intent on using this public grievance as their
standard bearer and rallying call for support from
the electorate. That will certainly be the case,
I suspect, and specifically so for their
self-centred and political ends juxtaposed with a generous
helping of public posturing and political theatre. But
if you believe any of the crap they’ll be copiously
spewing out between now and the elections or
more ludicrous still think that they have your
true interests and general welfare at heart
vis-à-vis those of their beloved Energy
Six then God help you; for you’re
without doubt, in my honest
opinion, in desperate need
of urgent psychiatric

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 October 2013.


This poem was written from the collation of several personal and horrific experiences I’ve encountered at the hands of the Energy Six or personally know about and have recorded, and of the kind which many of you have also and for far too long been forced to endure; and I stand by every word I’ve written. So if those mentioned or involved, proverbially if the cap fits pull the string, who don’t like how they’re justly characterized here then they’re most welcomed from my perspective to prosecute or sue me. As neither prospect scares nor will ever induce me on these pages of mine or in court into retracting an iota of what I’ve said!

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