Saturday, 6 August 2016

Treachery and delusional white exceptionalism have no place in any civilized country!

By Stanley Collymore

Treachery has no one master or mistress nor for that matter
any specific victims since everyone who comes within
its ambience is explicitly regarded and treated as a
potential agent for its dastardly acts of criminality;
and all the more preferably and expediently so
because no training whatsoever is required to
a Useful Idiot traitor. Therefore anyone can
easily as well as vaingloriously take part
as no genuine reason or any real motivation stemming
from it, other than the delusional figment of one’s
own imagination working vigorously in tandem
with a fraudulently concerted and iniquitous
proclivity for the misleadingly persuasive
but, all the same, inane manipulation of
others that physically and emotionally
are irreversibly handicapped with at
best perceptibly dormant but as is
more usually the case facsimiles
for brains and plainly belonging
to the witless, docilely puerile
and gullibly brain-dead, into
doing their reckless bidding
which suitably constitutes
actions that are accurately
deemed as and moreover
taken to be, by those of
us in full possession of
genuinely functioning
and usefully applied
brains in our heads,
as what they are!

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
This poem was motivated by the blatant acts of treachery I’ve witnessed and I’m sure many others of you have as well carried out by the consummately despicable, lowlife and better off dead Labtory elements within the parliamentary Labour Party as well as those pulling their strings from outside those most ingrained and corrupt of privileged institutions known as the Houses of Commons and Lords. But what equally draws my attention is the third such resignation of another stupid and evidently avaricious bitch from her alleged role of “seriously” – they’re having a fucking laugh aren’t they - of ascertaining who was responsible for the pandemic acts of utterly and demonstrably grotesque acts of paedophilia and child abuse within the parameters of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament, the BBC, successive UK governmental cabinets, the higher echelons of the Civil Service, the Ministry of Defence, senior members of our police constabularies, the BBC, and the list goes on.

And seeking to get these three female pillocks to uncover something so endemic and that they all have an empathy with is tantamount in my opinion to purposely selecting a Grand Wizard or whatever they call themselves of the Ku Klux Klan to investigate a United States Deep South or any other area, for that matter, Black lynching. The person or persons selected will go through the motions but nothing plausible or convincing will ever emerge from such a travesty. And that’s precisely what is happening here in this so-called enquiry of paedophilia and child abuse in the UK. For how can anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head and prepared to objectively use it seriously think that a House of Commons, a House of Lords, and a government replete with a massive and inveterate consortium of paedophiles, Dykes, Queers and the rest of them and furthermore with those who are placed to investigate these patently evil buggers so closely linked to them: familial, social or economic ties, will ever point the finger at them or wish for their collars to be properly felt by the genuine arm of the law?

And I can say with absolute certainty that I, my offspring and my grandchildren and their grandchildren will come into this world and pass on into eternity and fuck all will be done about what has and is still occurring in Britain in relation to this pandemic of paedophilia and child abuse situation. And to have this stupid Kiwi bitch saying she was homesick and that was a major factor of her not being able to do the job! Even though she spent most of her time OUTSIDE the UK! How old is this prized cunt? Hardly a kid reluctantly sent off to boarding school is she? No problems though with taking the considerable sums of our taxpayers money in the process though for doing fuck all! But that’s the ingrained mindset of these fucking exceptionalists! And while I absolutely detest them I don’t have any sympathy either for the plebeian and delusional white supremacist lot either with their brainless attitude to most things; as quite frankly the superfluity of you ignorant mother fuckers deserve each other!

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