Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

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  1. I once spent some time in Finland with someone who was then at the time and still is very close to me; actually she was my girlfriend at the time and was herself Finnish. During my stay in Finland and as it’s my wont to learn as much positively about every country I’m in.

    I did learn a great deal about Jean Sibelius both from my then girlfriend, her friends and several others that I came across in Finland and itself complemented by the research that I carried out for myself. And having always been a firm fan of classical music I recognized how much and equally successfully Jean Sibelius who is a Finnish hero did for raising and consolidating the genuine patriotic hopes, personal aspirations and the ultimate fulfilment of the Finish people in achieving their personal and national freedom.

    And as someone of Barbadian extraction whose ancestors were enforced for centuries to be under the yoke of English slavery and later British colonialism I know and appreciate what that means particularly as I look at Barbados today and recognize the massive strides we Bajans have made as a nation.

    This is undoubtedly the same constructive and imaginative approach that Jeremy Corbyn has for Britain and in gratitude to my Finnish friends and especially my former girlfriend and still very close friend I’d like to dedicate this piece of music to our leader Jeremy Corbyn, and the sterling work of John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Ken Livingstone, the members and leaders of Momentum and the grassroots membership of the TRUE Labour Party with these encouraging words: “Have faith in yourselves and Victory can and will be ours. God Bless You all!”