Saturday, 9 July 2016

England: a delusional society run by decadent, white Zionist scum!

By Stanley Collymore

The Dyke Eagle is moribund but notwithstanding her dire position with a vainglorious desire on her part still asininely wants to fly when prescient-minded observers well known that it would be infinitely much better for everyone concerned were she to simply piss off and voluntarily of her own volition choose to die with dignity rather than having someone or any number of obligated persons with assassination strictly, justifiably and quite practicably in mind enforcedly out of the thorough necessity for politically cleansing purposes to have to resort to the inevitable option of a killing spree.

Remorselessly and efficiently doing so by any attainable means available to such prospective assassins: I.E.D, gun usage or the common-o-garden but all the same trusty machete as was effectively demonstrated in Woolwich for instance but now employed to ruthlessly, deservingly and unapologetically liquidate the ongoing treacherous coterie of Iraqi mass murderers, crimes against humanity, war crimes perpetuating, utterly self-serving, immensely self-absorbed and specifically the perniciously and mind-bogglingly arrogant Dyke bitch whose delusional notion of being the requisite and inviolable saviour of Britain has as much vision, traction and credibility to it in its self-evident implausibility as if Jimmy Savile now fortunately dead, and a position where scum like you Dyke Woman ought similarly to be, were to mysteriously resurrect himself  from the Netherworld rather than staying where he is instead.

And that done pompously return to the UK and in the self-same, typical self-denial state that you Dyke Eagle and the rest of your loathsome, comprehensively lowlife and utterly insidious Labtory scum and have long been are discernible Queer pastmasters and correspondingly Dyke mistresses at, say that his rampant and officially condoned and immune acts of paedophilia together with his multiple criminal sexual abuses of the vulnerable and very young children – which you Angela Eagle and your Labtory lot in tandem with your fellow Tories and the Lib-Dems at the very worst only turned a blind eye to but in the main fulsomely supported and in terms of these sorts of abuses and acts of monstrous infamy still assiduously carry on doing; remember PIE? – were all down to the active instigation of Jimmy Savile’s victims, he and you would say, and not his own!

And accordingly he was merely acquiescing, would be the overwhelmingly white, privileged and unconscionably Westminster Bubble cheer-led response of this similarly odious piece of white shit Jimmy Savile, to the entreating demands of those abused by him. You know what I’m referring to; the old and disreputable canard of deceitfully, vindictively and propagandistically blaming the victims in the most despicable fashion possible for the vile actions and multiple crimes committed against them by their mentally twisted and palpably evil, that’s scum like you, perpetrators. Identical Dyke Woman to how you personally and in combination with your fellow Labtory treacherous pieces of shit organized by Tim Allan, Tony Blair’s former press aide, Portland Communications PR firm – since the clearly dozy lot of fuckers like you Angela Eagle individually and unassisted left to your own inept devices couldn’t plot your way out of a sodden paper bag – and together with your Nazi Zionist, apartheid loving ilk and their controlled media organs are similarly, deceitfully and shamelessly conveniently blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the aged-old ills affecting the Labour Party and all else that you insidious morons and comprehensively incompetent lot of tossers are likewise directly responsible for in relation to what’s patently wrong but all the same is still going on apace in what’s clearly a Disunited Kingdom.

Claiming, most astoundingly, as you rampant political Dykes, Queers, Paedophiles and your gullible posse and easily manipulated army of the great unwashed, illiterate and similarly lowlife followers with nothing whatever of substance between their ears have stupidly taken to shouting to anyone who’ll listen to them that none of these evidently orchestrated calamities is their responsibility or doing and it’s all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn and without him on the scene everything would be hunky dory and quickly resort to how it was previously; which is precisely, if you dunderheads had bothered to listen to and heeded the message that was loudly and unambiguously sent by the national Labour Party membership when Jeremy Corby was massively elected the Labour leader in September 2015, and were the exact reasons against the stance that you Labtory traitors are now publicly taking but even so always subscribed to, and accounted for why the same Labour Party membership in its wisdom hugely elected Jeremy Corbyn as their democratic representative and mandated leader. Something that you the bogus democrats that you are have resolutely refused to accept from day one of Jeremy Corbyn’s election.

So take a hard look at yourself Angela Eagle, where you and your sort coming from in contrast with the changed position within the wider membership of the Labour Party; ditch your crap about Jeremy Corbyn having to go and move on: Labtory Great Dyke Hope and Labour Party leader aspirant; and in consort with your treacherous chums acknowledge your multiple and still ongoing shortcomings. Then as the lowlife specimens of supposed humanity that collectively and perniciously you are just piss off and like lemmings predisposed to jumping off the edges of cliffs in their blind stupidity act accordingly and so preclude the absolute necessity for having to draft in assassins to deal decisively and effectively with all of you. But if your egos, grasping avariciousness and ingrained delusions are more comforting for you and equally too more imperative than basic commonsense, assuming of course that you possess any such thing, then the Final Solution will be a looming inevitability waiting to be set in motion; trust me!

For what we the true lovers and supporters of the Labour Party have essentially had and in the most lying, dishonest and propagandistic fashion imaginable as well as seeing the general public being concertedly presented with is a bunch of no-good nonentities for the most part, narcissistic in the extreme, self-servingly avaricious and career MPs who don’t give a damn about democracy, the party they conveniently belong to, its national membership or even the constituencies they claim to represent, but manifestly don’t, and frankly few people in the UK or anywhere else come to that have ever heard of, resorting in the most puerile and grandstanding manner that one could possibly imagine “resigning” from jobs that nobody ever knew they had in the first place.

Conspicuously vermin and brazen liars with it and that Britain evidently doesn’t need and in your demonstrably sickeningly, prurient Dyke case Angela Eagle and likewise compounded by all your idiotic dithering over legitimately and conscionably, not a coup, challenging Jeremy Corbyn is much more cowardly chicken than brave eagle if you’ll forgive the metaphor generously crediting you with essentially knowing what a metaphor actually is. And whatever this consortium of collective Labtory clowns, and of which you’re a critical part Dyke Eagle, their manipulators and controllers do one thing still remains an unassailable reality and summed up both brilliantly and cogently in the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi: “The truth is still the truth even if you’re in a minority of one.!” That sagacious realization is very much as relevant today as it ever was in the past and will continue to be in the future. And for me is a pertinent reason, if any were ever needed, as to why Jeremy Corbyn should and must continue as the democratically elected leader of the Labour and why Dyke, Queer and paedophile scum like you and you sort should piss off and as the odious Nazis, fascists, racists and xenophobe that you are join your blood brothers and sisters in the real Tory and Lib-Dems Parties.

There is now plenty of available evidence to show that far from knocking on doors in their respective constituencies in order to get support for “Remain” in the recently held EU referendum on June 23, 2016 all of the 172 parliamentary Labour Party members that were involved in the highly orchestrated and bullying no confidence vote against Jeremy Corbyn plus the so-called grandees of the Labtory element within the proper Labour Party and all of them keen and committed supporters of mass murderer Tony Blair and themselves like him deeply complicit mass murderers and likewise purveyors of multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity and including odious and detestable scum like Jack Straw, David Blunkett, Margaret Hodge, Tessa Jowell, Hilary Benn, Liz Kendall, Frank Field, Charles Falconer, Alastair Campbell, Neil Kinnock, Margaret Beckett and the plethora of other discernibly detrital lowlifes masquerading as human beings, were all spending their time in the weeks prior to the EU referendum vote planning their coup to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn; aided and abetted by Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell – regardless of what the EU referendum result was, and were he to have been divined with miraculous powers that enabled him to walk on water during and subsequent to that EU referendum vote would still have found himself at fault as far as these pillocks were concerned; that’s how steadfastly determined these utterly loathsome, perniciously mendacious and repulsively treacherous bastards and bitches were and still are to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. And not for the lying reasons they publicly espouse along with their fellow Zionist chums at the BBC and in the commercially corporate media in the UK but because Jeremy Corbyn is conspicuously not one of them nor has he ever aspired to be, to put it mildly.

A coup that was initiated by the hardcore Blairites and idiotically organized and orchestrated by Tim Allan: Tony Blair’s former personal aide together with village idiot Tom Mauchline – him of the ludicrously puerile one-man heckling, again premeditated and media pre-informed, of Jeremy Corbyn on the 25 June 2016 and predictably widely and ad nauseum reported by all the British outlets; notwithstanding that David Cameron and others of his ilk are routinely heckled on a regular basis but these genuine acts of heckling never get reported by these same media outfits and why should they? After all most of these things are childish to say the least; but when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn even when the heckling is contrived and bogus the same media figures none the less think it’s imperative to tell the public about it but additionally as well misleadingly so.

Both Tim Allan, the founder and Tom Mauchline a senior executive are part of the rightwing, neo-con, Nazi-Zionist PR outfit Portland Communications that both Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair are deeply connected with and whose remit it was to carry out this hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn; pretty piss poor really, utterly puerile and wholly ineffective if you ask me and if this is the best that these ignorant, narcissistic, brainless and demented mother fuckers can do and who’d double cross their own mothers if only they knew who they were – their biological dads in cuckolded Britain to the kind of white sluts that produced them was always an uncertainty anyway – then I’d hate to see their worst; for Jeremy Corbyn is, to put it bluntly, staying exactly where he is.

And as if that wasn’t enough shit coming from the Queer, Dyke and Paedophile asses of this loathsomely sick lot, we had another Dyke Ruth Smeeth conveniently and assisted, grabbing the pre-arranged limelight for her five minutes of “fame” - as it were – with her bogus anti-Semitic crap. I’ve explained ad nauseum and in detail with corroborative proof that these Yid cunts are neither biologically nor anthropologically Semites and therefore I shan’t waste my time going over their fucking nonsense all over again. But I can tell you what is real. Dyke Ruth Smeeth is a CIA agent – a spy in other words – who’s embedded in the British Labour Party and the UK and working against the interests of both. So she’s in triplicate terms a fucking traitor. And if the boot were on the other foot and this Dyke cunt was an American citizen and a politician to boot in that country, a congresswoman or even bizarrely a senator and was working as a spy for the United Kingdom against the interests of United States and doing so on American soil or even away from it, and never mind all that bogus so-called special relationship that Britain likes to kid itself and its delusional politicians like to think exist between the American Empire and its satrap Britain, Ruth Smeeth would have been rounded up, arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for treason. There are plenty examples of what the US has done to conscionable whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Snowden just to cite two examples, and should give one a realistic idea of what they’d do to traitors. But here we have this Yid asshole Ruth Smeeth working against the very country whose national interests she is fraudulently and publicly misleading her constituents and the general British public that she cares so much about.

At the end of World War II Britain vindictively arrested, went through a bogus trial and then barbarically executed William Brooke Joyce known colloquially as Lord Haw Haw. In doing so Britain acted illegally, since the charge of treason that was used to hang Joyce was as fraudulent in character as the Queers, Dykes and Paedophiles that proliferate the Westminster Bubble. For one can only, under international and domestic law, be charged with treason if the accused is a citizen or national of that country accusing him or her of that crime, and William Joyce was NEVER British. Ruth Smeeth however is British and from my perspective since treason is still a capital offence in Britain the gallows would be fine and fitting place for this Dyke piece of Yid shit to swing from. An appropriate case for genuine tears on her part instead of the crocodile ones she concertedly and duplicitously shed at the irrelevant, from my point of view, anti-Semitic meeting she deceitfully attended. Take note the constituents of Stoke-on-Trent North; do you really want a scumbag like this representing you in parliament?

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