Monday, 18 July 2016

Crawl back to your sewer half-breed Tamil scum and cancer assisted die!

By Stanley Collymore

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel; I knew regrettably that there were myriads of demented assholes in the Labour Party but even I with my strong Labour Party roots am quite aghast at how many they are. Then not out of the blue, as this is yet another orchestrated ploy by the purblind attention seeking cunts who couldn’t plot their way out of a sodden paper bag even if such an exercise were likely to save their pathetic lives, we have a fucking nonentity in the classic meaning of that specific word seeking to draw attention to herself while at the same time perniciously milking her supposed breast cancer for all its worth and to fraudulently reassure all the brainless idiots within the Labour Party’s old and reactionary cap-doffing guard as well as the plethora of other morons out there and who’ll believe any shit they’re told aided and abetted by the same media that hate Jeremy Corbyn and want to have his guts for garters, what in their collective sick minds an utterly evil and inconsiderate bastard Jeremy Corbyn is. And the fact that this very same media has to use a discernibly stupid bitch like Thangam Debbonaire simply goes to show how desperate they are for anything to grab hold of; for no sensible person is buying this crap.

First we’re told to the echoes of rapturous and deafening cheerleading by these embedded stenographers of the odious and bigoted ilk of: David Wooding, Dermot Murnagham, Jon Craig, Darren McCaffrey, Adam Boulton, Sophie Ridge, among the rest of them, and masquerading as journalists and reporters, which they clearly aren’t, and instructed to do so as they really can’t think for themselves by their like-minded and discernibly idiotic editors that Jeremy Corbyn can’t find anyone to serve in his shadow cabinet as no one wants to do so and how as a consequence he’s fatally isolated and must go. Then in their next collective breath and in total contradiction of what they’ve been earlier saying, wholly unsurprising to the likes of you and me as they’re absolutely brainless idiots, we get this load of shit from a half-breed demented Tamil bitch! And what is her very much on cue and highly fabricated story?

Jeremy Corby she says appointed her to his shadow cabinet but didn’t bother to tell her that he had done so and thus in relation to that mysterious appointment she knew nothing about it; then quite brusquely and immediately afterwards she idiotically elaborates, Jeremy sacked her from this appointment he had made without her knowledge and likewise didn’t bother to tell her that he’d summarily sacked her from a job which she didn’t know she had been given by him in the first place as in the same way he didn’t tell her about her sacking. With me so far? Because you have to have a brilliant IQ to unravel crap like this. To first get a job you didn’t know you were given and then be sacked from it and not being told either that you were sacked from it. Which reminds me, the Queen as constitutional Head of State of an independent Barbados by the will of the Bajan people and their government and with Barbados being a former colony of England continuously from 1627 to November 1966 when it attained its independence and with it also a Commonwealth member, the Queen appointed me as her special representative to my ancestral homeland.

However, this Head of State not only of Barbados by also the United Kingdom and who lives in a sumptuous palace in London and has other lavish and state paid for residences around the UK didn’t bother to tell me what she had done, and to add insult to injury she sacked me from the job she had given me but which I or no one else knew anything about and certainly not in Barbados where I currently am with my German Partner and didn’t even bother to inform me that she had done that either. Now none of you out there in possession of functioning brains in your heads would believe that shit I just made up for reference purposes but yet you’re very keen to believe the fucking nonsense coming out of the mouth of this demented, half-breed Tamil cunt because it’s supposedly to the detriment of Jeremy Corbyn and that is what you and other assholes out there are being manipulated into thinking. In other words truth and any sense of believability don’t come into it or play any factor in this blatant piece of fabrication,

Then this dim-witted, useful idiot and half-breed Tamil trollop Thangam Debbonaire who is anything but what her surname suggests and has a face like the rear end of an Asian elephant  even more risibly claims that Jeremy Corbyn did all this harm to her while she was receiving treatment in hospital for breast cancer. All together now: “Oooh! How could he!” This woman is clearly delusional and I’d like for her to explain when the job offer to her was made and then withdrawn; but of course her reply would be I don’t know because Jeremy didn’t tell me about either. So how can she categorically state a nonsensical “fact” and not support it with evidence if she’s complaining about it; see where I’m coming from? And how on earth pray tell would Jeremy Corbyn know that this nonentity had breast cancer, if indeed she does, and at sometime or other was in hospital, if she ever was? 

I’m a staunch and committed supporter of Jeremy Corbyn as are millions of us out here; should Jeremy, according to what this conspicuously puerile idiot Thangam Debbonaire is saying, also know or be instantaneously informed about our personal medical history or what we each of us get up to in our private lives? Most definitely not! Nor would any rational person expect him to any more than Theresa May would be or should be privy to similar information of all or any of her Cabinet or government ministers, or even the members of her Conservative Parliamentary Party members and not least so because medical records are confidential and subjected to the Data Protection Act. So as you’ve probably detected by now, if you’re among those out there who can and do think for yourselves, all this crap profusely coming from this half-breed Tamil twit and rather cynically blatantly orchestrated by her string pullers and the media is sheer baloney; and being a newcomer to parliament, she was only elected at the last general election in 2015 and has no political experience whatsoever so why should Jeremy Corbyn give her any post let alone a front bench one in his shadow cabinet, she obviously and quite ingratiatingly is doing her level best to please those who are whipping her into line. No independent mind of thought patterns where this stupid half-breed Tamil bitch is concerned!

And guess what this manufactured crap is all about? More bogus ammunition in the leadership race campaign to vilify Jeremy Corbyn. For why has this moronic prat waited until now to oh so conveniently go public and tell the world about this non-existent shadow cabinet post that was offered to her when by her own admission and unprompted she said it was the primary reason why she voted against Jeremy in the no-confidence vote. Well wait a minute! This no confidence vote wasn’t taken at the weekend of the 15-17 of July 2016 nor was it taken the week before; in fact it was some time ago, and is this asshole so brain-dead that she’s waited until NOW to broadcast it to the world. Now I suggest that you go and check for yourselves on line when this no-confidence vote was held as I’ve definitely no intention of doing your fucking donkey work for you, and when you’ve bothered to do so seriously ask yourself why the delay effect by this half breed Tamil slut? It’s not rocket science to determine why. So go figure it out!

Apart from everything this Asian equivalent of the Black House Nigger is miffed because she wasn’t offered any post and therefore couldn’t stage the ludicrous and pathetic one on the hour “resignations” by individuals that few, if any, people in the UK ever heard of and with jobs no one in the country knew that they had, and so Thangam Debbonaire had to resort to something else and this sob-story about her supposed cancer she claims she has was clearly dictated to her by the bullies in this anti-Corbyn lynch mob to make use of. So I’ll challenge you Thangam Debbonaire now that you’ve brought your alleged cancer in to the public domain just as Theresa May did with her not having children but not giving the real reason for this as she’s a closet Dyke, provide irrefutable evidence of your cancer, the time you were offered this “mysterious job” by Jeremy Corbyn, being in hospital when the phantom job offer was sadistically withdrawn by him, and all the rest of it. Facts Thangam Debbonaire and NOT fucking fiction! For your pathetic and ludicrously lying crap won’t work as many people out here, I foremost among them, know who and what Jeremy Corbyn really is; and we’re not impressed by your rank nonsense or are we going to sit back idly and have you self-servingly and quite idiotically traduce his character. So do us all a favour and summarily take you idiotic but mendacious shenanigans and firmly shove them comprehensively up your half-breed Tamil asshole. And if you do have breast cancer, as you’re possibly fraudulently claiming to, I do hope that it fucking well kills you and saves some conscionable person the necessary bother of having to bump you off Joe Cox, Nice, Dallas or Baton Rouge style! For scum like you and in the nonentity bracket as you firmly and evidently are, aren’t worth spending time in jail for even though you’d no longer be contaminating this earth the rest of us are forced to share with the likes of you.

It’s a dangerous world Thangam Debbonaire out of your now ensconced in Westminster Bubble and it’s the cunts that you’ve happily and idiotically now thrown your lot in with who’ve made it that way.; and if you persist in your idiocy don’t be surprised at the consequences when they come!. For what you and your lot are deeply, immorally as well as criminally engaged in is not democracy - far from it – but manifestly autocratic Nazi Zionism that vehemently objects to ordinary people, genuine Labour Party members, activists and supporters taking part in this upcoming Labour leadership election; and self-evidently the role of these undemocratic monsters and  useful village idiots like you Thangam Debbonaire is to disenfranchise these people and stop them from playing any constructive role other than being voting fodder in the party that they chose to be a part of and which claims to represent people like them but doesn’t!

And if Jeremy Corbyn is so unelectable and evil as you cunts claim that he is surely the best way of demonstrating that would be to have a free and fair election, NOT A RIGGED ONE, and let the voters prove your bogus claim to be a valid one. But you can’t risk that, can you, as you know full well you’ll be shown up for the charlatans that you patently are. So do me a favour Thangam Debbonaire! Piss off; go back to your anonymity in the sewers where you rightfully belong and hopefully soon and cancer assisted DROP DEAD!

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