Tuesday, 12 April 2016

'I Hope You Dance' by Gladys Knight

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  1. Finding one’s self unexpectedly and seemingly deeply in love can and invariably does provoke a diversity of very powerful and even conflicting emotions that are themselves instigated by and can also be significantly influenced as well by virtue of one’s social upbringing, level of education or none at all, personal experiences and hence how one tends to see the world generally or their personal and familiar portion of it specifically; and these in turn are all salient factors that will finally determine the maturity or otherwise of those who’re directly involved in all of this.

    And that’s the rub of the problem; how does one realistically determine the maturity or lack of it and crucially too the good intentions or otherwise of someone, and especially so a virtual stranger or even someone you’ve known for some considerable time probably but never previously had any actual or prospective emotional engagement with who suddenly and unexpectedly says that he or she, who in all logical respects is an utterly unknown quantity to you, wants none the less to seriously get involved with you, and especially if that person in doing so plausibly triggers a reciprocal response since they either knew for sure or else accurately sense that they’ve managed to significantly awaken your own interest in them?

    Now while balancing that scenario against a host of other possibilities like for instance that this suitor of yours who is earnestly and amorously plying his or her seductive wares isn’t actually a fraudster with distinct but all the same highly concealed ulterior motives in mind and solely intent on catching you unawares, not completely compos mentis at the time as to what is actually going on and therefore not fully in charge of your mind, what do you do then?

    Abandon the whole thing on the wings of a whim stating and even convincing yourself that it isn’t worth the risk; or do you throw caution to the wind as you openly and confidently declare life is for living and consequently you’re going to avidly seize the opportunity presented to you and considerably, courageously and unambiguously embark on something quite excitingly vivacious, and that additionally offers the promising prospect of being sexually, incredibly and emotionally stimulating although entirely new to you, whatever the consequences?

    Or instead despondently resort, from a totally objective and impartially observed point of view, to a preferred and therefore chosen role as a willing and wholly compliant slave to pious, discernibly and restrictive social intercourse and puritan conventions to diffidently, cautiously or even fearfully drawing your proverbial horns of social protocol in and instead use them as a convenient and protective wall of defence to supposedly shield you from whatever it is you’re not quite certain of but which nevertheless you circumspectly assume and even believe might have something to do with love; the tendentious notions of exploratory sexual excitement; and possibly too the likelihood of personal commitment, which you feel you’re not yet ready for or actually capable of properly handling?

    However, hard as that might seem to be and more demandingly so to satisfactorily reach an appropriate solution to the ultimate assessment of what you eventually do is entirely your own decision, and not least so because it’s your personal life that’s involved! So advisedly I’d say to you, if my opinion were asked, why not take a chance and positively participate in the probably challenging but equally so possibly rewarding Dance of Romance?