Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Being a female isn’t in itself the only qualification to be a mother!

By Stanley Collymore

It would be nice to think, truly believe and honestly
say that all females who do become pregnant, in
whatever way, or even acquired the status of
adopted parents and consequently in either
process de facto became female parents,
then as a result of them managing to do
so they somehow essentially and also
unimpeachably are moreover in this
noticeably subjective assumption
by those who adopt this point of view must
for that reason alone and everlastingly be
guaranteed in those said circumstances
regardless of how seemingly strange
or ludicrously contradictory such
a presumption actually is or in
the end turns out to be must
none the less duplicitously,
disingenuously and more
often than not brazenly
and wrong-headedly
in this discernibly
gloomy process
as mothers too.

Absurdly, and certainly dishonestly so, ascribing
to all of them, and irrespective of either who or
what they are, the laudable status of mother
that substantial numbers of you out there
publicly take to erroneously and even
categorically in your self-contrived
state of reverent and unshakable
delusions contend is the case;
injudiciously making these
women indisputably mothers basically because
they either biologically or by virtue of some
noticeably twisted and utterly self-serving
undertaking of theirs, on top of what in
their narcissistically engineered and
propelled obsession irresponsibly
conjoined with their distinctly
inadequate or prominently
non-existent parenting skills all the same
cause these women with their intensely
deep-rooted illusions to incorrigibly
suppose that their egotistical and
self-centred longings are rightly
and commensurately together
with other manifest failings
of theirs quite satisfactory
in themselves to making
them complete women;
and even inexplicably
iconic and somewhat
unnecessary to say
proper mothers in
every likely way.

So why don’t you prudently join forces with those
who perceptively see motherhood as much more
than just acquiring children for purposes only
the lines of beings to be proudly paraded as
prized assets of yours; or to satisfy your
demented and compulsive longing to
unconvincingly prove that you’re
what you’d like the rest of us to
unwisely believe you to be what clearly you’re
not, but think you are; or as the prospective
recipients of your ill-gotten gains when,
regrettably for you, you must shuffle
off your mortal coils from this life,
and instead look upon them all as
what in effect they certainly are:
particularized human beings in
their own right who could, if
genuinely and intelligently
permitted to be, can with
relative ease become a
tangible credit to you
as a mother specially
or in alliance with
someone else, as
laudable parents
more generally?

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 February 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
With the upcoming Mother’s Day remembrance and celebration festivities due in the United Kingdom on March 3, 2016 I’d very much like to add my own contribution to this particularly special day itself, as well as all the appropriate and fitting celebrations scheduled individually by various offspring or collectively by families up and down the country to commemorate the occasion. And I do this not because I feel obligated to follow suit; oh no, but because I have a plethora of exceedingly good reasons why I must. To begin with my own upbringing was a truly fantastic one in every conceivable way and not only as a direct result of my biological mother’s sterling efforts but also those as well of the several voluntarily involved, willing, incredibly superb, positive and iconic mothers that I additionally and welcomingly had. The vast majority of them my close blood relatives!

For example, both my biological grandmothers; great-aunts, and in this regard particularly my great-aunt Millie, my several biological aunts on my mother and father’s side of my family, and even their close female friends who all took their turn or else collectively mothered me. Yes, I was showered in love but by no stretch of anyone’s fertile imagination was I witlessly pampered or spoilt in any way, and during the altruistic and evidently pleasurable tasks and that these incredibly blessed with foresight and mountains of love ladies allotted themselves in relation to myself they not only became my role models but my enduring mentors too on effectively everything pertaining to life generally from a thoroughly objective and highly informative female perspective as well as encouragingly ensuring in the process that I was equally cognizant of the “evils” that could and invariably did at times emanate too from woman kind. No special treatment afforded to me in either of these regards since they were similarly meticulous, I knew, in their education of me as they were in regards of their own biological children whether they were older or younger than myself.

So to all of them, those who’re still happily for me in this earthly life that we mutually share as well as those who sadly but inevitably have departed it, a truly heart-warming and the biggest thank you not only on this upcoming “Mother’s Day” but as I’ve routinely done in the past relative to being the fortunate and blessed recipient of you love, good wishes and general looking out for me and my individual interests, guided by you astute understanding of life conjoined with your brilliant application of its most positive aspects; again thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I alluded earlier to the negative aspects associated with motherhood and as I’ve enumerated the most disturbing of these in my poem: “Being a female isn’t in itself the only qualification to be a mother!” I shan’t embark on repeating myself and will instead leave you to judiciously apply your commonsense, realize and appropriately address that specific matter in as conscionable a fashion as you’re either capable of or actually want to. Meanwhile to all of you who’ve been as truly blessed as I’ve been and likewise so to all those mothers: biological, adopted or fostered, who’ve industriously and lovingly worked throughout their raising of you to make you into the treasured and valuable person that you are emotionally and in every other positive sense, have a truly worthwhile and deserving Mother’s Day; and God Bless!

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