Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My truly exceptional Maternal Grandmother!

By Stanley Collymore

You are my mentor, have always been my staunchest
protector and throughout my life were always there
to help me whenever I had a seemingly insoluble
problem, whether it was my own or someone
else’s doing, that I hadn’t the slightest clue
how to go about satisfactorily solving; yet
you always in such circumstances quite
undauntedly and with an indomitable
encouragement calmly, consolingly
and appreciably encouragingly as
was your customary wont stepped in and with
your knowledgeable expertise consummate
wisdom and in your typically enlightened
fashion tenderly and most pragmatically
placed before me the realistic options
opened to me while astutely leaving
me with the concluding decision as
fully mine to make, but whatever
that was I honestly knew would
confidently be assisted as ever
by your intrinsic and concrete
guarantee, itself perceptively
and devotedly supportive of
me! Honestly an inimitable
woman that’s what I freely
reckon, and candidly how
providential and entirely
absolutely rewarding to
know you’re my Gran!

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 May 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
In an utterly screwed up world where significant numbers of people, and possibly even the vast majority of inhabitants of this Planet Earth that we contentiously share with each other and most conspicuously so in the so-called western developed world, haven’t a realistic clue who or what they really are or even why they’re actually living and consequently for the overwhelming majority of them life is utterly meaningless.

Thankfully for me and my entire family that has never been a problem or isn’t ever likely to be and for that fortunate and most rewarding situation the inspirational force and the invaluable contribution to this immeasurably beneficial and most prodigiously rewarding situation is unquestionably and significantly due to my incomparable Gran!

And this poem is just a small token of my appreciation, gratitude and my fathomless love for a truly remarkable human being who is also incontestably a principal and highly prized member of my family!

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