Friday, 1 April 2016

The vicissitudes of unbridled stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

One of the many unacceptable yet commonplace features
of humanity that unfortunately like so many others that
are profoundly embedded in the individual psyche of
seemingly normal men and women and even avidly
cultivated by multitudes of them; whereupon they
unite to besmirch, debase and perilously impede
the very minds that play host to them and that
in times of their own adversity render them
the solace and reassurances they crave and that enable
them to bounce back again, is rank stupidity! Proof
positive, if any were ever truthfully needed, that
although at times caught off-balance, made to
hurt and even quite seriously wounded the
vicissitudes of stupidity and its stalwart
guardians continuously somehow and
inevitably all the same still manage
to ensure that stupidity stays very
much alive and disappointingly
is never in fact placed in any
real danger of ever being
expectantly made dead!

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 April 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
It’s most apt on this April Fool’s Day I believe that this consciously arrived at and unapologetically expounded here motivation of mine is calculatedly targeted at all the psychologically sick, pathetic and dementedly evil Zionists everywhere and particularly those that sickeningly run my country, the United Kingdom in whatever capacity that they’re ineffectually and excessively involved in doing so; as well as the substantial numbers of mindless, intellectually challenged, easily manipulated, sycophantic and cap-doffing camp followers eagerly acting as the Useful Idiot foot soldiers for these vile morons and their perceived “social betters.”

Both categories of these distinct and completely detrital elements, which they patently are, and farcically delude themselves into thinking they’re supposedly of our species Homo sapiens, but who I have nothing but the utmost and unceasing contempt for.

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