Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Murderous Motherhood – The ultimate act of human betrayal!

By Stanley Collymore

Motherhood is and has always been regarded in
every society that’s truly civilized one as the
fulcrum of a truly advantageous family life,
the consummate preservation of societal
norms and the intrinsically formulated
and profoundly treasured values that
vastly and invaluably contribute to
and indelibly decisively fashion
the mindful understanding and
even the subconscious acknowledgement and free
acceptance of who we are or studiously want to
be as an ongoing progressive and thoroughly
enlightened society or nation reciprocally
and harmoniously benefiting from the
fruition of our collective aspirations.
And as such there is an intentional
amalgamation of markedly right-
thinking people internationally,
and not only those confined
to Britain, who fundamentally and willingly
entrust their fullest, staunch and heartfelt
cooperation towards the attainment and
overt utilization of what is essentially
an exceptionally exemplary human
rights situation and furthermore a
veritably admirable and durable,
principled system exposition!
And when fatally sabotaged
by of all persons a mother,
cannot be verbalized or
understood as anything
other than a murderous
betrayal of motherhood!

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 May 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
It’s hardly surprising that those who are cosseted by and criminally protected by the powerful and most influential in the land not only think but also assuredly convince themselves that they can and will with impunity get away with murder; and what’s more are entitled to vituperatively vilify those who dare question this assumed right of theirs.

The frequency and number of children deliberately killed in Britain either through the individual actions of their respective mother or else as a direct consequence of the dastardly collusion between her, her husband, boyfriend or lover and irrespective of whether or not there is any biological connection between the murdered victims and their mothers’ co-conspirators of wilful death is not only frightening and an alarming aspect of contemporary British life but also a consummately shaming societal development.

And so this poem is written in commemoration of all such murdered and innocent victims, the vast majority of whom once their tragic story is out of the limelight and the perpetrators of their crimes having been arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail where they belong, are unfortunately quickly forgotten and remain that way until the next child homicide is given media prominence.

But that’s not always the end of the story as not every murdering mother who’s patently guilty of killing her own offspring, and even more contemptibly culpable of infanticide in the process, is ever arraigned brought to court and treated objectively, as anyone else in her specific situation would be, before the law; since primarily there are dark forces at work to ensure that in her case that’s never likely to happen.

For despite her privately known and even acknowledged criminality this immune felon because of her powerful connections, biological or otherwise, that are then ably assisted by those with immeasurable influence knows full well that with a mind-boggling mixture of pretentiousness and hubris she can manipulatively play the innocent or cruelly misunderstood victim in this self-willed matter that she herself, it mustn’t be forgotten, has both rashly and irresponsibly created and what’s more is principally, if not solely, and in spite of her intentionally obfuscating tactics profoundly responsible for.

And while the immunity that she has secretly and unjustifiably been given and which is itself scandalously buttressed by the impunity she officially reserves for herself to act in any manner she cares to and that accordingly sees her as the classic portrayal of the Untouchable Teflon Woman able to freely walk the streets of her country rather than being justly and legally placed behind bars and serving a lengthy prison sentence; the public is additionally confronted with the toadying and asinine spectacle of seeing the forces of law and order at considerable expense to the taxpaying public and with a Canute-ingrained mindset essaying to bizarrely fortify this murdering mother’s house of cards with the most elaborately manufactured and media propagandized but all the same sanctioned at the highest levels implausible story; although easily recognizable as such to the average observant or prescient-minded person who from the onset of this massive charade has been perceptibly and consciously aware of what has been going on.

And the observable moral and the truth here? Any woman who’s fertile can breed; getting pregnant however doesn’t necessarily mean that she possesses the requisite qualities to be a fit or successful mother however unconscionably she is cosseted or unwarrantedly protected!

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