Monday, 4 July 2016

fleetwood mac - little lies (1987)

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  1. Empires come and they eventually go and even though those who ran, controlled and invariably benefited from them influentially, politically, financially, socially and even militarily might have wished that these empires with which they were closely and deeply associated would have carried on existing indefinitely if not forever, the more intelligent and objectively thinking among them even if not prepared or willing to say so openly knew within their hearts that such an aspiration would never realistically be the case and that ultimately the power of and the very existence of the empires would come to an end.

    But for all the many obvious failings of these past empires prospective empire builders rampantly obsessed with the notion of autocratic power to do with as they please still endeavour to carry on in one guise or another to create these monolithic institutions of selective power, privilege, influence and financial empowerment for those who asininely but all the same desirously wish for empires to be in vogue again; inescapably quite ludicrously so in what’s supposedly a modern world that’s increasingly and properly motivated by and deeply attached to the laudable and egalitarian concept of universal suffrage, democracy and political empowerment for all peoples and in a socially empowering environment where frankly the autocratic dictum of empire plutocracy should have no sway.

    That said it’s nevertheless quite discernibly a realization that the latest addition to the annals of empire creation: the 240 year old established United States of America but which only post World War II realistically and effectively mushroomed into the empire it has become miserably fails to grasp. And very much like the narcissistic and highly arrogant emperor in the children’s story, the Emperor’s New Clothes, bedecked as he thought he was in the most ornate and expensive finery and conceitedly as such parading in a grand posture in front of his many fawning couriers who collectively and in characteristic toadying fashion baulked at the mere idea let alone actually telling this narcissist that he was absolutely stark naked and not fitted out in the sumptuous haute couture he not only thought but also deluded himself that he was adorned with contributed vastly to his subsequent and terrible embarrassment.

    Regrettably, as it happens, in the 21st Century the American Empire which, whatever its supporters think, will eventually also come to an inevitable end is alas currently in the same situation as this arrogant and deluded emperor and quite conspicuously is similarly surrounded by its own self-serving and equally self-absorbed sycophants; and some of them like Britain with its own history of the rise and fall of the British Empire who frankly should know better than to be acting in the way that they’re doing.

    However, they’ve all chosen instead to buy into this totally idiotic and delusional notion of American exceptionalism and the incomprehensible belief that the American Empire will last forever and with it their self-serving fortunes, clinging on obviously they think to its success, as well. To which I contemptuously and unapologetically add: “Dream on!”