Thursday, 18 August 2016

Greatness thoroughly becomes You Jeremy Corbyn!

By Stanley Collymore

Greatness is a commodity some people are
happily born with, others on the other
hand who mange to achieve it do so
through their earnest and staunch
actions; while a third element
among what’s recognizably
three distinctively identifiable
categories of great persons
who rather uncommonly
and basically through
circumstances that are entirely
sudden and more often than
not definitely unforeseen
by those who’re caught
up in it have greatness
challengingly and
irreversibly as it
happens thrust
upon them.

And how satisfying to know that someone
whom you trust implicitly, hold in the
highest esteem, genuinely care for
and thoroughly respect and is
himself or herself the clear
personification of a most
extraordinary human
being and moreover
is also someone on whom countless
numbers of people within their
ordinary communities and
national population can
realistically pin their
trust and ambitions
on, as is actually the case in the
UK with Jeremy Corbyn, is
admirably and noticeably
unpretentiously the very
complete embodiment
of all four of these
stated and most

© Stanley Collymore
18 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
From the very outset of his now sterling political career and conspicuously throughout it Jeremy Corbyn has been and still effectively and tirelessly carries on being a most conscientious and caring politician rigorously eschewing the snout in the troughs endemic and self-serving practices of significant members of his parliamentary peers on both sides of the British House of Commons.

In the same manner as he has continuously and energetically opposed and vehemently decried their natural resources exploitative, imperialistic, white exceptionalist and hegemonic wars of choice in the Global South with their attendant mass deaths, consummate misery, premeditated chaos and massive social and physical dislocation for these Global South nations and their local populations who are directly and deleteriously affected.

So against that honourable and commendably conscionable backdrop by those who’ve endeavoured to be principled politicians it was quite predictable and even inevitable one can presciently-minded say that Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else who was such a barbed thorn in the corrupt body politic of those running the United Kingdom  such persons were always going to be Public Enemy No.1 as far as these inured criminal, graspingly avaricious, obsessively warmongering, delusional and fictionally James Bond superior in everything coupled with their inveterate penchant for war crimes, crimes against humanity, mass murdering and a colossal moral turpitude: Dykeism, Queerism and endemic Paedophilia to name just three of these British societal ills, British career politicians and Establishment figures were concerned.

And conversely why specifically in Jeremy Corbyn’s case we the exceedingly proud of him, well-informed, undeterred and absolutely unafraid Corbynistas see him, in marked contrast to how he’s dishonestly and virulently perceived by his opponents and detractors, as an inspiring mentor, a superb and justifiable iconic figure and on our wavelength communicator, and furthermore in addition to all that we just love him to bits for who and what he genuinely is. AMEN! So viva Jeremy Corbyn!

And to his opponents and detractors I say piss off and go fuck whoever you get your rocks off with!

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