Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sieg Heil to the brain-dead Scottish police!

By Stanley Collymore

We’re proudly the Scottish Police constitutionally charged
with lawfully looking after the Scottish people and, of
course, our north of the border UK nation; with the
extra remit as we intuitively see it to implacably
oppose as well as unremittingly eradicate all
categories of anti-Semitism whether these
are overtly or clandestinely engaged in
or otherwise embarked upon together
with all forms of victimization that
we unilaterally construe as being disrespectful, hateful,
discourteous or emotionally injurious to our Yiddish
Ashkenazim and worthy Semite friends. And we
will assiduously do so with every resource and
all the power at our command even arresting
dogs using the Nazi salute of outstretched
arms to laud Adolf Hitler in their canine
adulation of him; notwithstanding that
for many generations now we’ve not
managed to actually deal with far
less so eradicate the scourge of
social, political and religious
sectarianism in our society. But I’m sure
you’ll agree with me that painstakingly
orchestrated, mightily propagandized
and propagated but counterfeit Anti-
Semitism criticism is conveniently
and astutely for us a much more
creditable and pressing priority
for the Scottish Constabulary
than expected to deal with
pervasiveness of tangible
racism and undeniable
acts of sectarianism!

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 May 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
For all you brain-dead members of the Scottish Constabulary Israel, which I call Yidland, is not a nice country. It is in effect a powerful police state founded on pathological paranoia with only a veneer of civility, carefully crafted and maintained for the consumption of those who still believe in the myth of Yidland democracy!

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