Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Malignant Zionists multiplying fervently!

By Stanley Collymore

The Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Alex Salmond wants quite rightly, and long overdue, to re-energize an established cross party political alliance whose primary aim is to see the former British PM Tony Blair indicted and prosecuted before the International Criminal Court (ICC) over his criminal involvement in the 2003 illegal war against and subsequent invasion of Iraq that Tony Blair in conjunction with the US President at the time George W. Bush waged against that country and its people with the dire consequences for both Iraq and its citizenry and which are still prevalent to this very day.

However the much discredited, and justifiably so, endemically corrupt ICC patently lacking all semblance of integrity as well as possessed of a marked dearth of judicial impartiality and particularly so when subjectively dealing with those before it or who it resolutely refuses to countenance bringing any charges against however heinous their acts of criminality are and the latter instances always relate to white western political leaders, politicians or military top brass in the countries these criminals run or once in previous governments were in control of; while having no such reticence whatever in precipitately having Blacks routinely, unjustly and viciously rounded up on politically motivated and manufactured charges engineered and propagandistically orchestrated at the behest of these same immune from the consequences of their criminal activities western politicians.

And the principal reason for these Blacks being indicted on fabricated criminal charges is either because they resolutely and in principled terms refuse to bend the knee of obsequiousness and subservience to these said western politicians and the imperialist minded political indoctrination that they represent or else by virtue of their independent and sovereign stance which they’ve taken in relation to the welfare and best interests of their respective countries and fellow citizens thwarting in the process the ravenous greed and exploitation in all their guises of these western exploiters and neo-colonialists they must therefore in the sick minds of the latter be got rid of to facilitate these westerners exceptionalist notion of their inalienable right to exert their unilateral and hegemonic control over others, and particularly those whom they don’t like, and doing so regardless of what their targeted subjects and subsequent victims might actually think.

And while unlawful and brutal regime change in the affected countries is usually the first preference of these imperialist westerners sometimes this is not always possible or practicable for diverse or complicated reasons and that’s where and when the ICC is actively engaged to fulfil these westerners’ criminal objectives by fraudulently given themselves through this corrupt body a legal fig leaf from behind which these western leaders can execute their aspirations and at the same time achieve their intended goals. For the ICC is a despicably corrupt and manifestly illegitimate entity that was most callously and cynically created by the western powers and forcibly in the vast majority of cases subscribed to by either toadying or politically and economically petrified of them states to be the former’s subservient tool; and it’s virtually unheard of and highly unlikely for toadies of any kind to act contrarily to the known wishes or diktats of their puppet masters. And in these two loathsome regards the conduct of the ICC is impeccable.

So baulking at the prospect of prosecuting Tony Blair and other white western mass murderers and purveyors of crimes against humanity was wholly to be expected, and Tony Blair, his fellow criminals and the regimes in charge of their respective countries now all knew this from day one as is glaringly exemplified by their cocky and imperious manner still, and long after their unpardonable activities that catapulted them into the annals of infamy in the first place.

But for the ICC to both brazenly and dishonestly say it can do nothing relative to the prosecution of Tony Blair because of its “limited” legal remit as regards prosecuting suspects for the crime of aggression, one has surely got to ask what is mass murder and heinous crimes against humanity then and of which Tony Blair and all the other white western leaders are clearly culpable of? Are these simply misdemeanours? And since when has this now conveniently trotted out “limited” remit of the ICC ever stopped it from rounding up, indicting, prosecuting and jailing for exorbitantly lengthy periods of time Black suspects who the world throughout their arraignment, trial and sentencing was fulsomely, bombastically and propagandistically told by the same ICC had egregiously carried out acts of “aggression” against their own people and even sometimes those in neighbouring states. But of course these exclusively African suspects forcibly turned prisoners by the ICC didn’t have white skins!

Tony Blair is a lawyer as is his wife Cherie who is herself also a QC and part time judge. Moreover, all of their legally influential friends hold similar positions. Additionally in the UK’s parliamentary system practically every other member of the House of Commons and the Lords is a lawyer of some kind or other. In fact it seems to be a vital requirement being a lawyer in order to get short-listed and furthermore to successfully go on to get selected as a candidate for most UK parliamentary constituencies.Most of Tony Blair’s Zionist chums within the House of Commons and the House of Lords in all the political parties as well as those no longer in office because like Tony Blair they too have much more lucrative fish outside of the parliamentary system to fry are themselves predominantly lawyers.

And what’s more significant numbers of principal UK judges and senior police officers in forces like the Metropolitan Police were appointed by Tony Blair personally or else by his like-minded Zionist acolytes in power and regardless of the political party they belong to; so the appalling and self-serving Zionist, endemically induced public office malfeasance, titanic corruption and the inveterate criminality among and by these people individually and collectively is very much a work in progress and obviously an ongoing thing!

QED! So it’s a no-brainer and highly unlikely in the current state of affairs consistent with the patently nefarious and manifestly rampant contagion of Zionism writ large, palpably in one’s face and omnipresent within the UK to ever expect this sisterhood/brotherhood amalgamation of a legal fraternity of white collar criminals comprised either of outlandishly and exorbitantly overpaid subjective practitioners of the law or else self-centredly ambitious and obsessively social climbing ones and who moreover are overwhelmingly and excessively not by merit but rather more from self-serving custom, racial impropriety and the opprobrious conduct of this same white Caucasian race and predominantly as well their social and nepotistic milieu to somewhat implausibly from their perspective and specifically in their given set of circumstances, and dare I say the inevitable and foreseen consequences for themselves as the enthusiastic cheerleaders, willing accomplices and avid participants of Tony Blair’s barbaric and multitudinous array of avariciously conceived, maliciously and fallaciously predicated, premeditatedly, indifferently and unconscionably lied about to the British public and the House of Commons, cynically and insensitively executed mass murders in tandem with his Tonto sidekick Gordon Brown, wholly unrepentant for, brazenly and self-aggrandizing in his bizarre state of self-delusion coupled with his pathological, deeply ingrained and asinine state of living in denial of his criminality as he blithely refuses to accept any responsibility for his mass murdering ways while as well publicly declaring that he has nothing to apologize for and brazenly doing so against the quite massively profitable backdrop of profusely raking in the multi-millions of Pounds Sterling and US Dollars in blood money for his horrendous crimes for profit!

So expecting the legal fraternity of Britain in tandem with the paedophile brotherhood and sisterhood of parliamentary Queers and Dykes that infest and infect our rapaciously greedy and odious ruling “elites” to indict Tony Blair for anything let alone what he should rightly and justly be spending the rest of his loathsome life permanently in jail for is quite frankly tantamount in expectations to Charles who zealously wants to be King of England but were he to expediently choose to curry favour with republican elements within the UK, comes out and disingenuously states that he understands and supports their objectives, a typical case I would say of a turkey voting for Christmas; that said we all know it simply isn’t going to happen any more than our immensely, monumentally obsessive and class-driven legal fraternity in the United Kingdom ever indicting Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, all the members of their cabinets; his Tory and Lib-Dem collaborators or the existing crop of abhorrent mass murderers and purveyors of crimes against humanity in the form of David Cameron and his Tory lot.

So while I genuinely and wholeheartedly support and in addition applaud Alex Salmond as the perceptibly honourable and conscionable human being that he is – in marked contrast to these same race but white lowlife scum that run Britain – for what he’s commendably doing it will clearly continue to be an uphill struggle as things presently stand and especially so when set against the utterly debased and sewer mindset benchmark that prevails in Britain and is also that of the so-called International Criminal Court which bigotedly assumes in its idiocy that only non-whites, and especially BLACKS, can be indicted for the kinds of crimes that Tony Blair, his cabinets; Gordon Brown and his; David Cameron, Nick Clegg and theirs; as well as David Cameron again since 2015 together with his Tories going solo but with undisputed and imperialistic support from malcontent Labtory imperialist and colonialist lunatics in the Labour Party are unquestionably guilty of.

Not dissimilar from the identical mindset displayed by these very same people and their embedded corporate media, and including the BBC that we all have to obligatorily finance, of describing the contemptible actions of the Norwegian mass murderer and the person himself responsible for them as “terrorist” in nature until it was most regrettably found out by them that Anders Behring Breivik was WHITE, then he was no longer a terrorist or his activities terrorist in nature. For how could he be when whites simply can’t be such odious persons any more than their politicians can be mass murderers or purveyors of crimes against humanity. Yet these are the same abominable fuckers that feel they have the inalienable right to arrogate to themselves the entitlement to lecture the rest of humanity and particularly its Global South inhabitants on human rights, law and order, democracy and all the rest of it; the very same concepts that they abysmally don’t or even care to practise themselves.

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